How to Apply for a Tax Rebate

How to Apply for a Tax Rebate from the Inland Revenue

Each year over £300 million goes unclaimed in tax rebates. If you have worked in the UK there are a variety of reasons why you might be due a tax refund. Here our tax expert outlines how to apply for a tax rebate if you think you might be due one:

  1. Who can apply for a tax rebate?
  2. Can I check if I’m able to apply for a tax rebate?
  3. What if I do not have a P60?
  4. How many years can I claim a tax rebate for?
  5. How do I apply for my tax rebate?
  6. How long does the process take?
  7. What if I want to apply for a tax rebate myself?
  8. Can I apply for a NI rebate also?

Who can apply for a tax rebate?
There are a number of reasons why you might be due a tax rebate from the Inland Revenue. The most common reasons are:

  • Leaving the UK for over 3 months
  • Working whilst a student
  • Being made unemployed
  • Changing jobs frequently
  • Being on an emergency tax code
  • Retiring

This is not an exhaustive list, and there could be a variety of other reasons why you could be eligible for a tax rebate.

Can I check if I’m able to apply for a tax rebate?
Yes. At the end of each tax year (April 5th) you should be given a P60 from your employer. Your P60 will show how much tax you have paid and how much you have earned in the year. Use these totals and put them in our tax rebate calculator, which will provide an estimate of any refund due.

What if I do not have a P60?
No problem. If you were not given a P60 from your employer or if you have lost the one you were given, you can get a replacement document. A replacement for a P60 is known as a ‘statement of earnings’. Your employer or previous employer is required by law to provide a statement of earnings, upon request, for the last 6 years. Write a letter to the payroll department asking for your statement of earnings. We can send you a template letter if you like.

How many years can I claim a tax rebate for?
You can claim back as far as 6 years in arrears. If you have had a break from work, or have been a student any time in the last 6 years, check your P60s or statement of earnings as you may be due a refund.

How do I apply for my tax rebate?
Once you have your P45/P60 or statement of earnings, simply send them, together with your tax refund application to us and we will process your application.

How long does the process take?
We normally submit your claims within 7 days, and then we have to wait for the Inland Revenue to issue the cheque, which can take between 30-45 days.

What if I want to apply for a tax rebate myself?
We are more then happy to give you as much advice and help as we can to help you claim your tax rebate from the Inland Revenue. If you would like to claim your tax rebate yourself, send your P45/P60 and/or statement of earnings together with a covering letter and a P85/P86 if applicable, as well as a P91 to your local tax office.

Can I apply for a NI rebate also?
Everyone who is resident within the UK can claim back a part of their National Insurance Contributions. An NI (National Insurance) refund can be claimed at any time and only needs to be done once. After that it is automatically done for you each year. Press on the link to claim a national insurance rebate.


  1. I've worked 4 same company 4 over says:

    I’ve worked for the same company for over 5 years. Not
    Sure if I was ever on emergency tax. Would I possibly be due a tax rebate. I haven’t had one for over 10 years.

  2. Ellie Smith says:

    I moved house a month ago and I want to apply for a tax rebate – the address on the forms I received in the post have my new address on, will this affect my claim?

  3. Steven m says:

    I have worked in lots of different places over the last 4 years / do the dates of work history have to be 100% correct or can I just send all my p60 to you

  4. jonna says:

    hi, i’ve been working full time for 21 years and never had a tax rebate, am i likely to be entitled to one?? i live alone with my 9yr old son but his mum recieves the benefits as she works part time, thanks

  5. David Woods says:

    I have been waitin for a tax rebate for month an they have sent me a letter sayin I received payment oct 2011 I didn’t receive it an moved house in oct 2011 Wat can I do to get it??

  6. Emma says:

    my job ended in august 2009 can I find out if I’m entitled to a tax rebate my tax code I’d 647L

  7. Sheila Wilson says:

    My 65th bithday was in August 2011, do I receive a tax rebate?

  8. Riki Spadone says:

    Hi i have been working on emergency tax for 5 months,i have now lost my job and i am signing on,what do i have to do to claim my tax back or will the job centre sort it out for me.

    thank you

    R Spadone

  9. Christine Cox says:

    I was 65 in December 2011. Will I get a tax rebate in April for the tax paid from my 65th birthday.

  10. Christine says:

    I left my job at the end of July 2011 for another job which I left after 2 days, transport was a problem. Am I entilited to a rebate,I am still unemployed now.

  11. mao says:

    hello I worked in UK as a Registered Nurse from 2001 to 2006. I did not claim any rebate before I left the county to USA.Am I still eligible for tax rebate?I do not have p60 anymore.How will I apply if in case I am eligible?

  12. rinty says:

    I was made redundant in October 2011 from a position which I had a company car but I paid for my own fuel.

