Income Tax Back for Being Unemployed

Being made redundant and not being able to find a job can be one of the most stressful times in a person’s life. This worry can be compounded when the inevitable money worries start to occur as Job Seekers allowance is hardly enough to live on.

At the moment in the UK there are 1.7 million people without a job. Not many of them are aware that if they do claim job seekers allowance then this is classified as part of their taxable income.

When you do not have a job, applying for tax refunds will probably be the last thing on your mind, however they could provide you with a much needed boost in your income. It is highly likely that if you have been out of work for any length of time, you are due some tax back as your annual tax allowance would not have been calculated correctly.

Even if you have now found a job, it might be worth contacting a tax refund service agent as they could claim your tax back for any time that you were out of work during the last six years.

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  1. edski says:

    hi, ive just finished work because of a serious illness, is it possible to claim a rebate and how do i go about it, any help is much appreciated, thanks

  2. edward says:

    hi, i am due to finish work end of may 2013 due to serious ill health, am not claiming anything yet, can i claim a tax rebate, if yes how do i go about it,

  3. Sam says:

    I broke my foot last summer and claimed ESA, which is taxable, but is it taxed as I get it? Do I get 20% of what I recived from that Benifit? It says taxable pay £££ but the tax paid section is empty (p45) any help would be appreciated as I have tried to phone hmrc but they are always busy and have no option to hold (stupid!)

  4. kane parsons says:

    hi during this tax yeay i have worked from august till febuary 15 in total i earned £8750 and paided £855 tax i have signed on jsa for 4 weeks and my claim date ends on 1st april 2013 will i get a tax rebate and who will pay it to me ? thanks

  5. brian barker says:

    i am on job seekers.Ihave recieved a small pension payment.Ihave a p45 and on page 2 of it it says send it to job centre if making a tax claim.Ihave filled in a p53 form.Where do i send it off to job centre or local tax office?

  6. Tammy Brooks says:


    A friend of mine has asked me this question can you please help…She recently started work again after being unemployed for several months she has been given a tax code 810L and she has been taxed on her wages straight away, my understandinfg is she has to earn £8,100 before she has to pay tax.

  7. Ewa says:

    Since 1st of March 2012 until 31st July 2012 I was on unpaid leave. I came back to work on the 1st August 2012 and for the last 2 months I am on a tax code where the taxes are not deducted.
    Is it because of the tax allowance for 2013 ?

    Thank you

  8. Eddie says:

    I’ve been taxed at basic rate on my holiday pay and wages owed after being made redundant.the payments were made by the redundancy do I claim the tax back that I have overpaid?

  9. Diane Hitchen says:

    I was made redundanton Friday March 30th 2012. Since then I have claimed contribution based job seekers allowance of £142.00 per fortnight. I may be starting a job on Monday 10th September 2012. The first question is will I be able to claim a tax refund having been made redundant after working for 5 years prior to redundancy for the company I worked for? The second question is, will I get any tax free pay when/if I start this job on Monday? Kind regards…..Diane

  10. mart says:

    Worked for same company for 13 years,sacked o march 20th 2012,cant get jsa,no sign of a new job for me,i have no income at all,can i claim tax rebate from any of the years i worked,i earned 30k a year? Thank you

  11. heather says:

    Am I entitled to a tax rebate I was made redundant from my job in december i worked there 13 years .

  12. Carley Price says:

    I got made redundant in 2010 and have been looking for work ever since, i got a tax rebate last year so will i get it this year????

  13. Barbara Ann Garcia says:

    I was made redundant August 31st 2011. My redundancy pay was taxed, I have proof of this but apparently my P45 went missing in the post. I started employment with Accord Office Supplies on 24th October 2011. I appreciate I was very fortunate in the current employment climate to find a suitable position but have been advised I may be eligible for a tax rebate during the period between 31st August and 24th October period. I did not claim any kind of financial support from the government during this time but used the redundancy money to support myself.

    Many thanks for your patience and I look forward to your kind response.

  14. K K says:

    I was made redundant while on maternity leave in 2010, was paid my redundancy money, I will be leaving the uk in the summer. Am i entitled to anything when i leave?

  15. cat says:

    I have recently returned to work after claiming jobseekers allowance.
    I am not earning full time, only part time hours.
    In my first pay I received tax refund which increased the amount of net pay. Will this affect my housing benefit/council tax benefit, or is this calculated on the gross pay figure.

  16. T. Johnson says:

    I was made redundant in September 2007 and used approx £2,000 of my redundancy payment to re-train as a LGV driver. I have been told that I might be able to claim some of the tax back from the cost of the training?? If true, how?

  17. Mark says:

    Ive not worked (so not paid tax) for three years as I went into full time education during this time. I’ve now finished education and have applied for JSA. At first I was told I was entitled but have now been told I’m not since I’ve not paid tax for the past two years. Is this right? Ps. my partner pays tax.

  18. Ambz says:

    Hi i was on Jobseekers allowance for 18 months and have now started working again. Do I need to pay tax? As I was told that I do not need to pay tax from my salary until the new tax year starts. Please advise??


  19. Lori white says:

    do refunds go out in alphabetical order?

