Claiming Your Tax Back When Leaving the Country

If you have worked in the UK and then leave the country you can claim a tax rebate from HMRC.

The amount of your tax rebate will depend on the amount that you earned, and the amount you paid in tax, during each eligible year.

Tax Fix specialises in claiming tax rebates for people leaving the UK. We can remove the hassle and stress of dealing with the Inland Revenue so you can focus on your trip. We will process your rebate and then send it directly to your bank account in the UK or in your home country.

When you finish working in the UK, your employer should provide you with a P45. When you have your P45, you can begin to claim your refund here.

Leaving the UK Tax Rebate Example

Consider the case of Emily, a young professional in her mid-20s who loves to travel. Emily has decided to take a gap year working in Australia. As she worked in the UK before leaving on her trip, she can make a claim on the tax that she paid while working.

Normally, HMRC will calculate your tax based on whether you were working a full tax year. Emily, however, is leaving the UK in the middle of the tax year, so she is able to claim all of her tax back, which goes a long way in helping with her gap year plans!

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