How to Claim My Tax Back in 2010

How to claim my tax back

At the end of the tax year (April 5th) employees around the country should receive their P60’s.

What is a P60?
Your P60 is a statement of earnings for the tax year and it can help to show if you are due a tax refund or have overpaid tax through the year.

When will I get my P60?
The tax year ends on the 5th April, and depending on how organised and efficient your employer is, you should receive your P60 shortly after this date.

What should I do with my P60?
There should be a tax figure and an income figure on your P60. This shows how much tax and how much income you have earned for the year. Input these numbers into our tax rebate calculator and it will tell you instantly if you are due a tax refund.

What about tax rebates for previous years?
If you have P60s for previous years you can check to see if you have overpaid in these years too. The longest you can claim for is 6 years in arrears.

How do I claim my tax back before the end of the Tax Year?
If you are leaving the UK or have stopped working and do not intend to work before the end of the tax year (April 5th), then you can claim your tax back before you receive your P60.

Invariably tax offices will be very busy at the end of the tax year and as the new tax year starts. We recommend you submit your tax refund as soon as you get your P60 and this will avoid any potential delay in receiving your tax refund cheque.


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  1. Anonymous 91 says:

    I recieved my p60 after my boss was sure she didnt have to gove me on,e because I only work part time and dont pay national insurance or tax. Howvever it doesnt have my tax code or payroll number on it. what shall i do

  2. Savannah Young says:

    I was transferred abroad from my current employers in September 2010. I was working for them prior to this for 4 years. I have asked for my current P60 2010-11 but have been told I am not entitled to get this. Is this correct?

  3. Arturs B. says:

    What if on p60 i got my old address, but in claim form i did write in my new address? To which address will i receive my chekue?

  4. PATEL says:

    hi,i am leave this country. and im not come back again here ? so can possible to can i get my all tax back in year 2010 & also currenty year ? i have p60 . so how to do now ?

  5. jb says:

    hello i worked as a bank in a care home when i resigned they only gave me a p45, how can i claim the tax i paid cuz i was on emergency tax there.

  6. Roger says:

    In 2009 I have sent off my p60 to revenue and they sent it back to you it said i was entilted to 295 pounds. I never received that money and im asking if i can still claim it?

  7. Martin T says:

    So is there a form to complete to request a refund from the tax office? or do we simply have to wait for the tax office to send us any overpaid amount?

  8. Address says:

    What is the correct address to send a letter and P60 to reclaim income tax.

  9. Jess says:

    i earnt £6276 in tax year 10/11
    i payed £689 tax
    i was told to send them my p60 but where do i send it to?
    what address?

  10. novlette guy says:

    i would like to know if i have any tax tocome back. I have not work since Feb 2010

  11. John Austin says:

    I didnt get my P60 from my last employer, I work April 2010 to July 2010, and then levae that job move to other city and start next job in Oct 2010 to till, I get my P60 from current job and total is £4,417.00 and Tax say £496.00 for 2010/2011

    when i call HMRC for tax refund, they says u TWO jobs, i say right now one Job i have they ask me to send letter that form july till Sep 2010 u r not on benefits, i will write them but i didnt know how much my first job earning are… how i get a copy of pervious P60 ?

    i need to fill application for HMRC coz of wife tax credits and they wana know my total earing of year 2010/11

    please help me …..

  12. Java says:


    I was an employee for couple of years and then became Self Employed( August 2009). I was wondering if I can claim taxes for the years I was employed as well as Self Employed?

    Thank you,

  13. Antony stratford says:

    My wife has stopped work to devote time to my elderly mother and her own elderly parents.
    As now the sole earner in the household can we claim anything against my tax allowance?

  14. baba, says:

    hi, i am a student and my earnings are nearly 11000, just want to knw do student get extra refund or is it just like normal procedure,,

  15. Elaine says:

    My dad received his P60 today but the numbers on it are way wrong. It has his annual earnings of around £9500 but he made closer to £16000. He is on PAYE, and his actual wage slips are ok. Who would he contact to have this rectified – the tax office or his work?

  16. Bex says:

    I was still working for my last employer on 5th april, still havent received p60, when is the latest my employer should legally send it to me? I’m due a £400 rebate and need to know!! 🙂 thanks xx

  17. daniel says:

    hello i have been having troube with my tax i have received my p60 and its says i have paid no tax but on my payslips it says i have been taxed 569 taxable pay and 113.80 tax to date and my final tax code is different to my total for year of 6039.10 can u help i think i’m getting messed about by the agency i’m using thanks

  18. Steven Walsh says:

    if i am due a tax rebate, will it affect my tax credits for this year?

  19. Maddy says:

    I have paid a total of 6304.40 (2010-11) and there is a deduction of 612.20 as Tax, Will I be entitled for Tax Rebate..
    Please guide.. IF yes ? How can I claim that ?


  20. miss bossy boots says:

    I want to claim tax back by post? where should I send my P60 to? thanks !!

