Claim Back Emergency Tax

If you have started a new job and have not given your new employer your P45, then you probably are on emergency rate tax code.

Claiming back emergency tax back through Tax Fix is quick and easy. We offer a No Rebate, No Fee guarantee, and our prices are only a fraction of the money we save you.

If you think you are owed money from paying an emergency tax, click here so we can help you claim your refund. You can claim back emergency tax from as far back as 4 years ago.

Emergency Tax Refund Example

One of our clients, James, recently started a new job but forgot to give his new employer his P45. James’ new employer was forced to put him on an emergency tax code, meaning that he was not getting his tax-free allowance allocated to his wages.

James knew that he should not be on an emergency tax code, so he contacted Tax Fix to help with his emergency tax refund.

We calculated how much James had overpaid and successfully contacted the Inland Revenue to get this money back quickly.