How to Check Your P60 for a Tax Refund

p60 tax refundAnyone working in the UK will shortly be receiving their P60. Now is the perfect time to check if you might have overpaid tax and be due a tax refund from the government. Follow the instructions in the article below to find out how to check if you could be due a refund.

  1. What is a P60 form?
  2. When will I receive my P60?
  3. How can I check if I am due a tax rebate from my P60?
  4. How do I get a replacement P60?

What is a P60 form?

A P60 is a tax document that you receive at the end of the tax year from your employer. Your P60 form will show how much you have paid in tax during the year and also how much you have earned. It will also contain other information including your tax code and PAYE reference number.

When Will I receive my P60?

Your employer should give you your P60 within 2 weeks of the end of the tax year (April 5th). If you do not recieve your P60 before June, you should contact the HR department of your company, or your boss directly. Your employer is required by law to provide you with a P60.


How Can I check if I am due a tax rebate from my P60?

p60 extractOn your P60 there should be two boxes which highlight the pay and tax deducted for the year, as shown in the diagram opposite. Write down these two numbers, and input them into our tax rebate calculator and press the ‘calculate’ button. Make sure that you have selected the correct tax year, and you will then be told if you are due a tax rebate.



How do I get a replacement P60?

If you need a copy of your P60 because you have lost it or were not given one you can get a replacement that will be accepted by the Inland Revenue. You need to write to your employer and ask for a ‘Statement of earnings’ on company headed paper. Your employer is required by law to provide this information and the Inland Revenue will accept it if you are applying for a tax refund.

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  1. dale says:

    i cant find my p60 i want to check my end of year gross pay can i check on line plz

  2. Gemma G says:

    My employer has filled in the total tax for year paid incorrctly on my P60. I worked for one company and was on a BR tax code so overpaid tax, I then left that employer and started work at my current employer, for some reason they put me on a W1/M1 tax code even though I gave them my P45 from previous employer. At the end of the tax year, on my P60 they entered all my previuos employment amounts correctly, but then where I have actually paid £372 ‘in this employment’ they put I had only paid £62, which therefore ment the two totals added together at the end in ‘total for year’ was way below what i had actually paid. I saw this mistake and asked them about it but reassured me although it looked wrong it had all been done correctly and I wouldn’t be chased for any unpaid tax. The tax man is now on my back and my employer is not helping in any way to help me prove I don’t owe the money, Who should I contact from here? I have sent all my payslips to HMRC to show the tax coming out each month but they claim that doesnt prove anything, its the P60 which finalises their decision?

  3. tina rolls says:

    hi I just needed my p60 for my end of year income so I can let the tax credits people know as I cant find mine

    • TaxFix says:

      tina rolls: You can ask your employer to provide a statement of earnings which can be used as a replacement for a P60.

  4. claire says:

    the maternity pay i recieved during the last tax year isnt shown on my p60. should i inform my work place that they hsvnt put it on or doesnt it need to be on there? i need the info for tax credits renewal

  5. Lisa says:

    Hi, The amount I earned on my p60 is a lot less than my annual salary on my wage slip. I use the salary sacrifice scheme to pay for my child care, would that have an affect on my p60? Many thanks

  6. Andrew says:

    Hi. My employer gave me p60 with wrong reference number that does not exist according to tax office,could that mean he has not been paying contributions for me???

  7. Mandy says:

    I worked at a school fulltime until August 2012, then became a supply teacher paid by an umbrella agency and 3 schools. I was on emergency tax until April 2013 and have just had my P60 from the umbrella agency who had had my P45 from the school. None of my earnings or tax paid from April 2012 to August 2012 are shown, just what I earned with umbrella agency.

  8. Mandy says:

    To work out your total earnings before tax and NI do you add the ‘pay’ figure to the ‘tax deducted’ figure or do you just give the ‘pay’ figure??

  9. ian martin says:

    what do boxes which say in ” previous employment mean “
    ?. I only work for one employer yet I have figures in those boxes.

  10. Oksana says:

    How can I get my P60 if i was in maternity leave, and my employer were bancrupt?

  11. Liz says:

    I would like to know when I should recevie my P60 certificate, as people i’ve spoken to have received theirs weeks ago.

    • TaxFix says:

      Liz: You should receive it before the 1st June, if you were working for your employer on the 5th April.

  12. Kim Milton says:

    I have just received my P60 and the total in this employment does not correspond with the total amount that my contract says I am due. Can an employer make deductions from this amount?

  13. Lou says:


    I finished work on the 01/03/2013, recieved a P45 and started working again on the 01/04/2013. My first payslip with them is on the 22/04/2013. Should I recieve a P60 from the new company and if so will it have my earning the same as the first payslip?

    • TaxFix says:

      Lou: You will not get a P60, unless you were working for a company at the end of the tax year (April 5th). If you want your P60 to check how much you earned and paid in tax, this information should also be on your P45.

  14. Bal says:

    Hi, how about our subsistence in payslips? Individually, we have different computation of Tax subsistence like for exmaple if you are married or not.. therefore does it matter when we use the computation- “tax rebate computation”
    sorry because it is not clear to us how the computation works..

  15. Usman says:

    My P60 tax doesn’t match with HMRC records… seems like my employer deducted more tax from me and show less to HMRC… what should i do ?

  16. Jo says:

    Hello I’m an employer and just completed p35 and p14s. I have been using HMRC software. I am not sure if it’s calculated things right, particularly one employee of mine, she worked quite a lot during the summer and paid tax. When she went back to uni she only worked one shift a week and her weekly p11 would show R where the tax was. However, on her p60 based on all the info from the p11 it doesn’t show that any tax was paid?

