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If you need to complete a tax return you may need your UTR number. A UTR number is a Unique Tax Reference number provided by the Inland Revenue. This article provides some answers to some common questions on the subject:

What is a UTR Number?
A UTR is a 10 digit, unique number provided by the Inland Revenue so that you can complete your tax return.

What is a UTR Number used for?
A UTR number is used to complete your tax return and is often used for correspondence with the Inland Revenue.

Where can I find my UTR Number?
You can find your UTR number on your Tax Return, a Notice to complete a Tax Return or on your Statement of Account. It can often also be found on other documation from the Inland Revenue but it will not be found on a notice of coding.

How do I get a UTR Number?
If you have not been given a UTR number already, you can contact your local tax office who will allocate one for you. You can find your local tax office using the Inland Revenue’s tax office locator tool.


  1. june allen says:

    even if you are not working do you stil pay tax based on what you might have earned,once you have your utr number?

  2. Adam says:

    I have recieved my UTR number from HMRC and have forwarded it on to the accounts department so I can get paid. They have contacted the HMRC to verify me and they are being told that they dont have any record of me. How can I check that the number given to me is correct? and will this stop my wages from being paid to me?

  3. Shane Britton says:

    Once i have my UTR number do I have to register it with anyone?

  4. sturzu liliana says:

    where i have to call to change my name from utr number?

  5. Tristan Hurley says:

    Hi, I recently registered as self employed and was told that my utr number would be on any correspondence I would receive from the Inland Revenue. I received a small letter that stated “Your income tax records are now held under the reference shown above. Please quote the full reference when you write or call. It will help us to find your records quickly.” There is a small box to the upper left-hand side of the card that says “reference” and underneath it there is 83/ZA43*** with my NI number below that. Just wondering does this mean my UTR number will be available to me now or do I have to wait for further correspondence? Thanks, Tristan.

  6. Ian Dunn says:

    i have tried ringing the tax office to try and get a UTR number but I am on the phone in a queue for a long time. Where I am working it is a non phone site and when I get home it is to late to ring!

    Can I fill a form in on line?

    Many thanks

    Ian Dunn

  7. Deisy says:

    i have needed from my UTR number!–i have a registration before 2 mounts —help me!!!

  8. neil taylor says:

    my utr number as just changed how do i get my new number?

  9. liam says:

    hi i was self employed about 8 years ago will my utr number be the same? even if i changed jobs and wasn,t self employed anymore.

  10. LOL says:

    My UTR number has expired. How do i reinstate it?

  11. jim says:

    what number do i call to aly for my utr number?

  12. Desislava Buchinska says:

    Hello! I did my registration number UTR 1 month ago!-work for a company urgently needs-UTR because I could not pay me without it, how long and how is possible to get my UTR number?? ?

  13. iain macmillan says:

    i have a cis card but my new employer is wanting me to have a utr number. How do i get this and is it on my card

  14. costi says:

    I have a question if someone can help me. I was in UK 2 years ago, and i worked with UTR number. in 2009 i came back to my country, and I requested my tax return. Now I want to come back in UK and I don’t know if my UTR number is sill available.

  15. auri says:

    my UTR number expired in 2007. ho to renew my number?

  16. Tamsin Woodward says:

    Could you give me the phone number for me to get a UTR? I’d like to speak to someone about it.

  17. sam says:

    how do i get my utr number on line

  18. Oxana says:

    How end Where can I obtain my UTR number?

  19. martin says:

    Have set up a limited company and need a UTR, how do I get one?

  20. Gaby says:

    Do I need an IN to get a UTR?

  21. james says:

    whats number so i can get my utr number

  22. sajmir says:

    i want too ask inland ravenue utr for my tax

  23. michael stupart says:

    ive got a paye coding notice there is a tax reference number on it is that my utr number

  24. paul salisbury says:

    can you tell me if my utr number is registered

  25. paul salisbury says:

    whats my utr number

  26. Glen David Hollett says:

    I was self employed some years ago but have been unemployed for some years now, I have a what I think is my utr NO WHICH IS 10 DIGITS. Is this still valid if I become self employed again.

