How to get a Tax Rebate in the UK

how to claim tax rebates  in the UK

The guide that we have created below will answer some of the most common questions on how to get a tax rebate in the UK. Follow the steps bellow or apply for your tax rebate online now:

How do I get a tax rebate?
You will be due a tax rebate if you have overpaid tax in any of the last 6 years. The Inland Revenue says that the onus is on the tax payer to claim any tax refund that they might be due. There are a number of reasons why you might be due a tax refund including:

  • Earning below the tax free allowance (currently £6,475)
  • Leaving the UK
  • Working while a student
  • Being put on an emergency tax code
  • Changing jobs
  • Being made unemployed
  • Retiring from work.

How do I claim my tax rebate?
We can either help you apply for your tax rebate or alternatively you can do it yourself.

If you are applying yourself you will need the following forms, dependent on your situation.

I have lost my P60/P45’s
No problem. We can often get replacements for you if you use our tax refund service. Alternatively you can get a replacement yourself by asking your former employer for a ‘statement of earnings’ on company headed paper. Your company will be required by law to provide this information under the data protection act, and it is an offence to withhold it.

How far back can I claim a tax refund?
It is possible to go as far back as 6 years to claim a tax rebate, though we do not recommend you wait this long as the Inland Revenue look likely to change this, and if you leave your claim too late your refund will expire and be lost forever.


  1. tracy says:

    Hello, i have never claimed a tax rebate, and do not know the first thing about it and how, can you help also what is your fees

  2. tallulah says:

    I have just started work after a long break. I am working part time and it is unlikely that I will earn more than 7000 this year. My tax code is BR. Why am I paying tax? Do I have to reclaim my money? Do I have to have a p60 before I can claim?

  3. Lazar Jovovic says:

    I am leaving UK for goods and I would like to claim tax back. My former employer provided me with p60 form but I have not got p45 form yet. I have asked them many times in last several days for p45 form but no reply yet which is very unprofessional manner.
    Could you possible tell if I can apply for tax refund based only on p60 form and “Leaving the UK” form I got in HMRC office? I ask this considering that p45 form is required to be enclosed. What would your advice be?
    Thank you for consideration.

  4. graham says:

    hi,i am due to retire next month do i get a tax rebate?

  5. Nancy says:

    Do you make charges for helping with the tax rebate?

  6. cec says:

    just want to ask,is the national insurance different from tax? and could you both claim any refund to both? thanx.

  7. martyn hollunshead says:

    i have been told i can claim approx £500. i was sent a form to fil in for a direct payment to my bank account, but i need to know the exact amount. i cannot find my tax return with the exact details since i moved house. how do i find out what i need to know and how do i get the necessary forms to claim it? i was self employed and i am now employed ful time. the payment is due from when i terminated self employment

  8. Alex says:

    During 2009/10 year, I earned over the tax free allowance (currently £6,475). I was a student in 2009/10 year. Can I get tax rebate? Thanks.

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