Inland Revenue Tax Returns

After the tax year finishes, employees are given their P60s and many check to see if they are due a tax rebate.

This year people might be waiting longer than normal as the Inland Revenue updates their computer systems, putting all tax records on a consolidated platform.

Refunds already take up to three months to issue, with some taking even longer due to ‘extra security checks’. Telephoning or writing is often futile as the Inland Revenue have a two month backlog of post.

Many fear that the implementation of the new computer system will only compound problems as staff need training as they familiarize themselves with the new platform. reports that Revenue & Customs says: ‘We will work hard to deliver our normal levels of service, but in a few cases we may not be able to respond to queries or correspondence as quickly as we would normally expect to do so. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause and will do everything we can to minimise this. In particular, we will ensure that key services, such as making tax refunds to low income customers, are given priority.’

How to Speed Up Your Inland Revenue Tax Refund

We can’t ensure that there will be no delays, but one way of reducing any possible problems is to ensure that you have all your P45/P60’s included with any application you send to the Inland Revenue. If you do not have a P45 or a P60, a statement of earnings is a sufficient replacement. Before sending any documentation make sure you photocopy all documents. Even if the Inland Revenue has a complete work history for you, it is worth sending a P91 so that they cannot claim to have a broken employment record.

A tax refund agent can help with your tax return. They have long-term experience in dealing with HMRC and will know what to send to ensure your refund is completed in the quickest possible time.


  1. cyrilbrownLtd;cyril browni says:

    i have had know tax return since tax year 2009 can u help me

  2. digger says:

    Im claiming sick incurance and have been for 7 years i just wanted to make sure 588L was the right code ta.

  3. paul says:

    i sent a letter for a tax relief for my uniform and i just want to know when i will hear about it

  4. ryan jone says:

    if i get a utr number and come out off work will i still get jobseekers allowance

  5. Dean Honan says:

    I registered as self employed over two weeks ago now and have been working as a sub contractor since. However i can not get paid until my UTR arrives. Why does it take so long seeing as people need them as a matter of urgency?!?! Is there a number so i can chase this up?

  6. Mrs J Smith says:

    Both my self and my husband are retired, As from April 2012 I will no longer have to pay tax on my state/private pension. Is it possible for my husband to claim my spare credits ?

  7. donna says:

    a got pay off in nov and put in for a tax refund av stil not hud word back, how long wil it take for them to get back 2 me

  8. whitley s says:

    I have never recieved a tax rebate (other than when income tax is reduced in Budget) am I entitled/eligible having worked for almost 40 years?

  9. lynsay says:

    how long does a tax refund cheque take to clear?

  10. anonymous says:

    my work needs three years work history but i only have two i was a housewife before that what can i do

  11. Wayne Morris says:

    For the last two years I my earnings have been below the tax threshold so I don’t qualify for paying tax in my first job which is part time.I travel 80 miles every day to get to and from my place of work using my own transport and paying for my own fuel.(No Company help at all) However, I have a second part time job where I am a care for my brother in which I do pay tax, Can I claim for washing my clothes in my second job, or at least the fuel in my first part time job. Or is there anything in these circumstances I can claim a refund?
    Up until 2010, I have worked full time, and have always been paying full tax.

  12. Gordon says:

    I have left the UK and live in Spain. I recieved a rebate cheque to my UK postal address and have subsequently paid this into my Spanish bank, however nearly 1 month later there is no record of this clearing. Is that normal?

  13. Bell says:

    I have worked for an airline for the last five years as ground staff, am I able to claim back tax for the up keep of my uniform?

  14. Neil says:

    My son rents out 3 houses & completes self assessment. I have always done all management/accountancy for free. Now I am retired he is agreeable to me charging him. Is there a legel limit to my fees, will he get tax relief, do we need a written agreement to show for tax reasons? I realise I will have to complete self assessment.

  15. Anna says:


    I lived in UK for 6 years and left permanently in December 2011. I was employed for last few years in english companies. Now I want to inform HMRC Revenue, that I left and I’d like to get a tax refund. I’m in Poland now and I prefer to contact them via post rather than phone,as phone call maybe expensive.
    As far as I know I need to post original P45 and P85 to HMRC. Do I need to post any other documents and what is exact address to post them to?

  16. mr g g wren says:

    This my first year being self employed working when i want to, i am not sure what do

  17. george says:

    how do I claim back tax for washing my uniform at home is it the p87 the iland revenue site is very confusing can i also claim for my trousers and the shoes that i have to wear which i buy myself

  18. Mr t MCgrath says:

    If i have 2000.00 in one wage slip or 4000.00 how much tax will i pay

  19. IKH says:

    We both own property in joint names + we are just sorting our tax return can you tell us if the rent is aid in only one single name account do we both have to complete a tax return

  20. les says:

    had to refund one cheque has beem issued another has been raised the 1st one gone through security checks does tht mean the second one will to

  21. Emma ogle says:

    I have had a tax calculation letter stating it shows a tax repayment due for a number of years I’ve been working! I’ve had one cheque for year 2010-2011 will the rest come separate?

  22. Paul casey hemming says:

    I have come to do my tax returns and I found that my folder with all my accounts in have gone missing . I filled in all my profits in August when I filed for my working tax credits . What do I do or can I do to complete my tax return with having lost my accounts ?


  23. richard taylor says:

    If a man becomes 65 in January does he get the higher tax allowance for the full year(9940) or on only a proportion of it for the rest of the year. Total income less than £20,000.

