Reclaim Back Your Petrol Costs For Work

Does your employer ask you to make work related journeys in your own car or are you self employed and use your car for work? Often you can claim a rebate on petrol/fuel and other related travel expenses. We answer a number of questions below on claiming back tax on petrol expenses:

Can I claim back my petrol/fuel expenses from my employment?

This will depend upon your current circumstance. In the event that you are driving a vehicle supplied by your company then you won’t be able to make a claim. If however you are making use of your own personal vehicle then there’s a good possibility that you could make a claim for this expense.

How much should I be allowed to claim for business mileage for using my own car?

A tax refund on business vehicle usage will be worked out at 40 pence per mile for the first 10,000 miles and 25 pence for any additional miles subsequent to this. You need to remember to deduct any payment which you may have been given from your company for using your own vehicle from this calculation. So for instance in the event you travel 25,000 miles annually, you’d be eligible for petrol/vehicle tax relief of:

(10,000 x £0.40) + (15,000 x £0.25) = £7,750

What happens if my company has compensated me for driving my car?

Any compensation that you receive from your company needs to be deducted from the tax relief calculation. So taking the example above, if your company paid you £2,500 during the tax year to use your own car for work related journeys you would have an adjusted tax rebate of £5,250.

How do I calculate my petrol tax rebate?

Find the amount of your tax relief, using the calculation method above and then multiple it by your marginal rate of tax. If you’re a basic tax rate payer it will be 20%. So from the above example you’ll be eligible for a tax rebate on business mileage of:

£5,250 x 20% =£1,050

Is there a petrol Rebate Form to Claim my Mileage?

If you’re self-employed, you can just include the above any allowable work related expenses in your tax return. Remember to keep a record of the mileage that you have completed. Alternatively you could make an application for a claim with HMRC by submitting a tax return.

If you are self-employed can you claim for train fares to and from clients?

If you are self employed you can claim back the cost of any work related allowable expenses such as travelling between clients.


  1. ALAN ROBERTS says:

    I travel 74 miles a day to and from my work in the nhs can I get help with the cost

    • TaxFix says:

      ALAN ROBERTS: You can not claim the cost of going to your place of work. Other mileage can be claimed though.

  2. Tina says:

    Do you have to work a certain amount of hours or earn a certain amouny before you can claim your petrol back

  3. says:

    I drive 74 miles a day to go to and get back from my place of work.My employer does not pay fuel or mileage allowance Can I claim a tax rebate on the money I pay for the fuel used making this journey

  4. Ian lee says:

    I m currently working as a canvencer going door to door. I clock in first at our offices then go out to do door to door asking people if they would like they re windows cleaned. I have to travel alot of miles and i ve been told i have to foot the bill for the petrol its costing me over £15.00 a day some times more, i could really do with some advice on weather i can reclaime my money back or my employer is actually supposed to fund me as i m paying to do his work.

  5. phil hayward says:

    I pay my parents for fuel they use to take me to jobs as I am classed as self employed can I claim this back on my self assessment

  6. Linda Aitken says:

    I began working for a health care agency last August 1st 2012. I live in Plymouth Devon but have ofter travelled to cornwall and Torquay for shifts. It has only recently come to my attention that I may be able to make a claim for petrol expence. The problem is I do not still have the receips although each time I make one of these trips the petrol costs £20…my company can verify the number of journeys I have made. Is it still possible to make a claim?


    Linda Aitken

  7. Jaroslaw says:

    My boss pay me 20p / mile for traveling to work.
    Do I have to pay a tax for petrol money?

  8. Chrisp says:

    As a self employed builder I know I can claim my mileage back to get to the job but can I claim mileage from the job back home

  9. sandra says:

    was wondering how you go about claiming back petrol when you are am employee . i work in the care sector

  10. sandra says:

    hi was wondering how you go about claiming your fuel back when you are an employer

  11. Mandy murphy says:

    Just wondered how I go about claiming fuel back as the company I work for only pay 25p per mile ????

  12. JoGraham says:


    My company pay me a car allowance which they say is paid net (therefore not tax or NI is deducted from me on this payment). This payment does not show on my P11d. I pay for the car, road tax, servicing, insurance (and for business). The amount they pay me wouldn’t even cover this on a monthly basis. They also pay me 13p a mile for petrol. The have informed us that we cannot claim Mileage tax relief due to the arrangement they have with HRMC. However, without a doubt I’m out of pocket!! Could this be right?

  13. Gavin Nellist. says:

    i travel 160-200 miles a week to and from work. can i claim tax allowence back on my milage?

  14. Michael Peters says:

    I have left the company that i was working for when i am claiming my petrol tax allowance, all the paperwork has been done and i wondered when it is i have to send it in. Do i have to wait till the end of the tax year

  15. says:

    can i claim tax back for traveling to my work with my own van

  16. Fred says:

    I was born in 1941 worked for the same company for 50 years

    This year i recieved a rebate cheque from the goverment. On the same day I recieved a letter that I owed tax (tax owed was less the cheque i recieved

    i contacted the company where I previous worked he came along to my house and check the lettes from HMRC

    Person whom checked the details then contact the tax departmetn at Newcastle, was informed that the company had not forwarded form P11D which was for claiming back tax on the company car after I retired

    hE was then asked to for this form to the department at Newcastle

    After having to write to the tax departmnet a second time(did not get reply to the from sent, Have recieved a reply that the claim for 2006/2007 is out of date and unable to be amened

    It was not my fault that tha company had not provided this information.Also when I had recieved my rebate from the HMRC theY failed to notice that from p11d had not been forwarded to HMRC

  17. Ranjit Singh says:

    Hi I travel 144 miles a day 5 days a week to get to work. A large chunk of my salary goes on fuel. I spend approx £100 on fuel. My employer doesn’t pay as I took a job offer in another town. Is there any possibility of tax credits, tax claims etc?

  18. lainey says:

    hi, i have just started working for the nhs as a bank ambulance driver, the stations are between 30 and 50 miles away from me, can i claim petrol allowance to and from the stations.

  19. janet says:

    i have been using my own car for work and now been given a van but have to pay for my petrol will i be able to still claim

  20. emma says:

    I’m a support worker and do an average about 150 miles a week but pay tax as I don’t earn enough. am I still entitled to claim back my petrol/travel expenses, as I only used my own vehicle.

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