Tax Code 647L

Everyone that works in the UK is given a tax code. Your tax code takes into account any allowances or expenses that you are entitled to and allows your employer to deduct the corresponding amount of tax from your wages. Sometimes your employer can assign you the wrong tax code and often this results in an overpayment of tax. Any overpayment of tax needs to be claimed back from the Inland Revenue and does not usually happen automatically.

What does Tax Code 647L mean?

If you multiple the number in your tax code by 10, you can calculate the amount of your tax free allowance that has been assigned by your employer to your wages. For example:

Take the number from 647L and multiple by 10: 647 x 10 = £6470

This means that your employer has an amount of £6470 as your tax free allowance, the amount you can earn before you need to pay any tax.  This is the current tax free allowance in the UK and unless cicrumstances are different it is likely that you should have this amount allowance.

How does your tax code work

Your tax code and the allowance that it assigns you, will enable you to receive a portion of your allowance in each pay packet as oppose to receiving it all in one lump sum. This often works well if you are working the whole tax year, but if you stop working part way through the tax year, due to redundancy or leaving the UK for example, you can often overpay tax and therefore be due a rebate.

Are you on the right tax code?

If you are not claiming any company benefits or receiving any special allowances it is likely that you tax code should start with ‘647’ for the current tax year. Without knowing your unique tax situation it is difficult to say if you are on the right tax code. If you are unsure you can contact you local tax office and ask them to supply you with a tax coding notice which will show how they calculated your tax code.


  1. Sam says:

    I am on tax code 647L Is this correct? I thought tax free allowances had risen.

    • TaxFix says:

      Sam: Most people will be on a tax code of 944L (as of April 6th 2013). Your tax code depends on your allowances and circumstances. You can ask HMRC to reconcile how they calculated yours.

  2. Mohammed Irfan says:

    I am working in an company. Till end of june 2012 i had tax code 647L. all of a sudden it changed to 710 L. I dont know why it is ??/

  3. annette glover says:

    i have been receiving tax credits for my daughter for a good few years but on talking to other members of staff at work i seem to be paying more tax than them even though i am a single parent with a child in full time education. I know i receive tax credits but looking at the amount of tax i pay on a weekly basis ( around 30 pounds ) i don’t seem to be much better off. I would assume my tax code should be lower. I don’t claim any other benefits .

  4. Sally says:

    I have been put on tax code of 104T is this right. my husband says I should be on 647l. I work part time and it is my only Job

  5. Ran says:

    Please let me know the correct tax code that applicable for a international student who is working in UK

  6. Tax Fix says:


    In the tax year 2010/11 your Personal Allowance (the amount you can earn before you start paying tax) would have been £6,475. This is why your tax code is 647L.

    If you have £0 tax deducted then that is correct as you only earned £2,090.56 (well under your Personal Allowance). You are right not to have paid any tax.

  7. suiz says:

    i am a part time student in the UK. My total pay for the year 2010-2011 was 2090.56 and in my P60 form it is written that i have 0.00 tax deducted. What does this mean and my final tax code is 647L. Does this mean that i have not been paying tax? But my other colleagues have been paying tax and they have already refunded it.

  8. Neringa says:

    My tax code doesnt change yet. I have 647, why?
    Everybody have 747 now….

    • NickP says:

      Thanks for your question. Are you sure that 647 is your tax code for the 2011/12 tax year? It may have been your code for the 2010/11 tax year and may have changed (check your most recent PAYE Coding Notice for details).

      If you’re not sure that your tax code is correct you should contact your Tax Office.

  9. william fraser says:

    i have beeb unemployed since jan2011. i start work 15th august will i pay tax immediately mmy tax code is 647l

  10. troy cunnington says:

    hi have been working at coop food retail for approx 3yrs and i am still on tax code 647l i am 19yrs old started at 16yrs could you please let me no if i should phone tax office

  11. aimee says:

    wat does 647l w1 mean

  12. nana says:

    i was on 647l tax code why has it change to 190l and paying more tax

  13. sebastian says:

    in my WEEkly pay slip l can see this
    BASIC PAY 222
    COMMISIONN 190.26

    What does it means COMMISION:
    Im think the contractor hired me for the company im working is doing something in order to avoid taxes
    what does it means commision?
    why they dont put all the hours l work weekly (37..5 ) and they put same of the hours under “commision”

    tks in advance

  14. Ranjana says:

    I started to work from 28 November 2010. My tax code was 475/L4768. Total income for 2010/11 is 4776.75. Tax deducted from my salary is 279.80. Do I have to claim money back at the end of tax year?

