Tax Rebates – How do I Apply For One

tax rebate-how to apply  for one

Each year millions of pounds goes unclaimed by people who do not apply for tax rebates that they are entitled to. This article will help to show you if you are due a tax rebate and how do apply if you are:

How do I know if I am due a tax rebate?
Depending on how much you have earned and how much you have paid in tax you may be eligible for a tax rebate. If you have a P60 or P45 you can check to see if you are due a refund by using your tax rebate calculator.

Anyone that earns below the tax free allowance, will be able to claim back all of their tax that they have paid. If you have earned above this you will still be able to make a claim.

There are a number of reasons why you might be due a tax rebate, including (1) leaving the UK (2) working while a student (3) Being on an emergency tax code.

How do I apply for a tax rebate?
You can either apply yourself or you we can claim your tax rebate for you. If you are applying yourself you will need a number of forms, which you will need to send to the Inland Revenue. These forms may include:

Be sure to include as much information as you can. If you do not the Inland Revenue will delay your refund.

How long does it take to get my tax rebate?
Usually we receive refunds within 6-8 weeks. But depending on which tax office you send your claim to, this will vary greatly as some tax offices are experiencing greater back logs than others.

If the Inland Revenue receives your claim and finds that you are missing any forms they will request further information and this could increase the time to another 6-8 weeks.

We strongly recommend that you provide as much information as you can with your claim.

Is there a deadline for applying for tax rebates?
There is a 6 year deadline for applying for any tax rebates. We recommend you apply as soon as possible so that you avoid the possibility of your refund expiring.

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  1. maree dickson says:

    hi, i work part time 20hrs wk and my husband has not worked since sept 2010 due to ill health i would like to know if im entitled to a tax rebate

  2. darren jones says:

    can i get a tax rebate if i dont work no more

  3. darren jones says:

    can i get a tax rebate if i dont work no more

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