  21. miss bossy says:

    where should I send my P60/P45 to claim tax back?

  22. Mike Quayle says:

    I have not worked since October 2009 and have a small pension can i claim the tax I paid on it back I do not receicve any social security benefits!!!

  23. kevmaj says:

    i went to the tax office on the 5th of march and completed a tax rebate form,, they calculated i have payed 2000 pound in tax that i will get back,, its now may 6th,, any idea when i should be getting the money?

  24. michael elliott says:

    what happens if you don’t get a p60 from your employer can you get a duplicate?

  25. Mike says:

    Hi, my P 60 showed me total for year 2010-2011 only earned 5,412 £ and tax deducted 446£.
    I would like to ask you if I can claim tax return?Can I expect some money back?

    Many thanks.

  26. Doug says:


    How do I obtain a P45 form if I have lost the first one and the company/employer that I worked for no longer exists?

  27. roy jones says:

    i been asked to supply my p60 for 2009/2010 by hmrc but i cant find it. what should i do?

  28. paul woolford says:

    hi ya on my p60 i earned 20614.19 and taxed 2827.00 will i get a tax refund?

  29. paul woolford says:

    what does tax deducted(r=refund)mean on a p60 form.

  30. paul woolford says:

    Hi ya i recieved my p60 form and what does the box with tax deducted(R=refund) mean? many thanks if u can answer my question..

  31. Anonymous 1 says:

    I left my job a few months ago and started a new one, but cant remember if i had my p60 sent threw, i have been paying alot of tax from my previous job and wonderd can i claim tax back if i havnt got my p60?

  32. chiru says:

    hi there,
    In my P60 I got the Total pay as £10797.98
    and Tax deducted was £863.60
    Can i claim my Tax?

  33. dhan bahadur maharjan says:

    I paid an tax of 500 pounds during my stay in Feb 2010 – feb 2011. After returing to my tax amount, i didnt file form P60. I should get these 596 pounds returns. Can i submit P60 form now. If so what is the procedure and how much of amount i will get finally. Please help

    Read more: How to Claim My Tax Back in 2010

  34. Unemployment and Tax says:

    Husband just lost his job – is it possible to claim back any tax?

  35. Debs says:

    I had been working for my present employer for 3 years and left in august 2010 – i have a P45 can i claim tax back from that?

  36. carl says:

    in the box where it says tax deducted or refunded mine has the letter R in brackets does this mean im due a refund and if so will i recieve it through my wages or will i have to claim for it? i earned 4166 in the tax year 2010-2011 and paid 725 in tax

  37. Terry says:

    Hi, I am owed £779 in working tax credit from HMRC according to a award letter i recieved, and was told i will get it after the end of the tax year (which ended april 5th 2011) so how long before i get the money.

  38. mohit says:

    i want to claim my normal tax back i am living this country and come back after 7 or 8 months which form i need to fill please tell me

  39. mrs Julliand says:

    how to claim rebate for my work allowance

  40. John Nealon says:

    Need 2010,forms 1099

  41. joseph says:

    I have listened that this year people that have earned less than £10000 could claim for their taxes. is that true?

  42. Angelo says:

    Pleases is it possible to claim tax return for 3 years back

  43. Adam says:

    2009-2010 financial year i have earned £7992.00 according to my P60 I have had tax deducted £842.20(total for the year). My national insurance contributions where £512.59. Just wondering how much money I should be looking to get back from a tax rebate.

    Many Thanks

  44. anonymous says:

    hi i have earned 1671.25 and i paid 255.50 tax am i entitled to tax refund

  45. zafree says:

    i transfer from one company to another by TUPE.
    for two month i recive BR my previous employer given p 46. can i claim tax back which HMR cut as a br code. As i am back on 647L code

  46. Anonymous says:

    i am a company car driver and in may 2010 changed from a high co2 car to a very low co2 car,i informed hrmc but did not get the total tax benefit of the change of circumstance, because they say that my old tax code is taken into account with a change of circustance is this correct

  47. roy says:

    how do i get a p60 if im now unemployed?

  48. Marcio says:

    Hi, I worked in the UK from September to November 2010(in 2 jobs, but not at the same time), earned around 3000 pounds and had to go back to my country suddenly. I was on BR tax code, and I dont have my p45/p60.
    Can I claim tax back if I’m not in the UK anymore? And how much would I get back?

    Thank you

  49. roelof says:

    i am a nonresident worker,can i claim my taxes back if i leave my current work earlyer than the tax year ends??

  50. stella says:

    I cannot find my p60 for 2009-2010 and have recently been made redundant,i have been informed by my benefits office i did not have enough contributions for 09-10 yet my employer was deducting NI each month from my pay.
    i have tried to contact my employers for that period to no avail what do i do now if i cant get a copy of my p60?

    • TaxFix says:

      stella: Your previous employer is required by law to provide a statement of earnings on company headed paper. If you can’t get hold of them though, it might be difficult to get it.

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