I agree that taxfix.co.uk has been instructed to act on my behalf in the reclaim of any overpayment of tax from the Inland Revenue until I instruct them otherwise and payment has been made for the service. I agree that any information supplied is correct to the best of my knowledge and will provide taxfix.co.uk with the information that they require to perform their duties. I have read the terms and conditions and agree to pay the commission as outlined. I acknowledge that if Taxfix.co.uk is unable to secure a refund I will not be charged. No responsibility can be taken by TaxFix.co.uk for any mistakes made in calculation of refunds and it is advised that you check any calculations yourself. It is also advised that you check any tax forms such as P91/P85/P86 to see if any of the questions apply to you. If any questions apply, you agree to notify TaxFix.co.uk before the claim is made. Taxfix.co.uk will charge 16.9% commission for applications recieved within 14 days of applying at http://www.taxfix.co.uk/claim and 18.8% for applications recieved after 14 which are accompanied with all the required documentation (for example P45’s and P60’s). A minimum administration fee will only be charged on successful tax refunds which will amount to 89.99 pounds. Once a repayment from the Inland Revenue has been received TaxFix.co.uk will send you a refund for this amount minus any commission/fees. If you request, we can send the money to your bank account, if this is abroad we will charge a fee of £19.95 on top of the commission charged by the bank. All prices are exclusive of VAT.

Taxfix.co.uk will not be held responsible for any underpayment of tax that arises from any attempt to try and reclaim any tax from the Inland Revenue. Tax Fix offers a “maximum legal refund” guarantee, however this guarantee becomes void if whatever reason the client does not tell us about a material item resulting in a larger refund not being obtained. If we do not get the maximum refund, due to a fault of our own, we will refund our fee but not compensate any excess refund. When you provide us with your personal data, you consent the processing of said personal data. We may also use this personal information to communicate with you and your employers. We may send certain tax refund service communications such as Email reminders, information about new tax refund services or promotional mailing to inform you of other tax refund services we offer. To achieve the purposes set out in this privacy statement we may need to give your information to our service providers, agents, advisors, etc some of which are abroad. Tax Fix reserves the right to change the Terms of Service at any time and recommends that registered users visit Tax Fix’s Terms regularly.