Everything You Should Know About Your Tax Return Form 2011

If you have to complete a tax return then there are a few things that you have to know.  For example, you should know the tax return deadline dates, how to submit your Self Assessment tax return and what the penalties are for a late submission.

So, if you have yet to submit your tax return form for 2011 then make sure you keep reading to learn more.

Do you have to complete a tax return form 2011?

If you have to complete a 2011/2012 tax return you will normally have received this request from HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) earlier in 2011.  HMRC normally write to you in April if they think you have to complete a tax return.

This letter will also contain information about the 2011 tax return deadlines.

If you haven’t had such a letter and you think you may have to complete a tax return form 2011, you should contact them straight away.  Similarly, if you have received a request to self assess but you don’t think you should, get in touch with HMRC without delay.

The deadline for completing your 2011/12 tax return

If you wanted to submit a paper tax return it had to have reached HMRC by midnight on 31 October 2011.

The only time you can submit a paper tax return after this date is if you received the request to submit a tax return after 31 July 2011.  In this instance you have three months from the date that you received the letter.

So, if you haven’t submitted your tax return form 2011 yet, you will have to use HMRC’s online service.  And, your online tax return must reach HMRC by midnight on 31 January 2012.

Bear in mind that there’s an earlier deadline of 30 December 2011 if you owe less than £3,000 in tax and you want HMRC to collect any tax you owe through your tax code. HMRC will try to collect the tax due through your code, but they can’t always do so.

If you received the letter telling you to submit a tax return form 2011 after 31 October 2011, you have three months from the date you received that letter to submit your tax return online.

The penalties for not submitting your return on time

If you don’t submit your tax return form 2011 online by 31 January 2012 then you are likely to face a penalty.  If you miss the deadline then a fixed penalty of £100 will be levied. This applies even if you have no tax to pay or have paid the tax you owe.

For every subsequent day that your tax return is late you will be charged a penalty of £10 for each day – up to a 90 day maximum of £900. This is as well as the fixed penalty above and so if your tax return form 2011 is 90 days late you will face a total penalty of £1,000.


  1. rehmani says:

    i earn 3,000 in total in april 2011 to april 2012 what tax do i get return and how much?

  2. Cheryl says:

    I started my own business in April 2011 – April 2012 and during this time invested a lot of money in it to get the business up and running. I have now been to my accountant and he has informed me that i can not claim any of this money back till April 2013. Is this right? thank you

  3. emily says:

    I am self employed hair dressers so what forms do i have to fill in

  4. Sharon says:

    If I am renting out my property for a year commencing Jan 2012 do I need to complete a/2 self assessment tax return(s) and when would I need to do this ie for the tax year April 2011 – 2012 and April 2012 – 2013? Do you get a free period? When would a 2011-2012 tax return need to be submitted.

  5. ROB says:

    i have been self employed since may paying 20percent tax am i entilteled to a rebate

  6. Zoe Hipwel says:

    We’ve just realised that all the work we do on our house eg repairs/ advertising the property/ completing viewings for potential tenants can be added as a cost on our tax return.

    Please can you tell me what evidence/ records we would need to keep to prove these things?


  7. JLH says:

    I have a mortgage on a flat that I was living in, but as we outgre the flat we decided to rent out the flat so that we could rent out a house. The house I am currently renting costs £1250 per month. I am still paying the mortgage on my flat which is £500 per month. I rent the flat out for £800 per month. What do I need to pay tax on? is it £300 per month? ie £800 less £500, or as I am paying rent at a much higher amount can that be offset?

  8. Matt climo says:

    I rent a house and use a room as an office how much or what percentage of the rent and bills can I claim back?? Thanks

  9. Tax Fix says:

    Kevin – thanks for your question.

    The deadline for paying the tax you owe is the same as the deadline for submitting your tax return (31 January 2012).

    You have to pay any tax you still owe for the 2010/11 tax year and the first of your two ‘payments on account’ for the tax year 2012/13.

  10. Kevin Davies says:

    When do I have to pay the tax I owe by if I submit my tax return form 2011 by 31 January 2012?

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