Not getting the results you expected

Not getting the results you expected from our tax rebate calculator?

Follow our step by step guide to see where things might be going wrong:

Are you inputting the correct income?


  • Use your P60/P45 to help you input the correct income for the year. If you do not have a P60 or P45 you can use your pay slips or write to your employer and ask them for a statement of earnings, they are required by law to provide this.


  • The income that you input should be the ‘before tax’ amount, not the amount that you actually receive each month in your bank account.


  • Your income should be the amount that you earn between April 6th and April 5th of the next year. So if you were looking to check your tax rebate for the 2011/2012 tax year you would input all your income between April 6th 2011 and April 5th 2012.


  • The amount that you earned in the tax year may be different from your annual salary. For example your employer may pay you £30,000 per year. However if you started working part way through the tax year or stopped working before the tax year ended your income may be less than your £30,000 salary.
  • Remember to include all income, including job seekers allowance or any other benefits that you may have received.


Are you inputting the correct amount of tax?


  • Check your P45, P60 or statement of earnings for the amount of tax that you paid through your employer.


  • Only include PAYE tax, not national insurance or any other deduction that you might consider to be a tax.


Which tax year are you checking for?


  • If you are checking for the current tax year you will only be able to claim a tax refund if you have stopped working and will not work again until the end of the tax year (April 5th), for example if you are leaving the UK.


  • If you have wait too long you may have missed the 4 year limit to make a claim.


  • You can reconcile using our tax calculator why you aren’t getting the results you are expecting with our tax refund calculator. Input your income and it will tell you how much tax you should be paying.

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