Claiming Back Overpaid Tax

claim back any overpaid taxNow is the perfect time to check if you have overpaid tax. Each year millions of pounds goes unclaimed from the Inland Revenue in over-payments of tax when people have paid too much tax through their wages. This article will help to show how to reclaim overpaid tax and who might be eligible.

  1. Am I eligible to claim back overpaid tax?
  2. How do I calculate if I have overpaid tax?
  3. How do I reclaim my tax?
  4. Can I also claim back overpaid national insurance contributions?

Am I eligible to claim back overpaid tax?

If you think you might have overpaid tax anytime in the last 4 years you are eligible to make a claim. There are various reasons why you might have overpaid tax, including:

1. Being on the wrong tax code
2. Working part time
3. Being on an emergency tax code
4. Working while a student and earning below the tax free allowance (£6475)
5. Leaving the country
6. Retiring from work

How do I calculate if I have overpaid tax?

overpaid tax calculatorThere are a number of myths circulating that say for example students do not pay tax, or if you are under 18 then you can claim all your tax back. Often this is the case because the student or child earns below the tax free allowance (currently £6,475). The key factor which determines if you are able to reclaim tax is your income for the tax year and the amount of tax you paid. Your total income is from all sources, including Job Seekers allowance, or any benefits or pension income.

Get all your P60‘s and other documents which show how much income you have received in the tax year (6th April to the 5th April the following year). Input the total into our overpaid tax calculator. Do the same for the total amount of tax you paid in the year through your job, this should also be on your P60. Once you have done this press the big ‘calculate’ button and you see if you are due  rebate.

How do I reclaim my tax?

deadline for claiming tax refundThere are two ways you can reclaim your tax:

1. You can send your P60/P45 as well as a number of other tax forms including P91 and a P85/P86 if applicable to your local tax office together with a covering letter. If you do not have all your documents you may need to get replacements as this can slow or stop your claim entirely.

2. Alternatively you can use a tax refund service to help you reclaim any overpayment of tax. They will deal with the Inland Revenue, wait in any queues for you and deal with all the paper work. All you need to do is tell them where you want the money deposited!

Whichever method you decide, make sure that you reclaim any overpayment of tax that is rightfully yours from the government. You tax refund eligibility can expire so we recommend you make any claims as soon as possible.

Can I also claim back overpaid national insurance contributions?

We offer a national insurance service which allows you to reclaim a portion of your NI contributions. This is known as contracting out of the state pension and is only eligible for people who are currently residing and working in the UK with a valid national insurance number.

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  1. MR E says:

    I left my job nearly a year ago and am due a tax rebate as my earnings were below the required level for paying tax. I have started claiming job seekers allowance and want to know how I go about claiming the rebate without effecting my claims.

    Thank You

  2. barbara says:

    I have not worked for 2 years
    i had a part time job for the xmas period for 3 weeks
    earned well below my allowances
    was taxed on this and paid NI also
    can i claim both contributions back
    do i need proof of this
    how long will this take

  3. sean says:

    I have recently completed a self assesment and have been overpaying tax and am due a refund, I have selected that they pay it into my bank account, any idea how long this takes to come through? thanks

  4. Rizwan says:

    I started a new job with a company I was on a emergency tax code but now I’m on a proper tax codes so how do I claim my tax that I have been paying over

  5. abt says:

    How far back can I claim overpaid taxes.

  6. mrs marshall says:

    been on incapacity benefit for 7 years and have occupational pension and i pay tax on it the benefits have noticed they have made a mistake in my benefit payments and now want it back but i have paid tax on it can i claim the tax back that i have paid.

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