Tax Rebate – How to Check if you are Due One

how to check if you are  due  a tax rebate

We have created a step by step guide on how to check if you are due a tax rebate. Follow the steps bellow or apply for your tax rebate online now:

Have you earned below the tax free allowance (£6,475)
If you have earned below the tax free allowance for the tax year, which currently stands at £6,475, you will be able too claim back all of the tax that you have paid.

Get your P60/P45s
If you have earned above £6,475 pounds in the current tax year you still may be able to claim a tax refund. To check to see if you are due a tax rebate, get all your P45/P60 from your current and any previous employers.

If you have lost or can’t find your P60/P45’s
No problem. The only way you can get a replacement that is accepted by the Inland Revenue is to ask your current or former employer for a statement of earnings on company headed paper. The statement of earnings will show you the same data as the P45 or P60 and can be used when submitting your claim.

Input your income and tax into the tax rebate calculator
Once you have your P60/P45 or statement of earnings all you need to do to check if you are due a tax refund is to input your total income for each tax year and the total amount that you have paid in tax in our tax rebate calculator.

How can I check if I am due a National Insurance rebate
If you are working and are a resident of the UK you can claim a rebate on a portion of your national insurance (NI) contributions. An NI (National Insurance) refund can be claimed at any time and only needs to be done once. After that it is automatically applied each year. Press on the link to claim a national insurance rebate.

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  1. Emma Thickitt says:

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    I quit my job in August to study for a course i started on the 24th September and altough i am garanteed a job at the end of the course i won’t be starting until 15th November and i was told that i should enquire about seeing if i have paid too much tax.

  2. Paula Muller says:

    Having been made redundant 30th April 2012 am I entitled to a tax rebate

  3. sheila says:

    I am currently filling in a benefit form which is requesting my Tax Ref Number and my Tax District Number. They say they can be found on my P60 but I cannot see them My Tax enquiry office is Ty-Glas Rd Llanishen . Does this have a Tax District Number ?


  4. ricky says:

    i have had 5 month off work with sickpay am i due any taxback

  5. Lester Cruse says:

    Dear Sirs
    Your Ref: 663/F70

    I recieved a tax calculation on 27th Jan 2011 but have yet to recieve any money!!
    Letter stated a payable order had been sent so am a bit worried as to what has happened?

  6. mr k p ireson says:

    i am just wodering if i am due a tax reabate what the goverment is on about

  7. sinead oreilly says:

    i had a letter dated 21st cot 2010 telling me i am due a tax rebate of 234.26 pounds. i would just like a follow up on this a it said a cheque would follow but i havent yet recieved it.

  8. Christopher Lloyd says:

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    Thank you for the recent Tax Rebate received via Customer Operations,Ty Glas,Llanishen,Cardiff. CF14, 5YA. date of issue: 24th.May,2010. A satisfactory conclusion.

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