Tax Help For Older People

If you have recently retired you may be concerned about your tax affairs are want some help. If you have any specific question we may be able to help in the comments section below, so feel free to ask.

Tax Allowances for Older People

Personal Allowance 2010-11 tax year Income limit
Basic (under 65) £6,475 £100,000
Age 65-74 £9,490 £22,900
Age 75 and over £9,640 £22,900

If you are 65 or over and your income is over £22,900

If your income is over £22,900  your age-related Personal Allowance is reduced by 50% – £1 for every £2 – over the £22,900 limit, until the basic rate allowance is reached.


You are 74 and your yearly income is £23,900 – £1000 over the limit – your age-related Personal Allowance is reduced by £500 to £8,990.

Tax on Retiring

Each year everyone is given a tax free allowance on their income, no matter if its from a job or from your pension. When you retire from your job you may not receive your pension immediately and as a result if you may not get your full tax free allowance for the year and as a result be able to claim a tax refund.


  1. Robert Gordon says:

    In december I was of retiring age, and therefore took my pension, but I did not finish work until May. I was re-employed from July but will finish for good in Nov. Can I claim tax refund for this
    year as I have been heavily taxed

  2. Peter Carragher says:

    I am 78 years old,I have a Paymaster pension and a private pension.I am taxed only on my Paymaster pension.Last year my tax code was 723 but this year it is 419.My total gross income was £17986 for last year.I have asked HMRC to explain,but no comprehensible answer received as yet.I am married and entitled to the MCA,but that has also decreased from £6965 to £3648 on my latest coding notice.Please help if you can,Thank you.

  3. allyson carey , married name is mcarthur says:

    thats my maiden name and married name just wanted to no if i would be due any tax rebate as iv got 4 chidren but my husband was mueder in 1992 and i suffer with mental health problem and other health problems now

  4. Anonymous says:

    I am 81years old and have income of £22,800 do I have to pay tax ?

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