  24. c wilson says:

    my son has recieved a cheque from inland revenue but does not have bank acc can i put it in mine

  25. ron spindler says:

    i was declared bancrupt at the end of jan 2011, do i need to file a tax return in jan 2012 ? please

  26. Diti says:

    Hi, I went online to fill out self assesment tax return only to see that “it has already been done” I rang the helpline to ask who did it? They just said dont worry you have nothing to pay. What should I do?

  27. Anon says:

    Help- I have tred to fill in my husbands Self assesssment on line but I don’t seem to have the corret password and ID. can you send us a Return Form. as we are running out of time.I have a terminalillness and we have just returned from 6 weeks abroad visiting our son.

  28. Jack Peters says:

    I was self-employed and employed for the 2010-2011 year.. I have sent a Self Assessement tax return off online.. I am due £550, I am 20years old and would love the money soon… How long does this take?

  29. mark walsh says:

    i received a tax refund but cant cash cheque as i dont have a bank acount how can i get my refund

  30. patricia macdonald says:

    My sister left scotland 12 years ago, she has now returned with her two chilren to live the home office are looking for proof that she paid taxes when she lived here to allow the children to claim british citizenship how does she go about this?

  31. Mrs Jones says:

    I have received a tax return, it was sent to my old address in November. The problem is, the name of the cheque is my maiden name…I married 2 years ago. How do I resolve this issue?


  32. michael says:

    i have just had a charge put on my property for 2ok and the tax man are still making my life murder over a debt over 10 years ago. an accountant filled in a tax return and kept the large rebate. i have 2-3 year returns outstanding and alot of losses that i believe can be offset bring this amout way down is this something you do or do you know a specialist company ? regards

  33. Eileen M.D. McLeod says:

    I want to do my Short Tax return on line

  34. Mrs c Catney says:

    How can I get copies of old tax returns

  35. tracey says:

    Just recieved a tax refund from HM Revenue & Customs, very nice. One problem though, I live in Spain, as it is a cheque format. What do I do with It!!!

  36. Lisa says:

    An employee of ours has just decided to quit is he entitled to the rest of his wages.

  37. Marjorie Heather Jones says:

    My husband,Brian Melville Jones, died last February and he dealt with all the tax returns.I am at a loss to know what to do. I receive an old age pension and a small teaching pension together half of my husband’s pension. Tax from all of these monies is taken at source. What am I supposed to do now?

  38. Marjorie Heather Jones says:

    My husband,Brian Melville Jones, died last February and he dealt with all the tax returns.I am at a loss to know what to do. I receive an old age pension and a small teaching pension together half of my husband’s pension. Tax from all of these monies is taken at source. What am I supposed to do now?

  39. Marjorie Heather Jones says:

    My husband died last February and he dealt with all the Tax returns etc. I am at a loss to know what I am supposed to do about my taxes I receive half of my husband’s pension and also have a small teaching pension of my own and old age pension. Tax is taken at source from all of these. What must I do Now

  40. Jason says:

    i received a tax rebate letter In November 2011 and I am still awaiting my cheque any ideas how long they take to deliver, shall I just keep waiting or contact them? Thanks

  41. anonymous says:

    i was self employed and finished in june since then my wife has been claiming jobseekers for the both of us now I’ve started employment how do I get my p45

  42. Branislav says:

    I just received a tax calculation with cheque for tax year 2007-2008 but I am not in the UK anymore. When I left the UK 2 years ago i went to bank to terminate my bank account. So is there way how to get my money back? Can I use that check in my bank in my country? Thank you very much for every advice.
    BEst regards


  43. kathleen martin says:

    having just retired am i entitled to a tax rebate

  44. rhi says:

    i recieved a rebate cheque can i cash this somewhere or does it have to go into a bank account

  45. rhi says:

    i recieved a rebate cheque can i cash this somewhere or does it have to go into a bank account

  46. claire says:

    my partner went bankrupt may 2010. he was put on nt tax code for the tax yr which we understood. we were not asked to pay this extra money to OR, but were under a ipa for a diff amount which we pay every month. we thought that any tax that had already been deducted when he went bankrupt was going to be paid direct to OR, however we have now received a letter from inland revenue saying they dont have authority to do this and will refund direct to partner. do we need to contact the or and tell them or will they ask for money? i dont want to have money sat in account (that partner will spend) if its going to be requested and they’ll want money straight away but i also dont want to ring and change the situation we currently have (ie them suddenly say wheres the tax you didnt pay all yr?) if you know what i mean. advice appreciated.

  47. brad says:

    i was self employed for 2 months an didnt really know about payin tax an about tax returns or anything really now i have a bill about 900 how can i sort this out as i dont know where to start on the forms an they date back to 09 i fink and as i said i worked for 2months only

  48. Adam says:


    Could anyone answer my question please..? I filled my self assessment form in, in June and have only just received a letter saying your rebate of x amount of money is being processed. What does this mean? Thanks adam

  49. Emily says:

    My partner has been out of work for the last 5 years and i have been supporting him for the duration. He has been told that he needs to fill out a tax return but has not had an income, how can i fill it out. We have very recently started up a business together but how can i complete a tax return for him when he has not worked or earned please help this is driving me mad as all they say on the phone is that it needs to be completed

  50. james says:

    how do i get a copy of my tax calculation for 09/10

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