Claiming Tax Back Without a P45 or P60

Each year thousands of people fail to claim tax rebates because they are not given a P45/P60 from their employer or they lose their tax documents. Many people just give up on the prospect of claiming a refund and as a result millions of pounds go unclaimed in tax refunds each year. Here our tax experts answer some common questions on how to claim a tax refund without a P45 /P60:

What is a P45?
P45 is given to you by your employer when you finish working for them. This document gives you a breakdown of the tax and income you have earned during the tax year. If you have another job lined up, you should give your P45 to your new employer. They can put you on the correct tax code and avoid you being put on an emergency tax code and potentially paying too much tax.

What is a P60?
At the end of each tax year (April 5th) you should be given a P60 from your employer. Your P60 shows how much you have earned in the tax year and how much you have paid in tax.

I left on bad terms with my employer and was not give me a P45. What should I do?
Your employer is required to provide a P45 when you leave their employment. Often if you leave a job unexpectedly your employer will forward your P45 to your last known mailing address.

I have tried asking for a replacement P45 but my employer will not give me one?
Your employer might not be able to give you a replacement P45, however they are required by law to provide a ‘statement of earnings’ for the last 6 years. A statement of earnings is sufficient replacement for a P45 or P60 and can be used to claim your tax refund from the Inland Revenue.

How do I get a statement of earnings?
Write a letter to the payroll department (we can provide a template, just Email Us). Ask for a statement of earnings for each of the last 6 tax years that you were working for the company in question. We recommend using recorded delivery, so that you have proof that they received the letter.

What if they refuse?
If they refuse, they are breaking the law. They can charge a small fee, and they can ask for proof of your identity but refusing is contravening the data protection act. If the payroll department refuses to give you the statement of earnings, ask to speak to their line manager or data protection act officer.

How do I know if I am due a tax refund?
There should be a tax figure and an income figure on your statement of earnings. This shows how much tax and how much income you have earned for the year. Input these numbers into our tax rebate calculator and it will tell you instantly if you are due a tax refund.

What if I am missing a P60?
A statement of earnings if a replacement for both a P45 and P60.

What if I do not want to or am unable to get my statement of earnings?
We can help you claim a tax refund from the Inland Revenue even if you do not have all of your P45 or P60s. We can obtain a maximum of two statement of earnings from previous employers.


  1. fatima issat says:

    My employer will not give me a statement of earnings due to being over payed my last wages. Is this allowed?

    • DavidTaxFix says:

      They are required by law to provide a statement of earnings. You could try reminding them of this obligation.

  2. Angus says:

    i am trying to claim a tax refund, and HMRC have said they are missing information from two of my employers, and have asked to have my P60/45 from each. HMRC have said that they cannot take this information by phone, and have to send it to their PO BOX address.

    My question is: does the HMRC need the original copies of my P60/45, or do they accept photocopies?

    Thank you.

  3. Hili says:

    I’ve resigned from my job a month ago and before that,I requested a P45 form so that I can give it to my new company.
    But unfortunately, my previous company wouldn’t give it until now.

    What shall I do?
    My new company deducted an emergency tax on my pay slip.
    I guess this is unfair. I did my part going to my old company 3 or even four times week,phoning them from time to time yet until now,they still didn’t give me the P45 form.

  4. jane says:

    My companies computer system was corrupted and they have therefore be unable to obtain any information, accounts, etc. I now need proof of income so am unable to obtain a p60 what can I do

  5. JM says:

    Hello! I am sending my P50 to claim income tax back, it is for years 2007/2008 and 2008/2009, however I have lost my P45 from the last year. Am I correct in thinking that a statement of earnings from the employer of those years is enough to make the claim? And if I wanted to make a claim on 2011-2012 then a statement of earnings would be sufficient to make the claim following the tax calculation? Also is a tax calculation from HRMC necessary to make a claim for repayment of tax?

  6. Anon says:

    If i am going on sabbatical for a year do i get a p45 before i go

  7. Jackie says:

    I’ve used the tax calculator to see if I’m due a tax rebate which I am but I’ve lost my p45 can I still claim back the taxed I’m owed?

