How do you find out if you are due a tax rebate…

how do you find out  if I are due a tax rebate

This short article will help you to find out if you may be due a tax rebate from the Inland Revenue. If you can not find the answer to your question, please do not hesitate to contact a member of our tax refund team.

Who can claim a tax refund?
Basically anyone who has over paid income tax. There could be a variety of reasons why you are due a tax refund including:

  • Leaving the country
  • Working while a student and earning below the tax free allowance
  • Retiring from work
  • Being made unemployed
  • Being on an emergency tax code.

How do I find out if I am due a tax rebate?
If you have been in the same job for over a year it is unlikely that you will be due a tax rebate.

You can still check and so can everyone else by using their P60s which should be given to you by your employer at the end of each tax year (around April 5th).

Input your total income and total tax paid for the year from your P60 into our tax rebate calculator and it will show you if you are due a tax refund.

I have lost my P60/P45 – Can I still claim/check
Yes. All you can check using your payslips.

Your pay slips should also tell you how much you have paid in tax and how much you have earned in the tax year.

Alternatively you can ask your employer or former employer for a ‘statement of earnings’ on headed paper. Your statement of earnings will show the same information as a P60 and can be used as a replacement when claiming a tax rebate.

Your employer is required by the data protection act to provide a statement of earnings.

How do I go about applying for a tax rebate?
We provide a free assessment and old charge a fee of 17.5% if you are due a tax rebate. You can make a claim online now.

When does my tax rebate expire?
You can claim a tax rebate for any time in the last 6 years. To avoid the possibility of your tax rebate expiring it is advisable to claim as soon as possible.



  1. Louise says:

    Hi there am not working not been workin for 4 years I got a tax rebate last year 2012 will I get a tax rebate this year 2013

  2. Steven says:


    I have never had a tax rebate and have been emergency taxed several times. Once I left a job and for some reason my final pay got Emergency taxed, I got taxed £600 more then I normally did, I went to the tax office and they said the employer shouldnt have done it as the pay didnt exist. He said I would get it back through the job centre or a cheque at the end of the tax year, I still have never ever recieved a tax rebate! Is there anyway you can find out if you have ever had one? I ask as me and my father share the same name and he could have recieved a cheque and thought it was for him, Also this was a good 6 years ago! Is there anyway of getting all my old wage information from all my previous employers? Thank you in advance

    • TaxFix says:

      You can contact your old employers and ask them to provide a statement of earnings which can be used as a replacement for a P45/P60.

  3. Jim Potts says:

    I am a retired Police Officer and so I pay tax on my pension, however, I was also employed by the Police authority in another role, until 7th November 2012 and paid tax from that role. As I have left that job and am now unemployed, although I don’t actually ‘sign on’, will I have over paid tax on the job I left in November ?

  4. Mr neil heslop says:

    I’ve not had a tax refund since about 1991 how do i find out if i’am due any

  5. Paul Allan says:

    I was over charged tax on my redundancy and have since started a new job am I entitled a rebate

  6. Lynsey macdonald says:

    I have just received a letter from hmrc saying that I am employed by saga group plc but I have worked for Arnold Clark auto since November 2011 I’m I paying the right tax?

  7. Ron says:

    Hi, i have not worked since i was made redundant in july 2012, would i be entitled to a tax rebate, i don’t claim any dss benefits.

  8. simon says:

    Hi,ive just handed in self assesment for the years 06 to2011 but the tax office have only allowed for the last 3years for a tax rebate and say i owe them money even tho i payed my tax at source and payed more than i should of is that not wrong. Thanks

  9. Sarah says:

    I was on JSA two months. I only worked 6 months in the tax year 2011-2012 I earned £7000 and paid around £1000 in tax. I have tried to claim a rebate but I was told that as I have claimed job seekers allowance I am not entitled to it!! Is this correct even though my rebate was roughly due to be £800 and I only received £240 JSA.

  10. keith hill says:

    i have been off work for 2 years after an accidient at work and now i longer work for the company can i get a tax rebate

  11. EMMA H says:

    Hi there,
    I was unemployed for a period of 5 months between Oct 2011 and Mar 2012 – am I likely to be due a tax rebate based on the tax I paid between Apr 2012 and Oct 2012?

  12. david hannan says:

    i have been working in the same place for 36 years am i due a tax rebate,ive never had one

  13. neil says:

    Ive been on benefits for part of this tax year but now i have a job and am paying tax. Can i get a rebate???

  14. denis white says:

    i was off work for 3 weeks am i due a tax rebate

  15. Erii says:

    Is there any way of knowing which years you have & havent claimed a tax refund?

  16. annonymous says:

    i went self employed jan 2012 but recieved a penalty notice for a tax return dated 10-11.. when i called hmrc they said this is correct.. how is this possible and what can i do about it

  17. ashley says:

    can i get a tax rebate as im only 19 years old??

  18. Alex. says:

    Will I get a tax rebate if I was working 8 months last year and I also received JSA during the rest of the taxable period?

  19. nickd says:

    hi i got layed off from work in 2011 i worked 7months and earned just under £7000 i paid £915 tax i havnt worked since should i be getting my tax back do i have to fill any rebate forms in or do i get a cheque sent to me i was employed by a company so wasnt self employed can u help me pleaseeeee

  20. kevin leyland says:

    last month my tax deductions said £444.00 and this month it just says £50 has my tax code changed? or am i due a rebate?

  21. greg says:

    ive just come out of prison after serving 10 years can i claim a tax rebate . i was working before i went to prison ?

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