Claiming Back Fuel Expenses For Work

If you use your own car, motorbike or van for work journeys, you are eligible to claim back an allowance to cover the costs you will incur for these trips.

Our guide looks at what constitutes a ‘work journey’ in HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) terms and how you go about claiming back fuel expenses you have incurred.

Defining a ‘work journey’

A work journey is a journey that you have to make as part of your employment.  Examples of what would be considered a work journey are:

  • Visiting clients at their homes in your own vehicle
  • Making deliveries to customers
  • Picking up and dropping off stock or raw materials from suppliers in your own vehicle

One common question asked by many people is ‘can I claim back fuel expenses for travel from my home to my place of work?’  The answer to this question is ‘no’.  Commuting to your normal place of work from home is not considered a ‘work journey’.

Claiming fuel expenses

The amount of fuel expenses that you can claim depends on the type of vehicle you are using.  HMRC publish a list of ‘mileage rates’ depending on whether you are using a car/van or a motorcycle.

You can claim the fixed mileage rate for your vehicle for the number of miles that you have travelled on work journeys.  Bear in mind that there is a maximum amount of tax relief that you are able to claim in a tax year, even if your fuel expenses exceed this amount.

Receiving expenses from your employer

Your employer may already pay you expenses to cover the costs you incur in using your own vehicle for work journeys.

If this amount is higher than the official HMRC mileage rate you will be liable for tax on the excess.

If the amount is lower than the official HMRC mileage rate, you can claim your fuel expenses for the difference.

You are able to claim Mileage Allowance Relief by using form P87 or by writing to your Tax Office.

Keep details of your work journeys

In order to ensure that you claim back all the fuel expenses that you are entitled to, it is important that you keep a record of all your work journeys.  If you plan to claim Mileage Allowance Relief from HMRC they will need evidence of the work journeys you have undertaken.

In addition, your employer is likely to need these records if you receive an expenses payment for the costs you incur by using your own vehicle for business purposes.


  1. Derek says:

    My place of work location is in one place and I teach in 4 other locations.

    I have to travel to the 4 other locations am I entitled to a car fuel allownce.



  2. kieran elliott says:

    How many miles do i have to travel to get travel expenses

  3. Julia Currivan says:

    I was told that I would not be entitled to have any monies back for the petrol I used in my job as a community care assistant as I don’t always pay tax.We only get 28p per mile.

  4. kevin millar says:

    cant i claim back fuel allowance for travelling to work i work for local council but have to travel 24 mile round trip

  5. Jane scotney says:

    i work for a company part time paid by the hour ,I use my
    Car to see people in they homes as per my employer .
    My job is looking after persons in there homes
    I am a care person
    The company will only pay my car milage once a year .
    Is the correct and can I ask to be paid every month.

  6. Matt says:

    Is the allowance paid through a tax code alteration or through payment from HMRC?

  7. mrs barton says:

    i carry out care in the community my wage slips have got the mileage and amount on them that my employer pays per mile is this enough information for hmrc to pay me a rebate

  8. Carmen Lazar says:

    how much can i claim for my mileage using my own car for work please?

  9. Pamela says:

    I am considering starting a weekend care post with flexi hours and i need to know if it will be worth my while.

    I have to pay my own petrol expenses to anf fro client homes but can claim back apparently through tax. This job will not require me to pay tax through the personal tax allowance for low income. How will my rebate work? Will it be as an annual rebate or something else? urgent please advise as i have a decison to make

  10. sarah j says:

    i am hearing conflicting answers relating to my claim for travel expenses i work in the community and realize i cannot claim for miles to and from work. i have saved all petrol dockets and have rotas relating to my working area because i used actual mileage it would be hard to go through rotas to now give actual miles between some visits as i no longer go the same areas.I filled in a p87 and now have to give alot more imformation because of data protection issues this is impossible. Also do i receive monies back from the tax office or does my tax code alter. I have tried in vain to get hold of the tax office . Thanks

  11. sharon lavinia troy says:

    i have applied for my petrolm allowane back and not yet recieved anything.

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