    • TaxFix says:

      Jackie: Yes you can still make a claim. If you can contact your employer and ask them to provide a statement of earnings, this can be used instead of a P45.

  8. Yogi says:

    My employer was bought out of administration and continues running however at the time did not supply a P45 / P60 or even playslips after they got in trouble. I signed a compromise agreement and left before the final day but only received some of the money (net), I would like to claim tax relief on what I did get, but if I talk to the tax office could I risk them deciding the payments were gross and want to take even more money off me as I am already out of pocket because a compromise agreement does not count as pay so I became an unsecured creditor.

  9. stephen rodgers says:

    my tax code for 2013/14 my tax code has been lowered to pay outstanding tax during 201/13 i only earned a little due to a injury so will tax paid be refunded

  10. amit says:

    I already left uk six months back. I was working fron oct 2010 to oct 2012. My employer didn’t sent me p45 or p60 yet .how can I apply for taxback? Pls help.

    • TaxFix says:

      amit: If your employer did not provide a P60 or P45, you can write to them and ask them to provide a statement of earnings on company headed paper. They are required by law to provide this and HMRC will accept this as a replacement for a P45 or P60. If you need help getting a statement of earnings from one of your employers, we might be able to help.

  11. Louise says:

    Hi, I am taking a Sabbatical for 1 year from my current employment in July and will not be issued with a P45. Can I claim any tax back? Thanks

    • TaxFix says:

      Louise: Yes, you can still apply for a tax rebate if you do not have a P45. You can ask your employer to provide a statement of earnings. HMRC will accept this as a replacement for a P45 when applying for a rebate.

  12. debra says:

    I need a p45 form a previous employer, the business went into administration over a year ago and employees were left with nobody to contact. they never sent out p45’s and I need one to claim tax relief that I am owed for mileage. ( a lo of mileage)

  13. magdalena says:

    is it possible i get from you a template letter to request a statement of earnings, i lost my p45 and p60, any e-mail address i can contact you on?

  14. Nick p says:

    I have been working for my new boss and I was just wondering how I can claim my emergency tax back ? I have given him my p45 but I don’t think he has done anything with it as I am assuming I’m still on emergency tax is there any way of finding out he has been paying my tax if I haven’t been receiving pay slips as I am a subbie ?

    • TaxFix says:

      Nick P: The tax year has just ended on the 5th April. You should be given a P60 from your employer shortly. When you have this you can claim back any over payment of emergency tax.

  15. Sonia says:

    I was in the Uk in a student visa in 2012.I worked part time for 5 months and Jan 2013 i left the country and the job.I gave my resignation letter too. During my earnings NI tax was not deducted but other tax was deducted.They said they will send the p45 form but i never received it.Now i am in India how do i claim my tax back??

    • TaxFix says:

      Sonia: If you left the UK you can apply for a tax rebate. If you do not have your P45 you can ask your employer to provide a statement of earnings which can be used as a replacement. If you would like help claiming your tax rebate or getting your P45 replacement we can help with that. You can apply for your tax rebate here.

  16. Sam says:

    I am a full time student,I have not worked for 18 months and my new employer wants a p 45 which I don’t have. What do I do?

  17. Michael says:

    Hey I am unsure if I am entitled to claim any tax back for this working year and would like some help

    From April to June 2012 I was working but have lost documentation on how much I earned and if/ how much tax I paid

    From July to November 2012 I was on JSA

    From November 2012 to January 2013 I was working and have a p45 with these details on it

    Total pay in this employment 2562.56
    Total tax in this employment 266.80

    And from January to this date I have been on JSA

    Any idea whether I am entitled to any tax rebate and if so how to go about it???


    • TaxFix says:

      Michael: The amount of your tax rebate will depend on how much you earned (including any JSA) between April 6th and April 5th of the following year (this is the tax year). If you know these amounts, you can input them into our tax calculator to get an estimate.

  18. michael tumilty says:

    If i cant get in touch with my employer and you can get a statement of earnings from my employer how would i go about getting you to do that for me ?

    • TaxFix says:

      michael tumilty: It might be impossible if you can’t get in touch with them. HMRC might have some records of your pay and tax.

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