Claiming Tax Back from the Inland Revenue

Inland Revenue  claiming tax back

Most people are unaware that the Inland Revenue will not automatically send you a tax refund if you are due one. The onus is on the tax payer to make a claim.

Can I claim tax back from the Inland Revenue?
Yes, everyone can and should make a claim. You have nothing to loose by making a claim and could potentially be due a refund of hundreds of pounds. You can apply for a refund by going to our tax rebates claim page.

Not everyone will be due a tax refund but, as mentioned, there is no harm in trying. The most common causes for tax rebates are when you have left the UK, working while a student, or have been put on the wrong tax code.

What do I need to claim my tax back?
To ensure that your claim is processed as quickly as possible, it will help to provide a number of forms with your application, including any P60 or P45s you were given. If you have lost any of these we can get a maximum of two replacements for you.

When will I get my tax rebate cheque?
Tax rebates usually take between 4-6 weeks to issue. As soon as we have secured your refund, we will contact you to let you know. If you do not include all the information with your claim the refund can sometimes take longer.

Can I claim a national insurance refund from the Inland Revenue?
If you are living and working in the UK you can claim back a portion of your national insurance into a private fund. This is known as contracting out of the state pension. To learn more about claiming your NI back from the Inland Revenue you can read more here.

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Disclaimer: The above information can not be taken as advice and is for illustration purposes only. Please call Tax Fix before making any claims or confirmation. Tax Fix can not accept any liability for action taken and any losses incurred.


  1. Bin Wang says:

    How is tax on loyalty payment from a patent calculated? Is it at the marginal rate or a special rate is appliable?

  2. susan patten says:

    I am a 50yr old woman who has been in the catering industry most my working life, and always had to wash my own uniforms and pay for my own footwear.Can I claim back on any of this?.

  3. mrs laura fielding says:

    can i claim for pay to park as i have to take my car to work and pay to park every week .which is

  4. mrs laura fielding says:

    can i claim for pay to park as i have to take my car to work and pay to park every week .which is

  5. Sam says:

    Workplace Parking Levy (WPL) will affect the company I work for when it comes into force in April of next year. The company plan to pass the costs of this onto the employees. Will this expense be tax deductible?

  6. Susan Lomas says:

    I have been a Chef for 11 years and have always had to clean my own Chefs whites. Am I entitled to claim from my tax for this? If so how do I go about it. Thank you

  7. richard mercer says:

    hi can i claim a laundry allowance refund

  8. june battista says:

    i wash my own uniform wich has the company logo on i also need my car for work which i have to pa y to park can i claim tax back for this

  9. Martin Jones says:

    We’ve recently been advised that we can claim an appropriate proportion of our household bills as a business expense (we manage/let three properties) as follows:

    i) Until 2006 (April?): Heating & lighting.

    ii) From 2006 (April?): Heating & Lighting, Council Tax, General repairs to the fabric of the building, Insurance.

    My questions are:

    1) How far back can we claim and

    2) As there is also some private use of the part of the house (single room) which is used for business, are we correct in assuming that our ‘Principle Private Residential Exemption’ still applies?

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