  20. Neil Roebuck says:

    I have just finished JSA (Contribution based) but due to savings can’t get JSA (Income based)

    I’m 61. The same applies to Pension Credit in as much that I will not receive any payment due to savings of circa £22K and have to live entirely on our ISAs.

    Am I able to make a claim for a Tax Refund?



  21. Neil Roebuck says:

    My JSA (Contribution based) has now finished and I’m not entitled to JSA (Income based) which means we have to live off our savings.
    Am I entitled to any tax refund?

  22. Anon says:

    I was recently made redundant due to my company
    Going into liquidation I haven’t recieved my
    P45 which I need for the council to finish my
    Counci tax and housing benefit claim.

  23. Denise says:

    I am an unemployed full time student about to receive my bachelor’s degree. Throughout the four years of schooling I have received a 1098-T form in the mail. Was or am I capable of filing income and receiving a refund? I heard about a $1000 student stipend, am I eligible for this?

  24. ali says:

    I was self employed for 14 years and had to finish
    i have applied for jsa and was informed that because i was self employed i wont have any money. is this right

  25. Gemma says:

    I was self employed for years, but at the end up I hadnt paid my national insurance contributions as I had no money coming in. I went bankrupt in August last year and have now signed on for job seekers allowance, the job centre have been a nightmare and dont seem to understand my bankruptcy. However I received a letter the other day from the job centre saying I am not entitled to any money from job seekers allowance as i hadnt paid my National Insurance. They have said I will need to sign on for around 6months without receiving any money in order to get my national insurance contributions back up to date before I will start receiveing any money. can you help me with this please as I am not sure if i can appeal it or not as I have no money what so ever and im not sure how Im meant to live with nothing. I dont plan on being signed on for 6months or more.


  26. Winslade says:

    I am writing as I wondered weather JSA contributions based along with housing benefit, council tax benefit is infact taxable? My partner has recieved a P60U for 2011 which to honest doesnt really make any sense!!!


  27. Ron Harris says:

    I have been on sick leave for 2 years and now my company has told me I am to be laid off due to ill health,I have not received any payment from the company or holiday payment and they still hold my p45 can I receive any payment from them

  28. Bo bowers says:

    Hi there I was off sick last year between jan feb sept oct nov a whole 5 months. Will I get a tax rebate back thanks.

  29. si mc says:

    so you need to do a tax return if you were on jobseekers for the whole tax year?

  30. chris says:

    i was made redundent in september 2011 but found a job in december 2011 which is self employed do i need to fill in a tax return. thankyou for your help

  31. Ian Rothwell says:

    I took volutary redundancy in may 2009,i did not work again until I & started to be self employed from january 2010 until july 2010 & did not claim any job seekers allowance I then started a limited company in july of 2010 so i am now an employee for my own company,would i be able to claim a tax rebate for the period from may 2009 until january 2010

  32. Anonymous 2 says:

    I claimed for a tax refund because I was paying tax in my previous job even though I am a student and earn under £65000. I sent off a form beginning of December 2011 and I still Haven’t heard anything? Should I Be soon?

  33. steve jones says:

    been working for a company for 11 years but am being laid off as i have suffered a few health problems of late, am i entitled to my full redundancy pay? any help would be great thanks.

  34. alex says:

    Do i have to do a self assessment tax before the 31st of january if I have a limited company but earn less than

  35. alex says:

    I was made redundant and have been on a JSA since late october 2010. I recently formed a limited company inorder to start working, but only earn £7.00 an hour. do I still have to do a self assessment before the 31st of Jan. bearing in mind I only just formed my company a week ago?

  36. anonymous says:

    do i have to tell the inland revenue that im claiming job seekers allowance

  37. Anonymous says:

    Was a student but am struggeling to find work so I am on Jobseekers allowance. Do I have to fill in a tax self assesment form?

  38. SJL says:

    Hi – my contract was terminated in September 2011, after being on the sick since January. I started claiming ESA straight away, and ended up on contributary based ESA….my benefits were stopped in December, as I didn’t score enough points on the medical, but I nappealed and this has been upheld and I asked for it to be backdated and I am now on income related ESA. Can you tell me if claiming a refund affects my benefits, or will the HMRC know what to look for/deduct, if anything? I have my P45. Thanks

  39. JH- says:

    my contract has been terminated due to being on the sick for a certain amount of months.. i aint able to go back due to mental health issues – how do i go about claiming, who do i ring? what do i say? etc.

  40. saran says:

    dwp is paying me smp because my company has closed down but hm revenues said iam not entitled to working tax credit, can i claim something

  41. saran says:

    dwp is paying me smp because my company has closed down but hm revenues said iam not entitled to working tax credit, can i claim something

  42. saran says:

    dwp is paying me smp because my company has closed down but hm revenues said iam not entitled to working tax credit, can i claim something

  43. trevor says:

    I was made redundant in september 2010 but luckily got a job in march 2011 and started paying tax on basis of paye. am i due a rebate of any form ?, cheers

  44. desmond kavanagh says:

    hi looking to claim any tax i mite have back but cant get p45 or p60. what can i do?

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