Lost Tax Rebate Cheques

Each year millions goes unclaimed in overpaid taxes.

Often people are lucky enough to claim a tax rebate but end up losing the cheque they were sent from the Inland Revenue. If you do not have your tax rebate cheque you can not cash your refund. This article will let you know what you need to do if you loose your tax rebate cheque and also how long you have to ask for a replacement from the Inland Revneue.

How to Get a Replacement Tax Rebate Cheque

If you have been given a tax rebate cheque from the Inland Revenue and  have since lost it do not fear, it is possible to obtain a replacement. Also if you have a cheque that is passed its expiry date a replacement can also be obtained. Assuming your tax rebate is still valid you can contact your local tax office and ask them to send you a replacment. You can find your local tax office by using the Inland Revenue office locator or the address may still be with the letter that came with the cheque. Simply write to the tax office requesting that they send a replacement cheque to your current address.
Deadline for Claiming  a Tax Rebate

Make sure that you do not wait too long to claim your tax rebate as they can expire if too much time elapses. You can check to see what the deadline is for the specific tax year that you are claiming for by reading the following article: http://www.taxfix.co.uk/forum/articles/deadline-for-tax-rebates-and-self-assessment.html. If you have any questions about getting a replacement tax cheque, leave them in the comments below.


  1. Tom says:

    Hi, I am waiting for a cheque to be reissued due to being sent to an old address. How long will this take?

  2. AK says:

    I have think my tax rebate has been delivered to my previous address. How can I get a new one sent to my current address?

    • TaxFix says:

      AK: You can contact your local tax office and ask them to cancel the previous refund cheque and to issue a new one to our new address.

  3. darren vickery says:

    i applied for my uniform tax rebate a couple of months ago and i have never received an answer or cheque if applicable?
    what do i need to do?

  4. Rhys Keith says:

    Hi I have been sent a cheque to my old flat which has been lost. I am now overseas. How do I go about receiving this money? Cheers

  5. john says:

    hi, i received a tax repayment cheque, which was issued last novmeber 2011. Ive just received it. It was sent to my old address. Can a repalcement be issued? Thanks

  6. Joanne Gautama says:

    I have recently married & changed my name on all of my bank accounts, my tax rebate cheque is in my maiden name. I have submitted the change of details form online to the HMRC however how do I now get the rebate cheque re-issued in my new name so I can bank it?

  7. KB says:

    I was sent a tax rebate cheque to my old address and the person living there has refused to hand it over. what do i do?

  8. Shell says:

    I have received a tax rebate cheque with 2 old addresses on it can I still cash it?

  9. Jennifer Dearing says:

    I made a mistake by paying tax due for my self – assessment into my corporation tax code. HMRC say that they refunded it by giro and sent it to my accountant’s address. It never arrived. The giro was for £26,000 – a substantial sum to send through the post. So far HMRC have been unable to tell me if the giro has been cashed and they are charging me daily interest on unpaid self-assessment tax. They seem to have washed their hands of this. What can I do?

  10. Lee Moloney says:

    The tax office sent me a letter telling me I has a rebate, after 6 weeks ( mid febuary) I phoned to ask where it was. The lady said it must have been lost in the post and a replacement would be sent. mid march I phoned to check the progress of my replacement, only to be told the original had been cashed on january 30. How the first person I spoke to didnt know this is beyond me. What chances do I have of getting my money????

  11. Sadia Samuels says:

    Hi i have been informed only today that a cheque had been sent out to my previous address (my ex’s)
    what do i need to do to still get this?

  12. Emma says:

    I was notified that i am due a tex rebate of

  13. JC says:

    What if u have lost the cheque and dont know which office sent you it. Will it be the same office that does your child tax credit etc. My child tax credit came from preston so will my cheque come from that office to?

    • TaxFix says:

      JC: You can contact that office and they should be able to put you in contact with the right one if they are not it.

  14. jason stewart says:

    thnx v much

  15. jason stewart says:

    how can i get replacement cheque for i lost my tax rebate cheque,

    can it b put directly into my account

  16. jason stewart says:

    hi, i received my tax rebate yesterday, i have mislaid the cheque and want to know can i get it replaced

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