Inland Revenue Jobs

The Inland Revenue employs over 88,000 people in over 290 locations within a number of different departments including:

  • Collecting Income, Corporation and Environmental taxes
  • Distributing Tax Credits
  • Collecting all  VAT and Customs Duty
  • Monitoring the UK’s borders and ports for illegal trade
  • Administering National Insurance and Student Loans
  • Enforcing  the Minimum Wage

HM Revenue and Customs is the biggest business in the UK with a revenue of £457 billion, and one of the only businesses guaranteed to make a profit!

Pay and Benefits

Jobs at the Inland Revenue are given a grade and each of these will have a different salary scale, a table of which can be seen below. Location is another factor that determines pay, with employees living in London earning more because of the higher cost of living:

Grade National Minimum* National Maximum* London Minimum* London Maximum*
Administrative Assistant 13,641 15,571 17,534 19,767
Assistant Officer 16,349 19,281 20,702 23,655
Officer 21,386 25,967 24,501 30,031
Higher Officer 27,015 32,299 30,237 36,738
Senior Officer 33,938 39,250 36,705 42,432
Training grade (graduate development programme) 26,130 39,550 28,267 42,764
Grade7 45,399 54,199 50,888 60,980
Grade 6 55,626 66,658 61,317 73,474

If you work for the Inland Revenue let us know what it is like in the comments below.


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