  15. Hari K. Pradhan says:

    I want to know my correct tax code. Can I have contact email address please?

  16. amie says:

    I’m 17 and have earnt 9,000 in the last year at my part-time job. My P60 says I got taxed less than I did, I’m still in full-time education.
    Will I get any tax back?

  17. allan says:

    been working for a year and on tax code 647L, but i have paid tax every week, can i claim it back?

  18. Ahsan says:

    I received a letter from HMRC stating that your tax code has been changed from 647L to 104T i m unable to understand why I m earing 13400/annum. This week i paid 41.80as tax out of £280 gross.on 647L i use to pay half of it. Plz advise

  19. Santo says:

    Hi, I am a student and working in London. My tax code is 647L. And my total income of whole year is 10000 and something and tax paid is 850 or something around 800 to 900. My manager said if my salary is less than 11000 I ll get all my tax back …:P is that true !!

  20. Laura says:

    Quick question. anything you earn over your non taxable allowance, is it taxed at 20%?

  21. Steve says:

    I have a military pension of

  22. pikul kompoo says:

    tax codes 647l can refund or not? thanks so much

  23. mogos says:

    I started my first work on the first janury 2011. have got 647L tax cod.on the first month month i use to work 17.5 housr a week andy they never took tax from my salary even though am working more than 24 hours a week they only took national insurance.and know i have got anouther job on first february and my tax cod is can i change my BR1 cod.

    thank you

  24. iris says:

    I on 647L (Mt 1) tax code. I do not understand the (Mt 1) at the end of my tax code. I have been taxed on all my wages since I started work this year. Could you please explain what this (Mt 1) means.


  25. sally green says:

    is tax code 647l a single persons allowence

  26. Vin Zee says:

    hi, I would like to better understand tax calculations.
    I’am working since 9th MAR 2010, I’am employed, I earn 17000 annualy my tax code is 647L.

    I used Rebate tax calculator:

    Income for Year: £ 17.00.00
    Tax Deducted: £ 6.470.00
    Tax Rebate Due: £ 4,365.00

    so it means I can claim at this tax year end, to return £ 4,365.00 or I done something wrong ?

    Thank you for your response and help.

  27. yvonne mcdonald says:

    I earn 10,448.88 annually how much tax should i pay?

  28. Anon says:

    I was working as a contractor at a bank from Nov 2010 to Feb 2011. I worked for and was paid by the bank rather than through an agency. I have just received my P45 from them and it states that my tax code is 647L. Is this correct?

  29. Denise says:

    I have been told I can claim back £60 for washing my own uniform at home. Is this correct?

  30. HT says:

    I received a letter from HMRC informing me to use the tax code BR. A name of a different co. was mentioned on the letter. Probably my employer had added my name on the list of employees on their second co? for what reasons is not immediately clear. Code means I have 2 jobs but actually I have only one job. will this mean i will be taxed more than I should be?

    • TaxFix says:

      HT: Often if you are on a BR tax code you can overpay tax. At the end of the tax year in April, you should be given a P60 from your employer, when you have this you can make a claim for any overpayment of tax.

  31. Charlie says:

    i started my first payed job two years ago in june, i am on tax code 647l and have been taxed every week since i started, does this mean i have some money i can claim back?

  32. Joanne Hedges says:

    The tax code shown on my payslip is 1-0B – I have only been working for this employer since 7/4/10 – (previously a housewife at home with no income). I am earning minimum wage and work only 92 hours a month. I seem to be paying a huge amount of tax please can you advise me;I would be most grateful for your help.

