Inland Revenue P60 – The Facts

Each week we get a large number of questions regarding P60s and P45s. Our tax experts have compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions and answers. If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact us on the Email address below:

What is a P60?
A P60 is a tax document, issued by your employer at the end of the tax year, usually around April or May.

What does my P60 show?
Your P60 will show the following information:

  • Your national insurance number
  • Your income for the tax year
  • The amount you paid in tax in the tax year
  • Other additional information

Why have I been given more then one P60?
If you have changed jobs part way through the tax year, you may be given more then one P60, one from each employer.

What do I do if I have lost or am not given a P60?
Your employer is required by law to provide you with a copy of your P60 and should do so automatically. If you have been given a P60 but have lost it, you can ask your former employer for a statement of earnings which is a sufficient replacement when claiming a tax refund.

What is the difference between a P60 and a P45?
A P45 is given to you when you finish working for an employer whereas a P60 is given to you at the end of the tax year. You can read more about P45’s on our P45 information page.

How do I know if I am due a tax refund from my P60?
There should be a tax figure and an income figure on your P60. This shows how much you have earned and paid in tax in the year. Input these amounts into our tax refund calculator and it will calculate whether you are due a tax rebate.

What if I do not want to or am unable to get my P60 or statement of earnings?
We can help you apply for a tax rebate from the Inland Revenue even if you do not have all of your P45s or P60s. We can obtain a maximum of two statement of earnings from previous employers.


  1. I was unemployed at the end of the tax year this year but not claiming benefits. Who is responsible for sending my P60 as I haven’t received one? I really need to know my end of year earnings for 2013 / 14 for my tax credits.
    I was only with my employer before then for a month and received my only wage in May so they aren’t responsible as by the cut off date of 5th April they hadn’t paid me anything.

  2. Ms kitchen says:

    My P60 includes my wage from March 2013 even thou
    I was paid this at the end of April 2013. Is this correct?

  3. David says:

    I worked in the UK prior to 2000 for the Internal Revenue. I am attempting to go to school in the USA, and long story short, I need to prove I was living in the UK prior to 2000. I am hoping to get a copy of the P60 from my employer (Internal Review) but have no idea if this is even possible. And after doing some web searches, they appear to be the HMRC now? Do you know if there are limits on when, or for how long, these documents are available? Any advice you can give would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

    • DavidTaxFix says:

      You could try asking them for a statement of earnings. They are legally required to keep your information on file for 6 years but they may still have it.

  4. Miss Channings says:

    What can I do if my former employer has not sent me a final payslip that tallies up with my actual pay sent to my bank I have been paid less than on the slip they sent me and they have taken monies due to an overpayment the previous month, this has affected the amount taxed but today I received a P45, no amended payslip but my P45 does not tally up with my earnings, I have actually received less monies than stated, I have tried to contact the company and am just being pushed around to other people surely I’m entitled to the correct payslip and p45 where do I stand with my taxes on this what should they do legally? I have emailed and telephoned but have no response at all

  5. flossy says:

    I am due to do my tax credits renewal anytime soon, and upon looking at my P60 I see it only has 1 weeks of earnings on it.I had worked for this employer for 6years then I got laid off in November 2013 and i was claiming JSA until March 2014, and went back to the same employer, I did receive a P45 when i was made redundant, then when i signed off and went back to the same employer I received a P45 from the job centre. So i suppose what i am now wondering is what figures do i put into my tax credits renewal – do i add all the figures together to get my total annual amount or just the figures on my P60 (which is one week) Sorry if it all sounds confusing hope someone can help me 🙂

  6. Clare says:

    I have received a p60 from my current employer where I have been employed since February this year – however the amount shown for “Total for Year” is showing as several thousand pounds less than my salary, which, although I have changed jobs, has not dropped – is this a Net figure? IF it is gross – is the one or both of my employers or the tax office that I need to contact?

  7. C sears says:

    Can I get a duplicate p60 from the inland revenue .

    • DavidTaxFix says:

      You can’t get a duplicate, but you can ask your employer to provide a ‘statement of earnings’ on company headed paper which can be used as a replacement.

  8. Christine Walker says:

    Hi – I commenced working for my current employers on 31 March and they paid this day’s pay in with the April salary, and as I was not on their books on 31 March 2014 I have not been given a P60 and their books are closed! What is my position here and if I apply for a tax rebate can the company be fined.

  9. Abi says:

    My partner is trying to get his P60 but the now ex accountant for his work hasn’t handed them in. Is there a way to get it other than through the employer?

  10. Thomas says:

    My ex boss won’t send me over my details from what I earns whilst I worked for him what can I do

  11. Mary says:

    If the monthly payslip is at 16 April to which financial year does it count

  12. Ms Owens says:

    My employer still has our P60s, when a colleague asked for theirs the reply was the boss wanted to enclose a letter with the form for each employee. It is now nearly the end of July and we still have not been given our P60s and there is no sign of a letter being written either. What is the next step?

  13. Kevyn Gibbons says:

    I want to be able to get hold of my P60 for last year to fill in my tax return, I have misplaced mine, how can I go about this? Thanks Kevyn

  14. Lisa says:


    My father has been working for the same company for the last 2 years yet they have refused to give him either his P60 or his statement of earnings as he is eligible to claim tax credits. He was employed on 5th April. As it is the law to provide one or the other of these, how can he go about making his employer give him either his P60 or statement of earnings?

    thanks Lisa

    • TaxFix says:

      Lisa: Yes, they are required by law to provide the information. He could try reminding them of their obligation.

  15. Sowmyaa says:

    I am Background Verification team and am verifying an employee’s P-60 form. How do i check if the document is genuine

  16. aaaa says:

    I worked for a company in July for two weeks. I have now come to the end of the year where I need to renew my tax credits who or where do I get my p60 from? thanx

  17. Helen says:

    I’ve been asking my employer for a number of wks for pay slips and now my p60 but they have not given me either how can I get these from them

  18. Darren Kearns says:

    My ni number on my wage slip is totally different to what my proper ni number is how do I know if I have been paying contributions and what do I do I have worked for this employer for 4 years I need help.

    Many thanks
    Darren Kearns

    • TaxFix says:

      Darren Kearns: You can contact your local tax office and check to see if they have the correct payment details for you.

  19. kerry says:

    Received tax demand for 126 pound underpayment for 2012/13.My p60 is wrong calculated in 13 months not 12, what happens next, I earn 8700 and dont pay any tax.

    • TaxFix says:

      kerry: Can you ask your employer to provide an accurate P60 and then provide this to HMRC to show that you did pay the amount that you said.

  20. Toyah says:

    can my p60 be wrong? the figure it says i have earnt seems far to high.

  21. mrs j chetter says:

    employer wont give me my p60,i have only just received last years 2011/ 2012

  22. Mr. Me says:

    Can you give me a template or an example of a letter I should send to you if my name is spelt wrong on P60?
    Many thanks

  23. M Emmerson says:

    Now, I seem to understand from reading through various posts and the above ‘Inland Revenue P60 – The Facts’, that a ‘copy’ can be given of a P60.
    My questions are, what should it look like and WHO is legally allowed to keep the original issued from the government?
    Are all employers required by law to use the same standard format for printing out an employee’s P60?
    I ask this, because mine looks like a photocopy/(possible) downloaded computer printout in black and white.
    My employer is disabled and uses an accountants company for her finances regarding any support she pays me for – (hope that makes sense).

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