How To Claim Tax Back in the UK

Do you need to claim tax back? Perhaps you’ve paid too much tax on your income. Or, you may not have claimed all the reliefs or deductions you’re eligible for on your tax return?

Whatever your situation, you can often claim overpaid tax back. However, the way that you do this depends on how you’ve overpaid. Our guide explains how to claim tax back if you’ve overpaid through your job, your pension or your tax return.

How to claim tax back that you’ve paid through your job

You might have paid too much tax through your job in a number of circumstances, such as:

  • You had an emergency tax code for a while
  • You’ve changed job during a tax year
  • You have more than one job
  • You only worked for part of the tax year

To claim tax back for the 2010/11 and 2009/10 tax years as an employee, you should tell HMRC why you think you’ve paid too much tax. If they don’t already have everything they need to check your claim they’ll tell you what information they need.

Any refund due for this year will be included with your wages. HMRC will send you any refund due for last year.

If you’re claiming for previous tax years, you should write to HMRC and include any relevant documents about your earnings during the tax year for which you’re claiming, such as your P60 or P45.

HMRC will look into your query, work out how much they owe you and send you a refund in the post.

Correcting your tax return and claiming tax back

If you make a mistake on your tax return you normally have 12 months from the 31st January after the end of the tax year to correct it. For example, for your 2010-11 tax return you have until 31 January 2013 to make an amendment.

If you sent a paper tax return, you should write to HMRC and attach the tax return pages that you want to change, clearly marked ‘amendment’. Don’t complete a whole new tax return.

If you sent your tax return online you can make the amendment online.

If you think a refund is due you should tell HMRC how you’d like to receive it. You can receive a repayment direct to your bank or building society account. Alternatively, you can choose to receive your refund by cheque, although this will take longer.

How to claim tax back that you’ve paid through your pension

If you’re receiving your taxable pension income through the PAYE system and you find an error within the current tax year, you should contact HMRC. They will send a revised PAYE Coding Notice to your pension provider who will adjust your tax code to alter any further payments for that year.

Your overpayment will be corrected automatically by your pension provider who will refund the tax in your next payment.

If you want to make a claim for the tax year 2010/11 you should write to HMRC. They may already have everything they need to check your claim but, If not, they’ll tell you what information they need.


  1. kevin tomlinson says:

    hi i have worked same company 12 years off work for 2 year s on sick had to leave was given 4600 pound day s i lieu was taxed 2200 can i claim any thing back ok thank s

  2. C. Villena says:

    my new tax code for the year 6 April 2012 is 840L, which replaces 810L can please explain why

  3. Richard smith says:

    If i’ve just been made redundant con i claim a tax rebate

  4. emma says:

    whats the number to ring to claim this back?

  5. Adrienne Reader says:

    My husband was made redundant in Nov 2011 and he has not signed on yet, will this affect his claim for overpaid tax for the year 2011.

  6. john mark says:

    i am looking to claim tax back on the previous couple of years. i changed jobs pretty often and was on jsa for some of the time. i don’t think i earned above the freshhold some years, but i always got taxed in my employments. i have lost some p60’s end of year tax forms. so i don’t know what i can do? any help appreciated.

  7. Fiona O'K says:

    How far back (in years) can you go to claim back tax Please?

  8. Lynette McKechnie says:

    My husband gets a pension and pays tax on it of 25%. He has no other income, can he claim a rebate from 2006-7

  9. paul mulholland says:

    hi i have just gone through all my receipts and have over £9.000 how do i claim any of this as iam self employed

  10. Henry H says:

    I found a tax refund claim form as email no supporting letters how do icheck i do not know my tax office

  11. jamie says:

    how do you now if your intitled to a tax rebate

  12. Nicola S says:


    my partner only earnt £2,746.35 and paid income tax on all of this, as only worked part of the current tax year.

    Will he automatically get his rebate of the tax he paid, or does he need to request this back ?
    Can he do it now, or does he have to wait until end of tax year for 2011/2012

  13. Nicola S says:

    For tax year 2011/2012, my partner only earnt £2746.35. So I am assuming that as his tax code is 840L – he can claim back the tax that he paid on these wages.

    When can he put his claim in – or will the tax people refund it automatically.

  14. satvinder says:

    I lost my job on 24th december,2011. Have been on jsa for 4 weeks. Was paid around 12,000 a year. Can – claim tax back?

  15. Tax Fix says:

    Mandy – thanks for your question.

    Yes, there are deadlines for claiming tax back from previous tax years.

    Tax year You must claim by

    2005-06 31 January 2012
    2006-07 31 March 2012
    2007-08 5 April 2012
    2008-09 5 April 2013
    2009-10 5 April 2014
    2010-11 5 April 2015

  16. Mandy P says:

    Are there any deadlines for claiming tax back for previous years?

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