Lost P45? What to do.

Have you lost your P45? Often people loose their P45’s or are not given one by their employer when they finish working for them. This article will answer some of the common questions on how to get a replacement.

What is a P45?

A P45 is a tax document which your employer should give to you when you finish working for them.

What should you do with your P45

When you start a new job you should give your P45 to your new employer so that they can put you on the correct tax code. If you do not you may be put on an emergency tax code which could result in you paying too much tax. You can also use your P45 to claim a tax refund if you have stopped working part way through the tax year or are leaving the UK.

What if you are not given a P45

If you not given a P45 by your employer you should remind them of their obligation to give you one. If you are still not given a P45 you have two options:

1. If you need your P45 to give to your new employer, you can use a P46 as a replacement.

2. If you need your P45 to claim a tax rebate, you can write to your employer (or previous employer) and ask for a ‘statement of earnings’ on company headed paper. This statement of earnings, can be used as a replacement to a P45 when applying for a tax rebate and your employer is required under the data protection act to provide this. If you would like a template letter to send to your employer, write us an Email using this template and we would be happy to send one.


  1. Jack says:

    Hi my employer sent me my p45 but i lost it can i get it again?? please help

    • DavidTaxFix says:

      What do you need it for? If it’s for a new job, you can use a P46. If it’s to claim a tax refund you can ask your employer to provide a statement of earnings on company headed paper which can be used as a replacement.

  2. lost p45 says:

    hi my p45 has gone to an old address
    and i can’t get it back
    what shall i do
    i need it to clain benefits

    can you advice please

    • TaxFix says:

      lost p45: You can write to your old employer and ask them to provide a statement of earnings on company headed paper which can be used as a replacement.

  3. Callinie says:

    Hi,I am a UK national but have spent the last 12 yrs working abroad and no longer have my P45 from my last UK employer,and have started a new job,is there something I can fill in ie – a P60 ?

    • TaxFix says:

      Callinie: If you have been out of the UK for 12 years, then I am sorry to say that the deadline to make a claim has passed.

  4. Anonymous says:

    If you’ve lost your p45, can your previous employer send you another p45 to give to your new employer? I’ve losr mine and need to give in a p45 or i will get charged too much tax

  5. Anonymous says:

    I was given a p60 by my employer but didn’t receive a p45 form. I have left the country now, is it possible to claim back tax if I fill in the p45 using the details from my p60?

  6. Anonymous says:

    I was given a p60 by my employer but didn’t receive a p45 form. I have left the country now, is it possible to claim back tax if I fill in the p45 using the details from my p60.

  7. Ben says:

    I have been with a new employer since January 2012 but not given a p45 or filled out a p60 & issued to my current employer. Does this mean I am on the wrong tax code? Or is there a chance I am on the right code anyway?

  8. john says:

    my wife lost her P45 and i was told by the welfare inspector that i need it to proceed with the claim for job seekers allowance why do they need my wife’s
    P45 when they have mine .

  9. Pooja Sachdeva says:


    My previous employer hasn’t send me my P45 yet, despite of so many emails and follow ups they dont even respond back. I am literally tired and frustrated following up with them

    I need my P45, what can I do in this case, can you please help?
    As per law I am supposed to get my P45, and they just cant ignore me this way, its been over 2 months I am following up with them, tired of writing and the worst part is they don’t even bother to send a reply.

  10. grangit says:

    am i able to get a copy of my p45 or at least the figures of tax and earnings etc from my previous employer that has been given to my present employer when i started work for them?

  11. Muhammad SIDDIQUE says:

    Sir its been 4 months now I am asking p45 from my previous employer he keep denied to give me or issue me p45 can u help me to get my p45 please

  12. Martin says:

    I’ve lost my p45 from my previous job and i need it now as im showing as having underpaid tax, how do i go about getting a new one?

  13. Anon says:

    I can’t find my P45 or P46, what can I do?

  14. Anonymous says:

    Last time I worked was in UK was in 2006. i returned in january and claimed that i was working, since january 2012 and got a job offer based on that. now my employers are asking for a p45, what do i do?

  15. Anonymous says:

    I gave my P45 to my new employer – the branch I work for sent it to payroll at head office by Royal Mail – payroll have not received it – I am concerned as it holds personal data which I would not wnat to fall into the wrong hands. I have completed a P46 but am concerned as to where my P45 has gone.

  16. Hannah says:

    Hi, I was working two jobs so was on BR tax code. I am now only working one but still on BR. Wrote to HMRC to ask to be changed to new tax code and for rebate but they have asked to send P45 from previous job which I’ve lost. I have discovered that I shouldn’t of been taxed at all as earned below the threshold with both jobs combined – will they automatically send my rebate when they check this month (April) or do I still need to send p45?

  17. anna says:

    hi. I worked nearly 8 months for my previous employer. They sent me just a copy of my p45. There were just my name surname and i think nothing else. I would like to get my money back because i was on an emergency tax. Do i need an oryginal?I called them but they said “thats all what weve got”. Its taht right in law ? What should I do?

