UK Work Visas and Claiming Tax Back

Working in the UK on a  visa? Claim a tax rebate

Each year many people come to the UK to work, study and travel. Often many people forget or do not realise that they can claim a tax rebate. This articles provides more information and outlines how to make a claim:

What types of visa can claim a tax rebate?
If you are on any of the following visas you will be able to make a claim when you leave the UK for a tax rebate:

  • Tier 1 – Highly skilled person visa
  • Tier 2 – Skilled worker visa
  • Tier 3 – Low skilled worker
  • Tier 4 – Student visa
  • Tier 5 – Temporary worker visa

Other visas that may be eligible for a tax rebate include:

  • UK spouse visas
  • Ancestry visas

How do I calculate if I am due a tax rebate?

If you are working in the UK, at the end of each tax year (5th April) you will be given a P60. This documents show you how much tax you have paid and how much you have earned. When you finish working for an employer you will also be given a P45 showing the same information for that employment.

You can use these forms to see if you are due a tax rebate by putting the total amount that you have earned and the total tax that you have paid in our tax refund calculator

I have lost my P60/P45
You can ask your former or current employer for a statement of earnings if you have lost, or were not given a P45/P60. The Inland Revenue will accept a statement of earnings as a replacement for a P60 or P45 and nothing else.

Tax Fix can get a maximum of two replacement tax forms on your behalf if you like.

I have been in the UK for 5 years. Can I claim for all years?
When we process refunds we check the maximum allowable time of 6 years. If you are due a tax rebate in any of the last 6 years we will make a claim for it.

How do I apply for a tax refund?
When you get your P45/P60 or statement of earnings, just send them, together with your tax refund application to us and we will process your application. If you do not have your P45/P60 we can get replacements for you.

How long do tax rebates take?
We will endeavor to submit your claims within 7 days of receiving all your information. We must then wait on the Inland Revenue to issue your refund which on average takes between 6-8 weeks.

How do I want to apply for a tax rebate myself?
We are more than happy to help you submit your claim yourself. If you would like to claim your tax rebate yourself, send your P45/P60 and/or statement of earnings together with a covering letter and a P85/P86 if applicable, as well as a P91 to your local tax office. If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

How can I apply for a National Insurance rebate?
Anyone who is resident within the UK and has worked can claim back a part of their National Insurance Contributions. An NI (National Insurance) refund can be claimed at any time and only needs to be done once. After that it is automatically applied each year. Press on the link to claim a national insurance rebate.


  1. indi says:

    Hi, can you get your refund put into an Australian bank account? I’m leaving and was wanting to shut my Barclay’s account before I go.

  2. Isabella Springis says:


    I have been living in the uk for 2 years now and am going back to Australia and want to claim my tax back before I leave. I’ve got a few questions:
    Can I send more than 1 claim? I’ve had a few jobs so I’ve got a P60 as well as two P45’s.
    what forms do I need to fill out to claim this tax back as I was on a working holiday visa?
    Thank you.

  3. Vivian says:

    I have been living in the UK for almost 3 years on an Ancestral visa. I am moving back to Canada. Can I claim back any taxes I have been paying since living here?

  4. Andy says:

    I don’t have my original P60’s but I have printed off duplicates from my employers database. Are these sufficient?


  5. kweku kimpo says:

    lived in uk for 10 years;can I claim all national insurance and tax I have paid and go back to my motherland.

  6. azkhan says:

    i am traveling to uk for the last 22 years twice a year and stay at uk for two to three mounths .i have multiple vizas can i apply for british passport ,please guide thanks

  7. Tax Fix says:


    You can’t usually claim a tax rebate in this situation. If you work in the UK and earn enough to pay tax it generally doesn’t matter on what visa basis you are here.

    If you work in the UK and earn more than your tax free allowances then you will normally pay tax in the same way as anyone else.

  8. Lucy says:

    If working in the UK on an ancestral visa, can you claim your tax back each year, if you are continuing to work the following year?
    If you plan to apply for Citizenship after 5 years, does claiming tax back have an effect on this?

  9. hira riaz says:

    am hira born at 6th december 1993 in u.k rochadl
    n then came pakistan in 1995 with my parents. now am grown up n feel to settle in uk for my good and secure future . can you help me for getting me my visa? i also have my british birth certificate as a proof.

  10. Blaze says:

    If I’m on a tier 5 (youth mobility visa) and I was paid £10,340 and paid tax of £868 I recieve approximately £95 back.

    But I’ve heard people on a tier 5 (youth mobility visa) gets most if not all of the tax they paid all back? Is this correct?

  11. spyder-jeb a drew says:

    I’ve finished my uk working visa and have left the country. But have realised that I never applied for my national insurance number. the uk tax department said to claim my nin I have to apply for it. How can I do this without being in the uk. I have record of the ammount of n.i.n. on my payslips and an emergency n.i.n. Please help.

  12. hi im elliot , says:

    i am working in a temp job and im getting emergency taxed im just wondering how long illl have to wait for a rebate on it ? thanks

    • TaxFix says:

      hi im elliot: If you have been overpaying paying emergency tax you are entitled to claim a tax rebate at the end of the tax year.

  13. vijay g says:


    I have been in UK from Sep2009 – march 2010.
    i came under Tier Intra company transfer skilled worker categoary.i came under india pay i did’t pay the i want travel to if i travel in same categary should i need to pay the Tax?
    please guide me on this.

    thank you

  14. Kelly says:

    Im a US citizen who did work in the UK. What is the standard waiting time to get my withholding back?

    • TaxFix says:

      Kelly: If you have worked in the UK and have left the UK you can claim a tax rebate. Rebates usually take between 4-8 weeks to process but can sometimes take longer depending on the back log of claims with the Inland Revenue.

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