Tax Code 944L

Do you have the tax code 944L? If so, you’re not alone. 944L is one of the most common tax codes in the 2013-14 tax year and will apply to you if you receive the full Personal Allowance. It may also apply to you if you’re on an emergency tax code.

Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about tax code 944L – the new tax code for 2013/14.

Tax code 944L

Does your tax code feature numbers and the letter ‘L’? If so, it means that you are eligible for the basic Personal Allowance in the 2013-14 tax year.

Your Personal Allowance is the amount of money you’re allowed to earn each year before you pay tax.  In the 2013/14 tax year the Personal Allowance increases from £8,105 to £9,440 as part of the government’s pledge to increase the Personal Allowance to £10,000.

This means that you are able to earn £9,440 before you start paying income tax.

If your tax code ends in the letter ‘P’ it means that you are aged 65 to 74 and eligible for the full Personal Allowance (£10,500 in the 2013/14 tax year). If your tax code ends in ‘Y’ it means that you are aged 75 or over and eligible for the full Personal Allowance (£10,660 in the 2013/14 tax year).

How you work out your tax code

Working out your tax code is a four step process:

  • Add up all your tax allowances – this will include your Personal Allowance and any other allowances you are eligible for (for example age related allowances or Blind Person’s Allowance)
  • Add up your deductions (all the income you have not paid tax on) – this can include income from a second job, savings interest or company benefits
  • Subtract your deductions from your allowances
  • Divide this number by ten and add the letter which fits your personal circumstances

For example, in the 2013/14 tax year you may qualify for the basic Personal Allowance and have no deductions. This means your tax code would be 944L.

Your tax code means that the amount of tax free earnings you are entitled to is spread equally throughout the year.  This results in you receiving roughly the same amount of take home pay (or pension) every week/month.

Emergency tax code 944L

Sometimes, HMRC will issue you with an emergency tax code. This happens when they don’t have enough information about you to send your pension provider or employer your correct tax code.

An emergency tax code will ensure that you receive the basic tax free Personal Allowance.  However, it doesn’t take any other allowances into account.

The emergency tax code changes each year and is a number followed by the letter ‘L’.  In the 2013/14 tax year, the emergency tax code is 944L

Bear in mind that if you do have the tax code 944L it doesn’t necessarily mean that you are on an ‘emergency’ tax code.  While the emergency tax code for 2013-14 is 944L, if you have this code it doesn’t automatically mean that you’re on an emergency code.


  1. kitija says:

    hi! I don’t know what to do, my tax code is 0T what this means? have I can change my tax code? I if I change my tax code, I can get money back? Thanks!

  2. Louise. says:

    My tax code is 1000L. What does this mean? It used to bed 944L

  3. craig says:

    My tax code has been 944L for 2013/14 i checked my last payslip and its changed to 996L ? Whats it mean?

  4. Raff says:

    Just checked my Tax Code with my work mates and manager.
    Their code has been changed from 944L to 1000L for tax year 2014-2015 and mine from 944L to 947L.
    Do you know why?


    • DavidTaxFix says:

      There could be a number of reasons why your tax code is differnet. Do you have other income or expenses? You can ask HMRC to provide a breakdown of how they have calculated your tax code.

  5. Sandip says:


    What does it mean if the tax code 944L is followed by CUMUL.

    I recently got my tax code changed from emergency tax BR Code and now its 944L. I expected and understand the 944L but I do no know what is meant by CUMUL.

    • TaxFix says:

      CUMUL means cumulative. If you are on a CUMUL tax code then: The employer takes into account any previous pay and tax for the year. The employer deducts more or less tax, or makes a refund, as the rate of pay rises or falls. The cumulative basis means that the amount of tax deducted during the year will be roughly correct for most cases.


    I am 65 on 26th august 2013 will my tax code change and whst will it change too

  7. Sue Barnett says:

    My tax code is 944L with CUMUL at the end it had been this for over a year is this right ? I would be grateful for any advice

  8. Ferenc says:

    I am on the 944L tax code since May 2013. If I didn’t misunderstand anything, this means that my salary that I receive every week or month is tax free till I reach the limit of 9440 GBP. My question is, however, after I reach the limit, let’s say in January 2014, will I have to pay taxes only for the salaries afterwards or for the previously earned one as well?

    • TaxFix says:

      Ferenc: Your tax free allowance is allocated so that you receive it evenly throughout the year, not in one big lump sum.

  9. davids says:

    I got my payslips with code 944L. This is my first job from me deducted tax of £ 50. How can I to recover them, and when?

  10. Mick says:

    I have had a letter from HMRC stating that I owe them £2480 and I have had my tax code changed to K248. I accept that I owe the money, my question is this. If i owe them £2480, then my personal allowance would of £9440 would be stopped on a K248 code so they are collecting to much tax.

    K248 = £2480 I owe + 20% of £9440 = £1880 = £4368.

    Surely if I owe £2480, then my tax code should be K60, that would be no tax free amount (£1880) plus £600 (K60) making the amount of £2480 which I owe ?

  11. Natali says:

    i am a student,am working in UK for 1 month and now to me appropriated a code 944L, why?

