Get a tax refund if you are traveling around the world

Are you working and traveling? You may be due a tax refund
Are you working and traveling?  You may be due a tax refund

Taking a gap year to go traveling around the world is becoming more and more popular. There are many opportunities in a number of countries which let people work and travel at the same time, such as the world/travel visa available in Australia and also in the United Kingdom. Traveling can be an expensive pastime so we have tax tip to help you get the maximum amount of money from your pay cheque.

Most people are unaware that if they leave the UK to go traveling, they are 95% likely to be due a tax refund. If you have been working hard to save up for your travels, this tax rebate could be very helpful. Everyone working in the UK has a tax free allowance (currently £6,235) that is calculated by dividing the allowance by the number of months in a year, and then allocating the allowance every time you get paid. This allowance does not factor in the possibility that you may leave the UK half way through the tax year. This is why you should be due a tax rebate.

There is a double bonus however. When you enter another country that has a similar tax allowance, like Australia, you are probably not going to work a whole tax year and as a result will be due another tax refund. The same is true when you enter another country and then again when you finally come back to the UK and start the old 9 till 5 job again.

We all know that travelers are one of the types of people most in need of extra money, so don’t let this tax refund go to waste.

Why not check to see if you are due Tax rebate today? Tax Fix offers a ‘No rebate, No Fee’ policy.


  1. Anonymous says:

    I have been living in Switzerland but am packing in my job and returning to use UK ( staying with family) as a base for a gap year of travel. I will not be working or getting income but using my savings for the travel. What is the tax situation?

  2. Jagan says:

    Im an international student in the UK
    I bought a laptop for one of my friend in India, Im planning to send it to India with my cousin next week, Can I get my vat back for the laptop?

  3. Anonymous says:

    our son has gone traveling till next april would he be entitled to a tax refund ? he finished work in this country 13th april.

    • TaxFix says:

      Anonymous: How much did you son earn between April 6th 2009 and 5th April 2010? And how much did he pay in tax? Input these amounts into our tax rebate calculator and it will tell you if he is due a refund.

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