Step by Step Guide on Claiming a Tax Refund

stpe by  step guide on claiming tax back

In this article we have created a step by step guide to help claim your tax rebate from the Inland Revenue. If you would prefer to have us claim on your behalf, you can apply for your tax rebate here.

1. Get your tax documents together.

Each year you should be given a P60 from your employer. If you leave your job you will be given a P45. These documents can be used to check if you are due a tax rebate and will also be needed to claim your tax rebate.

If you have lost your P45/P60 or were not given a copy by your employer, the only way that you can get a replacement is by asking for a ‘statement of earnings’ on company headed paper from your employer. They will be required by law to provide this information under the data protection act if you request it.

2. Check to see if you are due a tax refund.

Once you have your tax documents you can check how much your refund will be. Using your P60 and P45 (or statement of earnings), work out how much you earned in total in each of the tax years and also how much you paid in tax. Input the total income and tax figures into the tax rebate calculator and press ‘calculate’.

3. Prepare your claim

Once you have established if you are due a tax rebate. You will need to gather all the relevant information so that you can submit your claim to the Inland Revenue.

Depending on your situation there are a number of different forms that you will need to include in your application, such as:

Once you have all the relevant forms completed you will need to send them together with a covering letter to your local tax office. You can find the address of your local tax office by pressing on the following link.

4. Wait for your tax refund!
Refunds usually take between 6-8 weeks to process if you have included all the correct forms. However depending on the back log with your specific tax office, claims can take much longer. If you have not heard anything about your claim within 8 weeks, it is a good idea to give your tax office a call to check the status of your refund.

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    I’m an Australian with a dual citizenship. (uk).
    I left the uk in 2006, i was wondering if there was anyway on finding out if i was or have a tax refund owing to me form HM revenue and customs?


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