Tax Refunds for Foreign Nationals in the UK

foreign national  tax rebate

Many foreign nationals working in the UK often get confused by our complicated and dated tax system. Understandably many do not realise that they can often claim a tax.

Can foreign nationals in the UK claim a tax refund?
Anyone that works and pays tax in the UK in the UK is able to make a claim for a tax refund, including foreign nationals.

The amount of your tax refund will depend on how much you have earned, and how much you have paid in tax during the fiscal year. At the end of each year (5th April)you should be given a P60, which will show you how much you have earned and how much you have paid in tax. Use these amounts and input them in our tax rebate calculator to calculate how much your refund will be.

I am a foreign national, how do I claim my tax rebate?
We get many foreign nationals applying for a tax rebate as a new tax system can often be very confusing and time portion

It is however possible to apply yourself if you know what you are doing. You should collect your P45/P60s as well, as a P91, P85 and P86 and send these to your local tax office with a covering letter.

I worked in the UK 3 years ago. Is it too late to apply?
No it is not too late. The current deadline is 6 years, however we do not suggest waiting this long as this time limit is changing soon. So to avoid your tax refund expiring apply today.

Can foreign nationals claim national insurance rebates from the Inland Revenue?
If you are still resident and working in the UK, it is possible to claim a portion of your national insurance contributions into a private fund. This is known as contracting out of the state pension. You can read more here on how to do this.

Foreign National
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  1. Lord KG says:

    As an International Student that has completed his program and due to travel back home, can I get my National Insurance contribution?

    • TaxFix says:

      Lord KG: If you have worked in the UK you can’t claim back national insurance. You can however claim a PAYE tax refund.

  2. Mike savarese says:

    I stopped working in the UK last June and have worked there full time since 2006. How many years back can I claim overpaid taxes?

  3. rosemarie cerna says:

    If I work in uk as a sub contractor for large petrolium company for period of 3 months and im being paid my gross income by check,
    how I do I pay tax?

  4. sarah says:

    can you still claim tax back if you have served and prison sentence as foreign national in uk

  5. sarah says:

    can you claim back tax if you have served a prison sentence in uk?

  6. nirmal says:

    how much time take for tax return


  7. pietro says:

    I,m foreigner,can I claim national insurance rebates from the Inland Revenue and work for 2 years more in uk?

  8. hina says:

    this is my first job in uk.. ho much i will pay tax if my gross income is 27 k

  9. koomson anthony says:

    i am a foreign national working in uk. do you have to have an indefinate leave to remain visa before you can qualify for a tax refund or just an ordinary visa that allows you to work will be fine? thanks

  10. Guy Penford says:

    How do I retrieve the forms necessary to claim my tax back?(P45, P60 etc etc)..

    • TaxFix says:

      Guy Penford: If you were not given any by your employer, you can write to them and ask for a statement of earnings, which can be used as a replacement.

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