  33. rajesh patel says:

    my tax code is 647L x

    i know ni count 11% beetween 110 and 844 £ but i dont know how match count pay tax ?

    please tell me how match count

  34. ELLIOT says:


    this tax year I was self employed, but on the 8th november I began employment with a company. I forgot to fill out the p45, so on my first payslip my tax code was BR. Ive gone through the right procedure to get it changed, and now my tax code is 647L.
    I earn 18,000 a year.
    £1500 a month before deductions.
    On tax code BR my take home after tax and NI is
    £1087 on my new tax code 647L my take home is still £1087…. if there is a amount to be payed back to me when do I recieve it?? thanks

    • TaxFix says:

      ELLIOT: More than likely. Normally if you are on an emergency tax code you will overpay tax and can claim a tax refund. At the end of the tax year when you have your P60 you can make your claim.

  35. a.mitch says:

    I have been working since august, and it is only part time and am bringing home approx £200 a month.
    I have been given the tax code 647l.
    I have been paying tax amounts of £90.60 , £37.00
    and £53.80.
    Is this correct or am i on emergency tax.
    Could i claim any of this back ?

  36. anon says:

    i am currently working two jobs and i only started my second job in sept 2010. at this time my tax code for my first job was reduced from 647L to 261L, with my second job having a tax code of 386L. i have yet to exceed the amount im allowed to earn for the year in either job but i was recently taxed a considerable amount on my first job. its also unlikely that earn any more than 6000 between the two jobs over the year…should i even be taxed and if i am to pay tax, how much should this be?

    • TaxFix says:

      anon: If you earn below £6,475 during the tax year (April 6th until April 5th of the following year) you should pay no tax and will be able to claim back any that you have paid. You can make a claim at the end of the tax year (April 6th 2011)

  37. becky says:

    i started my first propper job in may 2010 my tax code is 647 but last month i was taxed why was this? i thought i could earn 6470 before tax also this has happened before but it was refunded on my next wage will i be refunded again for being taxed last month? also will i keep being taxed?

  38. Paul Mccafferty says:

    I have been working for a company for 10 weeks. My first 6 weeks i was on BR Emergency tax code then changed to 647L W1. I mistakenly ticked box 2 instead of box 1 on p46. How do i change this and receive emergency tax back?

    • TaxFix says:

      Paul Mccafferty: At the end of the tax year in April 2011 you should be given a P60, then you will be able to claim your emergency tax back. When you have your P60 you can use our service if you like to claim your tax back.

  39. middleton m says:

    my tax code is 603 i have been told it should be 647. when should this have changed

  40. middleton m says:

    my tax code is 603 i have been told it should be 647. when should this have changed

  41. karl butler says:

    hi , i am just asking if i am on the right tax code , i live with my partner of 22 years and we have 5 children my tax code is 647L thank you

  42. vix says:

    i was employed may 2010 and finished sep 2010 am i due a tax rebate? ive been on the calculator it states all the tax ive paid is due. is this correct?

  43. Anonymous says:

    i am a student and started working December 2009 and was under 647L tax code.Currently i havent reached the £6470 allowance each year. When could be the best time for me to apply for a tax refund?

  44. Anonymous says:

    I was working for an english company from 2003 to 2006 and I unfortunately lost my p 45. I got with me only one pay slip of that employment.
    How will I be able now to recover a copy of it and consequently claim these three working years. Many thanks

    • TaxFix says:

      Anonymous: If you have lost your P45, you can write to your previous employer and ask for a statement of earnings on company headed paper. This can be used as a replacement for a P45. If you would like a template letter which you can to help, just send us an Email and we can send you one,

  45. Anonymous says:

    I was a student and started paid employment on 1st July … I have been taxed at code 647L. Should I be paying less tax as I did not work for the first three months of this tax year, nor at any point in the previous tax year?

    • TaxFix says:

      Anonymous: At the end of the tax year (April 2011) you should receive a P60 or a P45 when you stop working. When you have this you can see if you are due a tax refund by using our tax refund calculator. The amount of your refund depends on how much you earn in the year and how much you pay in tax.

  46. Ian says:

    I am on 647l tax code. I have been taxed in certain weeks when i have worked an unusually high number of hours. Will this be repaid to me automatically, or do I have to claim the money back at the end of the tax year? (provided I have earned less than £6475)

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