  27. Jordan says:

    My son is 17 and has been offered a job alast. He can’t start until he has given them his UTR number. Looked on all the paperwork he has from Revenue but no 10 digit numbers. Where or how does he obtain this number.

  28. david phillips says:

    how do i confirm my utr number

  29. steve.buck1@ntlworld.com says:

    Is a UTR the same ten digit number that was on the old IR Self Assessment-Statement of account ie
    12345 67890 ? This was number I had previously when self employed prior to 2000, am now considering going self employed again.
    How do I see response to this question? This is reason email address in name box

  30. my utr number says:

    i got my utr number about three weeks ago. But it does not work and why i have phone inland revence god know how now many times now.there say it fine but people i get payed through say it not working can some one help me please

    • TaxFix says:

      my utr number: It is probably best to talk to your local tax office so that they can help you go through why your UTR number is not working.

  31. Caroline says:

    I have notice that my utr number on earning statments are different then one on hmrc letter, please advice why is that and how will it effect me?

    Thank you in advance

    • TaxFix says:

      Caroline: You should try and reconcile why there is a difference between the two places that gave you different numbers.

  32. David says:

    I applied in September for my UTR number and have still not received it. HOw can I fill my tas return on line without it?

  33. Watts Electrical Ltd says:

    I am trying to find out what the company UTR NUMBER IS Please could you tell me how to do this.

    Ben Watts

  34. michael says:

    how long before i get my utr number

  35. Brian says:

    If I buy an off the shelf company will it have its own UTR or do I have to apply for one afterwards

  36. Ruzhdi Mustafa says:

    how long does it take before UTR to send it to you?

  37. Ruzhdi Mustafa says:

    I am working as self employed and I have asked for my UTR number at least 6 weeks ago and I haven’t heard anything. . Could you please get back to me as soon as possible.
    Thank you

    • TaxFix says:

      Ruzhdi Mustafa: I think you might have us confused with the HMRC, you should maybe contact your local tax office, they should be able to help you. There phone number and address is on the top of any correspondence from them.

  38. Andrew Elliott says:

    Please could you inform me how I apply for a UTR number?
    I have been requested this by a future client that I am tendering work for.
    Please advise of my next course of action.

  39. Andrew Elliott says:

    I started a company called Elliott’s Potable Water Training Ltd. this year and I have been asked for my Unique Reference Number?
    I have registered for Vat and corporation tax but I am not sure where to get this number?
    Can you help?
    My post code is CF81 8pp.

  40. Vicky Cope says:

    We are a limited company and are being asked by one of our customers for our company U T R number how can I obtain this
    if this is necessary?

  41. bobby says:

    why do you wait up to 2 to 6 weeks for a UTR number and not over the phone when signing up?

  42. ray says:

    I applied 2 weeks ago Iam still waiting.I wont get paid untill i get one. how long dose it take ?

  43. a buckingham says:

    i done a job outside for a company power blasting a car park, they have now asked for a utr number but i dont have one, does the company need this number in order to pay me???

  44. Anonymous says:

    how do i get a utr number on line ? and if i get one,does it mean i am now self employed ?

  45. Anonymous says:

    how do i get a utr number online

  46. iggy says:

    Why do I need a UTR number? Does my umbrella company not look after tax matters?

  47. keith says:

    I applied 2 weeks ago Iam still waiting.I wont get paid untill i get one. how long dose it take ?

    • TaxFix says:

      keith: It can take a few weeks to receive a UTR number from the Inland Revenue. They can often have backlogs which increase the length of time it takes to receive your number.

  48. Anonymous says:

    Does a persons UTR unique tax Reference change over time ie over a period of 10 years… And can people deduct a persons status from this number?

    Thank you.. Mark

  49. Anonymous says:

    UTR number is to do online?

  50. Yahkub Tiamiyu says:

    How and where can I obtain my UTR Number?

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