    I am not certain if I am entitled to a rebate.
    Could you advise please ?

  13. Skye says:

    Hi I haven’t worked 4 my employer now 4 about 2 -3 yrs cud I still get a p45 of her as I’ve lost mine?

  14. Bernadette says:

    Lost my sister last year she was a qualifed pharmacist at the time of her death she had separated with her husband My worry is he might have my sister’s Tax rebate yet he is not eligible, please help with this querry Thank you

  15. Neethu says:

    i am planning to leave this country would i able claim for the tax that i have paid. I been in this country for last five year.

  16. lucas ramatlapeng says:

    i want to knew if im paying tax

  17. lucas ramatlapeng says:

    i want to knew if im paying tax

  18. ? says:


    I don’t know if this is the right place to ask this; reccently the business I used to work for has been taken over by another one; I now do more hours but my tax code hasn’t changed its still the same as when I used to work two jobs.

    When I worked my two jobs I earned a lot more than I do now and didn’t get taxed more than £50 now I’m on a lower wage I’m getting taxed £300+ every 4 weeks!!! Yet everyone else who is on same tax code as me and same hours pays less then £30 in tax

    How does it work and who do I need to speak to to see if this is correct?

  19. Jenny says:

    What address do I send my P60 to?

  20. Kate says:


    After resigning from work I have just received my final salary pay including accrued holiday pay – as this will be my last earnings for the tax year (2011/2012) is it possible to apply for a tax rebate on the tax I have paid for the 6 month period between April 2011 and now – I did pay tax but pretty sure that it was under the taxable earning threshold.


  21. zandra oakes says:

    i have worked in different jobs in the last 3 yrs..i dont have a p60..but have p45 from the dole..would i be able to get tax rebate

  22. linzi says:

    my boyfriend was working 2 jobs which he thinks he had 2 different tax codes. He has since left 1 of the jobs but never informed inland revenue. So he was wondering whether he would be entitled to a tax rebate? Thank you. Any information would be thankful

  23. robert says:

    i am a partner with an LLP company can i claim a rebate if the company made a loss last financial year

  24. sahera begum says:

    i have been working since 2003 and i want to claim tax rebate because i want to buy my own house will i be entitled?

  25. karen woods says:

    i have been on br tax code. from 17/10/10-now ive earned 5583.21 and paid 717.00 tax. im still employed. how do i apply for a tax rebate.

  26. shirley says:

    hello i have two 15 hour jobs one of them im on a br tax code can i claim tax back

  27. shirley says:

    i have 2 15 hour jobs im on a br on one of them,can i claim tax back

  28. Lezyl says:


    I just wanna ask as I lost my P60 from year 2008 -2010 and now I received my P60 from 2010-2011. I’m planning to apply my tax rebate from my previous years as well. DO I need all the P60 from the previous jobs to apply or I can just use the latest one that I have right now to apply for it??

    Thanks and hope to hear from YOU…

  29. Lezyl says:


    I just wanna ask as I lost my P60 from year 2008 -2010 and now I received my P60 from 2010-2011. I’m planning to apply my tax rebate from my previous years as well. DO I need all the P60 from the previous jobs to apply or I can just use the latest one that I have right now to apply for it??

    Thanks and hope to hear from YOU…

  30. steven johnstone says:

    where do i start doing my tax return

  31. Diana says:


    I am a full-time student and I have a pat-time job.Before university I was working 1 full year and paying taxes, this was from dec 2008-dec 2009, I want to continue living, working and studying in UK. I have financial difficulties, so I deciede to return my taxes. Can i do this? Thank you. Regards.

  32. mark says:

    hello i have been workin in the middle east now for 8 months, i get paid by a uk company, am i entitled to claim my tax back, and 4 this forth coming tax year should i be paying tax if am not living in the uk. how do i go about claimin this bk

  33. louise says:

    i am looking at a invoice and under tax – year to date it says £351.00 – what dies this mean?

  34. mark proctor says:

    Where do i get a tax rebate aplication form

  35. baz says:

    i have had many different jobs in the past six years. and i can not remember the addresses or exact periods i worked for… i have had a few gaps in between job and almost always started on an emegency tax code… i am now on an emergency tax code again and would like to see if i am elegable for a refund. i do not have p45/p60’s from any jobs. and i dont have wage slips from previous jobs (I know i have shot myself in the foot here a bit) what can i do?

    • TaxFix says:

      baz: If you do not have P45/P60 you will need to write to your employers and ask for a statement of earnings.

  36. Lazar says:

    Do I need to send P45 and P60 form in order to claim tax rebate or just one of them?
    Also do I need to send P91 form together with other forms?

    If anyone knows answer please post it.
    Many thanks.