    • TaxFix says:

      Natali: Everyone that works in the UK is given a tax code and the tax code for 2013/2014 is 944L. When you stop working you will be given a P45. When you have your P45 you can make a claim for your tax rebate at the following link:

  12. cath says:

    I have just received my payslip and my tax code is 608L why is this?

  13. mahmoud says:

    how are the taxes calculated when i am getting paid every 2 weeks and my tax code is 944l?

  14. jimmy says:

    what tax code does a married man have

  15. Henry Igbinovia says:

    The tax code receive was OTM1 and on my payslip is 944L what does that means?

  16. Sarah Smith says:

    As the tax code changes on 06/04/13. Does this mean that for the period 01/04/13-05/04/13 my monthly wages will be worked out on 810L and the 944L for the rest of the month.
    Or due to the fact my April salary was paid on 30/04/13, is the tax code 944L affective for the whole month?

    Thank you in anticipation

  17. me says:

    So how do i get off emergency tax? and why has it changed to it again?

    • TaxFix says:

      me: How long have you been on the emergency tax code for? If you have been on it before April 6th (the start of the new tax year), and have overpaid tax, you can claim make a claim for any refund due. Some people are meant to be on an emergency tax code if they have two jobs for example. If you are not meant to be on an emergency tax code, you can give your employer a P45 (or P46), as they may have put you on one if they were not given one.

  18. david says:

    if you were on 810L 2012/13 & still on same number on new RTI system for 2013/14 what action can be taken,surely it should be 944L? I am only employee on payroll & my boss is going round in circles with helplines but unable to find a person on the end of the line frustration all round!

    • TaxFix says:

      david: If you are on the wrong tax code for 2013/2014, and are overpaying tax, you will be able to make a claim at the end of the year when you get your P60.

  19. bola says:

    is tax code 662l good

    • TaxFix says:

      bola: It is lower then the current tax code for 2013/2014 of 944L but there could be a good reason why you are on the tax code 662L. If you are not sure why you are on this tax code, you can contact your local tax office and ask them to reconcile this.

  20. Chris says:

    I have just received my payslip (April 13) with tax code 810L. Isn’t it supposed to be 944L now? I also haven’t received my new tax code from HMRC in the post or been given one from my employer. Do you think it is just a case of being patient until I receive it? Or should everyone have received the new tax code 944L by now, to then pass on to their employer?

    • TaxFix says:

      Chris: The tax code for 2013/2014 should be 944L for most people. Does your payslip show 810L for the previous month? It may take a little time to reflect the new tax code on your payslip and for HMRC to let you know about your new tax code. If you have not been put on the new tax code you can always make a claim for a refund of any overpaid tax.

  21. Dre says:


    I earn £11 an hour and i am on the tax code 944L,it used to be 810L.
    i have read your write up but if i have an allowance,then i should not be taxed till i earn over my allowance.
    As it is i will not earn over the £9440 until 6months time as this is a new year but i am already being taxed.
    please kindly help out

    • TaxFix says:

      Dre: Your tax allowance will be distributed evenly throughout the year so that you do not pay zero tax for 6 months and are then hit with a large tax payment.

  22. Lau says:


    I started working in UK in March 2013. In the first month they put me the 810L tax code and they only take from the salary the NI. Now in April they changed it to 944L and they take the NI and the taxes for the 944L. I read the explanation and looks like that they should not take the taxes until I reach the £9,449. I suppose that for the company it much easier make it that way. Then next year in the tax revision for the 2013 I suppose the tax authority will give me back the amount I paid more. Am I right?

    Thank you in advance.

    Kind regards,

    • TaxFix says:

      Lau: The way the tax code works is that it spreads your annual £9,449 allowance evenly throughout the year, so that you you do not get it as one big lump sum and then start paying a large amount of tax in the middle of the year. This can make things easier from a budgeting perspective. At the end of the tax year you can check to see if you have overpaid tax, as this can often happen. You should be given a P60 by your employer (or a P45 if you finished working before the end of the tax year). You can use your P60 (or P45) to check if you might be due a tax rebate, by using our calculator here.

  23. vinod says:

    what is the calculation of n.i. for 944l code

  24. Vuvu says:

    I just got new payslip with tax code 944L (previously it was 810L) and in table deductions I got: Tax – 18.40.
    How is it possible if this is my first job in UK and I’m working one month so far. How can I avoid paying tax?

    • TaxFix says:

      Vuvu: 944L is the tax code for 2013/2014. If you earn below the tax free allowance of £9,449 during the tax year, you will be able to claim back any tax that you pay.

  25. Euge says:

    Im on 944L and Im not receiving any allowances at all.

    • TaxFix says:

      Euge: If you are on the tax code 944L you should be receiving a tax allowance of £9,449. You can check with HMRC if you think that this is not happening.

  26. Diana says:

    What do 431L and 512T codes mean?

  27. Elaine says:

    I have been living in Australia since Sept 2003 and I am not at all sure my tax affairs are up to date with the UK tax man. We had an accountant at the time and a UK co but things were left up in the air! Been an Australian citizen since 26.1.07, permanent resident prior to that. Been working here.
    Have separated from husband and jointly own investment property in UK with income going into UK bank account. I would like to get my affairs in order – can you help me please???

  28. Syd says:

    So how would you know if its your proper code or an emergency code?

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