What To Do If You Get a P800 Tax Calculation

Have you received a P800 Tax Calculation?

Since July 2011, HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) have been sending out P800 Tax Calculation documents relating to the 2010/11 tax year.  You’ll typically get a P800 if you have paid too much or too little tax during the tax year.

Keep reading to find out what you should do if you’ve received a P800 form.

What is a P800 Tax Calculation?

At the end of each tax year, employers and pension providers send details of your salary, pension and the amount of tax that you have paid to HMRC.  HMRC use this information to check that you’ve paid the correct amount of tax.

Most people pay the correct amount of tax through the Pay As You Earn (PAYE) system.  If you have paid the right amount, you won’t receive a P800 Tax Calculation and you should not be concerned.

However, it is possible that you will pay too much or too little tax during the year.  For example, your circumstances may have changed during the year or you may have started a new or second job.

HMRC prioritise people who paid too much tax during the previous tax year in order that they get their money back quickly.  If you have paid too much tax a cheque will automatically be sent to you within 14 working days of the date on your P800 Tax Calculation.

HMRC then send our P800 tax calculations to people who haven’t paid enough tax.

What you need to do with your P800 Tax Calculation

If you receive a P800 Tax Calculation, it’s important that you check it to make sure you agree with the information.  The calculation will show:

  • your total taxable income
  • the allowances that are due to you
  • the amount of tax paid for each of the relevant tax years
  • the amount of over or underpaid tax

If you agree with the tax calculation you do not need to do anything except keep the P800 form safe.

If you don’t agree with the P800 Tax Calculation, you can write to HMRC at the address shown on your calculation or you can telephone HMRC on 0845 3000 627.

What happens if you’ve paid too little tax

If you haven’t paid enough tax, HMRC will usually automatically collect any underpayment through your tax code over the next tax year, starting in April 2012.

If paying the amount over a year would cause you some financial difficulty, you should contact HMRC on Tel 0845 3000 627 to discuss your payment options.  You may be able to spread the payments over two or three years.

If you owe £3,000 or more in tax, HMRC will contact you about how to pay.

Be careful of scams

If you receive an e-mail about your tax calculation asking you to disclose personal details, it is very likely to be fraudulent.  Never respond to such e-mails or provide any bank or personal details.


  1. Rachel says:

    What happens if I overpaid tax for the 2012/13 tax year but owe money from previous tax years (being collected through a reduced tax code)?

    Will I receive a refund or will the overpayment amount be knocked off what I owe and my tax code be increased?

  2. Nicole says:

    I received a letter from the HMRC dated 25 March 2013 saying that they changed my tax code and that I had been overpaying tax and that they would refund it to me by cheque.

    I still havent heard from them. Is it normal for it to take this long or should I call them to see whats going on?


    • TaxFix says:

      Nicole: Refunds usually take around 6-8 weeks. If after 8 weeks you haven’t heard anything, you can contact your local tax office to see what the delay is.

  3. Helen Kerr says:

    I received a P800 for 2011-12 which claimed I had received Jobseekers allowance on top of my fully paid employment for that tax period. When contacting the HMRC and the Job Centre both effectively blamed the other and agreed I had offically ‘signed off’ 2 year ago but for reasons unexplained the HMRC continued to add the amount to my annual income. WHY? They both use NI numbers as unique identifiers but don’t share information?? So it was up to me to supply a statement from the JC stating I had received nothing..why? They agreed I could have done nothing more than sign off and that they had hundreds of these queries. The only word for this is a SCAM. Are they hoping us middle earners who may have spent 6 weeks on JSA over 2 years ago don’t read the small print and accept that we have underpaid. I’m insensed that government bodies are allowed to exploit their positions like this.

  4. g a searle says:

    i’ve received a reminder about under payment of tax p800 i haven’t received origanal letter dated 28 06 2012 can you send a copy

  5. Zoe says:

    I have recieved P800 but I’m finding it hard to work out if they owe me money or vise versa. Is there a quick way to tell?

  6. j carswell says:

    how do i know if we owe or we are owed where does it say on the p800

  7. mr burns says:

    I received p800 in 2011 refering to tax year 2009-10 stating an underpayment of £16.40
    I have received another this year refering to 2010-11 on it it says I owe money from a previous year of £157.68
    When I rang the tax office they said couldnt tell me which year as the £157.68 referred to becuase the p800 went back 6yrs ( even though it states only for specified tax year
    Advice please

  8. Mrs Catherine Ann Donnelly says:

    I have received four tax calculations today all of which say repayment due .Does this mean I owe tax or I’m owed a cheque.

  9. chris w says:

    I have received two P800 forms.

    First one in August 2011 with a ‘repayment due’ and followed by a cheque.

    Second one in June 2012 (for the same year 10/11) stating that I owe £xxxx.
    I have moved abroad in sept 2011 but notified the tax office straight away.
    what do you think?

  10. lee says:

    do i have to fill in a self assessment if im unemployed

  11. dawn probst says:

    i have received two p800’s today and i dont understand them.both have got figures at the bottom that says Repayment due, does that mean i owe tax or HMRC owe me a refund.

  12. Mike says:

    I have received 3 P800 Tax Calculations with 3 different amounts. I have only received 1 cheque though? What happens with the other 2 amounts? HELP

  13. Sarah N says:

    What if I owe money from that tax year but I am now unemployed?

  14. Tax Fix says:

    David – thanks for your question.

    No. HMRC waive interest payments for this type of arrangement.

  15. David S says:

    If I owe more than £2,000 and want to pay it back over an agreed term, will I pay interest on this?

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