Student Tax Refund

If you have been working while studying, there is a very high chance that you are due a student tax rebate.

Everyone who works in the UK is given a tax-free allowance of £8,105. If you earned below this amount, you are eligible for a student tax rebate.
If you think you might be due a student tax rebate, click here to find out for free. Our service operates on a No Refund, No Fee basis, which means it costs you absolutely nothing to use our services if we do not get you a refund.

Student Tax Rebate Example

One of our clients, Anna, recently started at university and found that she needed to get a job to earn some extra money.

Anna received her first monthly pay cheque and noticed that she has been charged tax on her earnings. As she was at university, she thought she had a student tax exemption.

Anna contacted Tax Fix to help with her student tax refund. Tax Fix calculated that Anna was due a tax refund of more £1,000 because her employer carried on taxing her even though she did not need to pay any tax, as she earned below her tax-free allowance.

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