How to claim a tax rebate as a Seafarer

If you are a seafarer and have had tax deducted from your wages you may be able to claim a full tax rebate. We answer some of the most common questions on claiming tax back when working at sea. If you can not see the answer you are looking for, please do not hesitate to Email one of our tax experts:

I work at sea, can I claim a tax rebate?
Possibly. If you work at sea and you are an employee of a UK company who has taken tax from your wages you may be able to claim all of your tax back. You need to have been at sea for more than 183 days and meet some other conditions also.

How can I claim my seafarers rebate?
You will need to complete a self assessment tax return to claim your rebate. You can either do this yourself or an experienced tax accountant can help you make your claim, quickly and easily.

Who is classed as a ‘Seafarer’?
Anyone that works on a ship is classified as a seafarer. The Inland Revenue specifically states that there is no definition of what is classified as a ship in tax law. However they do state that any offshore platforms or installations are not counted.

I worked at sea more then 4 years ago. Can I still apply for a tax refund?
Yes, the time limit to make any claim is 6 years. So if you worked any time as a seafarer within the last 6 years you can still make a claim.

Can I apply for a National Insurance rebate too?
If you are a resident of the UK you can claim a portion of your national insurance contributions back. If you are not a resident and meet certain criteria you may be able to claim more back. To apply and to learn more about this you can view the following page about: claiming a national insurance rebate.

Are you a seafarer?
Claim A Tax Rebate

apply for a tax rebate

Disclaimer: The above information can not be taken as advice and is for illustration purposes only. Please call Tax Fix before making any claims or confirmation. Tax Fix can not accept any liability for action taken and any losses incurred.


  1. Lizzie denyer says:

    I work for a Italian company and pay tax into Italy, do you know if its possible to claim it back.

  2. mike rogers says:

    I am self employed and live in the uk i work at sea how much tax do i pay

  3. oily says:

    A few guys have been successfully claining SED via an accountant. However we all work on fixed installations? Is this right? Is it likely they will have to pay this money back>

  4. Melanie Day says:

    I have been working on an USA based cruise line from oct 09 till july 10 and was self emplyed freelance dancer/dance tracher before that.
    Question: Do I need to put earnings down as self employment, even though I was away for 182 days?
    Many THanks

  5. captian pugwash says:

    does claiming tax credit have any affect on claiming my sea tax back ?

  6. patterson says:

    I spent 215 day out of the country last year and 174 of them were working onboard a ship, the rest of the days were onshore but were preperation for the offshore job,would I still be able to claim tax back

  7. Phil Allen says:

    Do claims have to run within the tax year or can they overlap as in starting 2009 and finishing 2010.

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