When can I get my tax rebate

when will i get my tax  rebate

This is one of the most common questions that we get asked at Tax Fix. This article will help answer that question for you:

When will I get my tax refund?
You need to apply to get a tax refund, you will not get them automatically. You can apply for previous years tax refunds at any time. For the current tax year, you will need to wait until the year is over in April before you can claim a tax refund.

Once you apply refunds usually take between 4-6 weeks to processed and will depend on the back log with your tax office.

How can I calculate my tax refund?
At the end of the tax year you should be given a P60 from your employer. When you have this all you need to do is input your total income and total tax into our tax rebate calculator

Press on the ‘calculate’ button and it will let you know if you are due a tax rebate.

Do tax rebates expire?
Yes, that’s why we recommend that you apply for them as soon as possible. The current expiry date is 6 years but this will be changing shortly.


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