  18. caroline says:

    i lost my p45 and need one for the corporation

  19. caroline says:

    i lost my p45 and need it for the corporation what do i do

  20. Suedenim says:

    I have recently been made redundant and due to my age and the fact that my state pension kicks in in July, I have decided to retire now. What do I do with my P45 and is there anything else I need do tax-wise?

  21. Millie says:

    I lost my p45 nd need to produce it to council regarding rent rebate . I just started work nd had to fill on a p46 I really need to get a copy of my original p 45 how can I do this .. Thanx

  22. marguerite holt says:

    I have lost my p45 for 2009/2010 my husband had not long died, and i am afraid i lost my p45, please tell me what i need to do next i am out of my mind worriying please try and help
    kind regards
    marguerite holt

  23. Sophie says:

    I have two p45’s from different jobs, my new employer needs both but i can only find one, would i be able to take in the form and fill out a p46 or could i take in form and a wage slip?

  24. jed says:

    my employer has lost my P45 can i fill out a P46 as a replaicment?

  25. Sarah Scott says:

    My employer is refusing to give me my p45 as they say I have been overpaid. Igave the four weeks notice required but they say until the overpayment is returned they will keep my p45, can they do this as I have no money?

  26. ming says:

    i live and work in gran canaria and i am now 52 years old ..i need a track recold of all my jobs in England and copys of all mt p45s ..but i do not have this information. who do i contact and how can i get this information. your help would be very much appreciated. thamk you ming

  27. mel says:

    my husband started work on 18th April this year, he gave his employer his P45 but it has been lost in their internal mail system so his last 2 wages have been taxed at basic rate.

    I have downloaded a P46 and am unsure about how to complete the box entitled ‘your present circumstances’ – which box applies to him? It is not box B or C, but he was recieving job seekers allowance between 6 and 18 April 2011.

    can you help please?

  28. Tfazz says:

    I left my job last September to start a new one.
    As it was my first job i wasn’t aware i had to send a p45 until i mentioned a few months ago that I’m being taxed when i shouldn’t, as I earn less than £6,000 a year.
    My current employer said I had to get my p45 from my last employer but after visiting them several times and making several calls over a period of around 3 months, they had lost it.
    As I am only part time the tax is making a huge
    How do i go about sorting this out?
    Do you think I will get refunded on the tax I have had to pay?

  29. Anonymous says:


    I have left the Uk and has not received my P45 before i left the country?

    I would like to know how do i go about getting my P45?

  30. jonathan watson says:

    i have lost my job a bout 5 mounth a go and went on steps to work and was getting benifits but now i got a new job and looked for my p45 but i have lost it how do i get a nothere 1 to give to my employer that i have to do strat away can i get 1 strat away and if so where can i get 1

  31. yvonne bevan says:

    i have lost my p45 and im not going to be working again due to ill health so wont have an employer to give me a p46 but i need my p45 to give to my council office to claim council tax rebates etc my employer has since stopped trading so its very difficult to obtain a copy what can i do

  32. jola says:


    I gave my p45 for my previous employer and the manager haven’t sent it to tax office so I paid to much tax because I got emergency tax code. I was fired from that work 2 months ago and didn’t get p45 from that job. How can I get my tax back? I used to email head office to sent me p45 but they did not. If I get it and I start a new job should I give two of p45 to my new employer or should I give just the last one? Will I get tax refund if my new empolyer sent p46 to the tax office and they put me on my right tax code back?

  33. alexis lacey says:

    i gave parts 2 and 3 the jobcentre and retained part 1a, a week later they have told me they have lost parts 2a and 3? what can i do?

    • TaxFix says:

      alexis lacey: You can write to your previous employer and ask for a statement of earnings on company headed paper which can be used as a replacement for a P45.

  34. dean fox says:

    my previous employer i worked for i never got a wage slip or i never seen my p45 in 3 years wat do i do?

  35. alan says:

    what do i do if i have missplaced my p45 and cant find it can you please tell me and one last question can i get a another p45 because i need it as soon as possable

  36. Anonymous says:

    my previous employer went insolvent, didnt pay my last 2 months wages and i didn’t recieve my p45. now i need to claim a tax rebate as well. how do i go about this

    • TaxFix says:

      Anonymous: If your employer did not give you a P45 and are now insolvent, it may be difficult to obtain a replacement. You could contact your local tax office and see if they have a record of your income and tax paid.

  37. Anonymous says:

    I had a job for 3 months last year, the employer did not provide the p45 when i fininshed and the company has now shut down what do i do as i want to claim a tax refund?

    • TaxFix says:

      Anonymous: This may be difficult as you do not have a P45 and can not obtain a replacement from the company. The Inland Revenue may have a copy of your income and tax details. They may accept your wage slips but there is no guarantee.

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