  17. Eileen Sumner says:

    The company I work for was taken over on 18/3/13.I was paid up to 15/3 by my ‘old’company,then on 25/3 paid another week by the ‘new’ company.When asked about the week missing I was told that their pay runs from 25/3 to 25/4 !!.If this is the case how will my tax be taken as the final week 52 ends 5/4.Also what figures are my P60 going to show.Surely this will not show my annual salary as I will be one week short.
    I am grateful for any information as ny head is in a ‘spin’ at the moment.
    Thank you

  18. debra spray says:

    I get paid 4 weekly, so my last payment will be 5 April 2013. Would this wage show on my P60, because this means it would be week 14 on my annual payment?

  19. Cas says:

    A new security firm took over where my husband works and
    My husband got paid tax period 9 on 13th dec from his previous employers and the new company then paid tax period 9 on the 7th jan. they both have a full months wages on. One for all of nov and one for all of dec.The payslip from the new company’s tax was much higher and I’m not sure if that’s due to your tax allowance being spread out over the months so only one allowance for tax period 9.Payroll refuse to change onto correct tax period so how do I stop my husband having 13 calendar months pay on p60 and get tax back. Please help.

  20. john smith says:

    i have had a lot of temp jobs and have lost track of my earnings for this tax do i find out my earnings

  21. anonymous says:

    i need a replacement p60 as i left my previous employment in feb and didn’t recieve one .however my previous employer has sold his business and i cant get hold him . what do i do?

  22. Sinead says:

    I’m Irish and started working in the UK in January. I hav just received a tax refund for the tax year 2011/2012 as they gave me a full years personal allowance. Is this correct or should I have ony received a pro-ratad personal allowance?

  23. tacy says:

    hi can my employer change and write on my p60 before giving it to me and what happens if my p60 does not say the same as my ytd . and can my empoyer detuct money from me without giving me any warning???

  24. Miriam says:

    What year did P60’s come about

  25. Matt says:


    I’m not sure who to ask but I’m pretty sure my employer is doing something wrong. I have worked for this company & only just started to get pay slips (after asking for years) they don’t seem to show the actual ammount that I have been earning but a much lower ammount. I asked my employer why this was & they told me it was to save them paying to much tax!!!! After getting copies of my P60 sent to me it also shows I have been paying the wrong ammount of tax now for several years.
    How do I go about contacting the right people to sort this situation out as my boss will denie everything & I was unaware of it until a few weeks ago.

    Would I be liable to pay the tax owed?

  26. Lynsey M says:

    I have misplaced my P60 but have my last payslip which details the tax I have paid to date. However, its broken down into a number of abbreviations that I have no idea which figure I should be using for my tax return.

    There are: NI UAP, NI EE, NI LEL, NI PT and NI ER …..all of which show different figures.

    Can you advise which is my YTD tax figure?!


  27. darren says:

    hi i want to view my p60 on line is that possible

  28. Justus Katabazi says:

    i started working in September 2011 and left before April how can i get my p60?

  29. 2010/11 says:

    Can I file the tax for 2010/11 with p60

  30. Mike says:

    Can an new employer check your P60 is correct with the Inland Revenue?

  31. nina says:

    2010 / 2011
    My payslips show I paid tax but my p60 shows I didn’t
    a little confused what should I Do

  32. nina says:

    in 2010 to 2011
    I work for a company 4 less then a yr my payslips says I paid tax but p60 says I didn’t . nw in my new job I’m getting tax rediculas amount of tax help me plz

  33. christopher says:

    i have a question, i have lost all my paperwork for my previous years, however my son needs my income for 2010/2011 tax year for his student finance how do i go about getting the information he needs?

  34. andrew hay says:

    i applied for a tax rebate months ago and kept getting told to phone next week, i am currently unemployed but hav worked since applying, would the rebate be paid with any of the latter if i was due money

  35. alejandro says:

    where i get the application form of tax refund?

  36. scott says:

    Does it mean i have paid no tax if the tax deducted box on the p60 is completely empty?

  37. Mike says:

    I would like to know how long you keep P60s for as I have quite a few , going back many years. Is there a time lmit on them?

  38. Toni says:


    I worked casually for my university from Apr 11 to June 11 then was out of work until I started my graduate job in Oct 11. I have been working full time since and received my P60 from my current employer but it only shows earnings from this employer. When I first joined the firm I was on an emergency tax code so paid more than I should have. How do I know if I’ve paid the correct amount of income tax when my P60 doesn’t show all of my earnings for the tax year?

    Many Thanks!

  39. julia says:

    my p60 shows I earned 5412.73 but tax deducted shows 0.00. I have paid tax so why they do not show that on the p60?

  40. Annie Dhokia says:

    When an employer gives the P60 form should it be an original or can they give a copy to the employee.

  41. MIL says:

    If you are earning 29,000 a year what percentage should you be taxed on, i.e. 23%, 24%.

    Also how do I go about gaining old P60’s.

  42. Edwin says:

    How do i know if i can calm my tax

  43. AW says:

    Would you like to be kind enough to tell me that how should i check my P60 “provided by my boss” online? I have been newly given P60 so i just want to check my record online wether iam registered or not?
    Many thanks…

  44. Victoria says:

    The Tax code on my P60 is different to that on my payslip – should this be?

  45. pavan says:

    I am from India and worked only 154 days in UK for the fiscal 2011-12. So how much amount I can claim back as a non resident category. I got my P60 for the year 2011-12

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