Tax Rates and Allowances on Business Mileage

If you use your car for business you can claim a tax relief from the Inland Revenue. The table below shows how much you can claim:

From 2002/2003
First 10,000 miles in tax year (April 6th-April 5th)
Each mile over 10,000 in tax year (April 6th-April5th)
Car and Vans

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  1. Andy says:

    I am using my car to get to work. I am driving 20 miles one way so it is 40 miles every day. Can I apply for tax rabates?

  2. Mel says:

    i never had to pay for fuel to work but now my boss has moved factory unit further away i have to pay fuel. can i claim. i cant afford to pay this.

  3. becky says:

    when is the date i can claim my petrol tax?

  4. r j waldmann says:

    i am a self employed courier as acontract carrier and use my own vechile. what is the per mile rate deductable on my self employment schedule?

  5. Rob Lowson says:

    am in the uk military and currently get paid 25p per mile for travelling in to work. i do 150miles per day, can i claim any tax back as i believe the government rate is 40 per mile. I have been commuting for 2 1/2 years now ? many thanks.

  6. Bev sullivan says:

    I’m a foster carer classed a’s self employed can I claim anything back at all and if so what

  7. Kelly says:

    i travel different mileages to work sometimes 6 miles sometime 18 due to being a home care provider I was told that I can claim after 6 miles from home is this true also I don’t get any fuel paid what can I claim

  8. mike says:

    can i claim my diesel money back from home to work 9936 miles

  9. Andy says:

    I work full time but also teach karate part time. Just a questions regarding claiming travel allowance to and from the place of work – with regards to my karate classes wold this mean traveling to and from where I teach? I suppose my question is what id defined as your place of work? I do all my accounts at home etc and the company is registered against my home address, so would the venues I teach at be classed as a ‘place of work’?

  10. Steven Allen says:

    My company pays me 40p per mile, but I can’t claim the first 60 miles of each day, as thats how far i live from the college. I drive to golf clubs four days a week, and only go into college on a Friday. If I do for example 70 miles return journey I can only claim for 10 miles of that at 40p per mile. Can I claim any tax relief on the other 60 miles?

  11. jane says:

    I use my own car to drive client i get 0.35 a mile when he is in car i do under 10000 a year mileage what things can i claim for

  12. jane says:

    I drive my own car to commute a client my employee pays me 0.35 a mile when client is in car is this the correct amount. Can i claim for anything else can i claim car tax car insurance m.o.t and wear and tear

  13. working girl says:

    i only get 11p a mile

  14. aly says:

    can i claim a tax rebare on mileage if i have not got records only have proof on payslips

  15. Gary shelton says:

    i am a self employed painter/decorator can i claim travel/diesel expences whist going from job to job thanks

  16. Steve says:

    I need to claim my millage from Nov 2007 when i started using my own vehicle!
    My work have the records of my claims but have said it will be very difficult to locate! I know the millage and claims I have put in from work but have no hard copy records.
    Can I make my claim without the hard copy records? And if requested, get my employers to provide the information?

  17. Martin says:

    Can i claim my business mileage if i am employed or is this only for self employed?

  18. colette jones says:

    i use a company car but i pay for my own petrol in and my company only pay me back 15 pence a mile can i claim more mony back.

  19. Sally says:

    It costs me much more money to purchase diesel compared to a year ago yet I can still only claim 40p per mile. Does anyone know when the 40p per mile will increase?

  20. can I claim for anything else I work on says:

    WHat else can I claim for

  21. craig says:

    can i claim my diesel back myself or do i have to go through the company if i use my own transport to and from different work places if im not self employed?

  22. peter says:

    can i claim for a hire car as it is for work purposes and i am paye

  23. tracy says:

    my company say i can only claim my petrol back once a year,and said that when i do i won’t even get half of it back

  24. Susan says:

    Our employees usually use their own cars to go business trips. How much fuel money should we pay them per mile?

  25. Colin says:


    How do you mean a tax rebate on the mileage? When I put in my mileage expense of 40p per mile to my emoyer I get paid the exact amount without pay tax?

  26. Dave says:

    Please could you confirm the rate I can claim for a Diesel car 2700cc. Is this 40p per mile less what my emploter reimburses me?

  27. joe says:

    i get 27pence per mile after the first ten mile from my company on traveling to work in my own car.can i claim anymore back ?.

    • TaxFix says:

      joe: you can not claim for driving from your home to your place of work but other business mileage can be claimed at 40 pence per mile for the first 10,000 miles and 25 pence for any other miles. From this you would deduct any money your employer pays you.

  28. jackie says:

    I want to claim my mileage back for the last 3 years but my boss said they have only got the mileage iv done for the last 12 months

    • TaxFix says:

      jackie: Do you have a record of the mileage that you have done in the other two years? If so you can still make a claim.

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