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online Tax rebate form

If you want to claim a tax rebate, there are a number of forms you need to complete for the Inland Revenue to issue a refund. This article will provide information on how to get a tax rebate form depending on your circumstances.

Where can I get a tax rebate form from?
The tax rebate form that you need will depend on your circumstances. For example there are different forms if:

What other forms will I need?
If you are using a company to claim your tax rebate you will need your P45/P60s, even if you do not have all of these they can get replacements. If you are doing your tax rebate on your own you will need some of the following forms, depending on your situation:

  • Any P45/P60’s given to you by your employer
  • A P91
  • P85/P86 – Leaving/Entering the UK forms
  • Covering Letter
  • Form P38(s)- Inland Revenue Student Exemption

When can I claim my tax rebate?
As soon as the tax year has ended (April 5th) you can claim your tax refund for the previous year. If you are leaving the UK you can claim as soon as you stop working. For previous tax years you can claim now.

Can my tax rebate expire?
Yes. If you leave your claim too long then your tax refund can expire, we advise you claim as soon as you can to avoid this happening.

If you have any further questions about tax rebate forms or claiming a tax refund please do not hesitate to contact one of our team members, who will reply very shortly.



  1. kathrine hudson says:

    how can i claim expenses as an employee

  2. Caroline McConnell says:

    I purchased a car & paid the tax on it but I plan to drive it to Florida & plate it there in the next couple weeks. Can I get my tax back from here?

  3. Gemma says:


    I have been out of work for three months and also change job roles twic,

    Am i entitled to a tax rebate?

    Kind Regards

  4. jayne evren says:

    can i claim tax back on milage to + from work

  5. Andrew Ian Houghton says:

    Hi i have recently left my employment in the uk.
    I now have moved to Holland to be with my partner, i lived in the uk for 43 yrs and 10 months.

    I would like apply for a tax rebate for this year and would also like to see how much national insurance i owe to complete my stamps as i worked for 28 yrs in the uk and surely it is possible to make a claim.

    yours sincerly

    Mr A Houghton

  6. john says:

    i claimed a small trivial pension when i turned 60 in Sept 09 they deducted £400 tax, can i still claim it, i’m 62 in Sept, is it too late???
    i live on my savings only, john

  7. Simon Paul Davico says:

    How do I arrange to have form P53A sent to me.

  8. Miss heather eastland says:

    I have three jobs and was wondering if i could get any tax back

    • TaxFix says:

      Miss heather eastland: It will depend on how much money you’ve earned as well as how much you actually paid in taxes throughout each tax year (April 6th till April 5th of the subsequent year). You should check to determine if you’re eligible a refund by using the tax refund calculator listed here

  9. anonymous says:

    i have entered my details to the site but after downloadin the forms have decided not to use your services, will i be charged for merely enterign my details? and is there anyway i can delete my details!?

  10. Ronni c says:

    When I retired 2 years ago at 60, I paid almost £400 in tax on my contracted-out lump sum.Can I reclaim anything?

  11. Anonymous says:

    i have worked for an organisaton for ten years now. I am still in their employ , am I entitled to any tax rebate

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