Inland Revenue Tax Returns

After the tax year finishes, employees are given their P60s and many check to see if they are due a tax rebate.

This year people might be waiting longer than normal as the Inland Revenue updates their computer systems, putting all tax records on a consolidated platform.

Refunds already take up to three months to issue, with some taking even longer due to ‘extra security checks’. Telephoning or writing is often futile as the Inland Revenue have a two month backlog of post.

Many fear that the implementation of the new computer system will only compound problems as staff need training as they familiarize themselves with the new platform.¬†reports that Revenue & Customs says: ‘We will work hard to deliver our normal levels of service, but in a few cases we may not be able to respond to queries or correspondence as quickly as we would normally expect to do so. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause and will do everything we can to minimise this. In particular, we will ensure that key services, such as making tax refunds to low income customers, are given priority.’

How to Speed Up Your Inland Revenue Tax Refund

We can’t ensure that there will be no delays, but one way of reducing any possible problems is to ensure that you have all your P45/P60’s included with any application you send to the Inland Revenue. If you do not have a P45 or a P60, a statement of earnings is a sufficient replacement. Before sending any documentation make sure you photocopy all documents. Even if the Inland Revenue has a complete work history for you, it is worth sending a P91 so that they cannot claim to have a broken employment record.

A tax refund agent can help with your tax return. They have long-term experience in dealing with HMRC and will know what to send to ensure your refund is completed in the quickest possible time.


  1. Shelley says:

    Does my utr number stay the same if i claim jobaeekers allowance

  2. jack leggett says:

    im a self employed cis sub contractor who wil be starting work for a contrcator nxt month for 2 days per week which takes me under the tax threshold wil i stil need to have the 20% deductions taken off my earnings every week or will i get paid gross as im not over the ni and tax amount!

  3. Bains says:

    I am doing some research and I would just like to know… If I had 5 shops and do 1 tax return, how will I know which shop pays which tax?

  4. Zuzu says:

    I need my ex husband p60 for my naturalisation application. He doesn’t want to help me. Is there anyway to get hold of them ?

    • TaxFix says:

      Zuzu: That’s not very nice of him. Unfortunately if he doesn’t want to give them to you then there is nothing you can really do, sorry.

  5. Paddy says:

    Hi I am currently receiving JSA and am just wondering can I apply for my UTR no. for when I start working? I never had one before because I have only worked abroad. Also what is the quickest way to get to done?

  6. linda says:

    hi do i need a form to claim for washen my uniform i use for work

  7. Lynda says:

    I did my tax return self assessment the other day online with hmrc, it now says payment pending? I phoned hmrc to explain and they told me it was probably going theu a few security checks,how long does this take to go into my bank, and will it tell me on my self assessment that it has been released?

  8. Krip says:

    I put in for my rebate at the start of september and am still waiting on a reply i have also phoned the hmrc my friend put in for his and 2 weeks later he got his. Why is this can anyone please enlighten me????

  9. Gary pillok says:

    Hi this is my first rebate and would like to know where to send and where can I collect

  10. Gary pillok says:

    Hi this is my first rebate and would like to know where to send and where can I collect

  11. Gary pillok says:

    Hi this is my first rebate and would like to know where to send and where can I collect

  12. cara says:

    i have lost my income tax repayment cheque. how can i get a new one from hm revenue and customs?

  13. Hannah says:


    I revisited my old house today and received post from the new owners and in it was a cheque tax rebate. Dated feb 12 is it still ok to cash in? Thanks

  14. sally lewis-withers says:

    have my reverse tax credit been processed as yet

  15. sally lewis-withers says:

    has my tax return been processed already?

  16. John James donnelly says:

    Like to know if my self assessment is being processed been waiting six Weeks

  17. Ariana Carolan says:

    I’m off to pay my tax rebate cheque into my account, how long does it take to clear? as i really could do with the money , thanks

  18. kendall says:

    my son is now a father to twins will his tax code change he is not yet married can you help

  19. natalie says:

    I have just received my p60 and it says i am due a refund i finished my job this week do i wait for the refund or do i need to apply? thank you

  20. mark mcgrath says:

    how long does a cheque from the inland revenue take to clear

  21. jay says:

    i have just found an old tax letter with a cheque attached to it from HMREVENUE & customs dated 2010. Can i still put this cheque in my bank and will it clear??

  22. Prabha Chandola says:

    If you rent a room in your house do you have to pay tax on it

  23. Anthony Emery says:

    im planning to leave the uk and live in poland ,am i entitled to a tax refund

  24. D Nicol says:

    Can i claim tax return with my p60?

  25. mary hayes says:

    Please could you tell me , having sold some shares in a company to establish capital gains tax exemption for 2011 to 2012, how soon I can but back those shares while allowing me to claim up to £10600 in capital gains for the current year

  26. john strevens says:

    I pay tax on my pension and I got married on 31/03/2012 am I due a tax rebate

  27. gary swift says:

    hi how would i find out if am intitled to a tax rebate please can you help me

  28. Sam says:

    I changed accountants recently and the old accountants haven’t been very co-operative with passing information on to the new accountants. I am now late submitting personal tax returns for my husband and I but the new accountants say they can’t do anything until they see what was submitted last year. How do I get copies of last years Personal tax Return ?

  29. debra alger says:

    i recieved a tax refund dated the 21st february and want to know if i need to tell my reciever as i went bankrupt on the 23rd february thankyou

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