  37. anonymous says:

    If i have been on maternity leave and have received 3 months of basic SMP, would i be due a tax rebate? I am a higher rate tax payer


  38. Katie O'Donoghue says:

    I have only started woking again beginning of December 2010 as I was away travelling from January 2010. I have been paying emergency tax from December until now, is it likely I would be due a tax rebate?

    kind regards


  39. Dhirjaj says:


    I am working here as a full time worker and now I am leaving this country, and I am leaving on end of the February so cant wait for 45 to 60 days, so if I do the procedure so can I get the cheque on my friends name so that he can transfer me the money? And is there any extra charges for this service or this is just free?

    • TaxFix says:

      Dhirjaj: You can tell us where you want the money deposit, there is no extra charge to send the money to a UK bank account.

  40. jimbo says:


    I am a full time student, however over my 3 year course I have earnt money doing extras work for the film industry, I know they took tax from my pay… will I be able to get that money back?
    Thank you

    • TaxFix says:

      jimbo: How much did you earn in each tax year? If you earned less than the tax free allowance than you can claim all of your tax back by applying here. The current tax free allowance is £6475

  41. alan tait says:

    how do i find my local tax office

  42. Malcolm Cheetham says:

    I am 65 years old on the 6th. November 2010, how can I find out if I have over paid my income tax for the last 6 years.

    • TaxFix says:

      Malcolm Cheetham: You should have been given a P60 at the end of each tax year. If you have a P60 you can check to see if you are due a tax rebate here.

  43. john says:

    waiting on tax rebate cheque when phoned hmrc they said was sent last friday 1week on im getting desperate cos got no money help

  44. DAVIE says:


    I’ve recently started work after being a student for five years and I think I maybe paying too much in tax, or am entitled to a rebate, as all of my co-workers who started on the same date (and have been out of work for several years) have recieved rebates.

    Do you have any advice that might be useful?

    Much obliged.

    • TaxFix says:

      DAVIE: It depends on how much you have earned in each of the tax years and how much you have paid in tax. Your P60 should show this information, and you can then input it into our calculator to see if you are due a tax rebate.

  45. amlina says:

    this is my first job, I started in Feb 2010 and intend to leave it now(after 8 months) for some reason, if I continue my job again after 2 months with the same or any different organization, can I still apply for tax refund? Does it matter that whether I join my previous organization or some other?

  46. Mike says:

    I do not have any of the P60s for the years that I want to have checked for a tax refund but I think I am due a refund for some years. How would I go about looking into what refunds I can get?

    • TaxFix says:

      Mike: If you do not have your P45/P60s you can write to your employers and ask for a statement of earnings which can be used as a replacement for a P60 or P45. If you need any help, we have a template letter which we can send you, just Email

  47. IQBAL says:

    If i went my back home and apply for tax return than can you sent my eligible money to my own country?<

    • TaxFix says:

      IQBAL: Yes, you can apply from your home country and we can send your tax refund to your bank account in your home country or your UK bank account.

  48. louise says:

    when i started my job in 2006 for the 1st few months i was payin about 120 tax i think on about a 600 wage iv only got my p60 for this year cant find previous one would i be due any tax back

    • TaxFix says:

      louise: It depends on how much you earned and how much you paid in tax during the year, it should say this on your P60. You can use your P60 to check if you are due a tax rebate by inputting the pay and tax info from your P60 in our tax rebate calculator.

  49. Mona says:


    I had worked through an agency for the period of March 2008- Nov 2008. I received P60 for the year 2007-08. I did not receive a P45 form when I left the job and neither did I get a P60 for the period 2008-09. Now when I am requesting the agency to provide me with the forms they are saying that I need to get it from Inland revenue. Also how would I know that I overpaid tax and claim it back if required.


    • TaxFix says:

      Mona: Ask your agency for a ‘statement of earnings’ on company headed paper. They are required by law to provide this under the data protection act. We can provide a template letter if you like, just Email us on . You will often find that you overpay tax if you stop working part way through the tax year, as you do not receive your full tax free allowance.

  50. Anonymous says:


    I have been working on a high tax code since the age of 16 and paid tax as a full time worker even when I was a student. Is there any way I can claim a tax rebate? How do I go about doing this?

    Also, I never received my actual NI card, when I went to the tax office about it, they just wrote my no. down on a post-it note and told me the card couldn’t be re-issued! I’ve been worried ever since that someone may be using my NI no. and have spoken to the tax office regarding, several times since but no one has been able to help me, what do you advise?

    • TaxFix says:

      Anonymous: Do you have any of your P60’s or P45’s? If you do we should be able to check if you are due a tax refund for any of the years that you have worked. You can apply for a tax refund online here.

      You can give the Inland Revenue a call about your lost National Insurance card, they have a section on their webpage on what to do if you have lost your NI card.

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