Claim Tax Back When Leaving the UK

Many people leave the UK for various reasons; to explore a new country or to return to an old one. Whatever the reason, you will almost certainly be due some tax back when you leave the country. Here are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions on this topic from our professional tax experts:

Who is due a tax refund when leaving the country?
Almost anyone that has worked in the UK, paid income tax and then leaves for an extended period of time will be able to apply for a tax rebate when leaving the country.

Will I be able to Claim all my tax back when leaving the UK for good?
It will depend upon your income for each previous tax year and how much tax you paid. However, you will almost certainly be due a tax refund from the tax year in which you leave the UK.

How can I calculate what my tax refund will be when leaving the UK?
When you finish working you should be given a P45 from your employer. This P45 will show the income and tax figures for the year. Input these numbers into our tax rebate calculator and it will tell you instantly if you are due a tax refund.

What about tax rebates for previous years?
If you have P60s for previous years you can check to see if you have overpaid in these years too. The longest you can claim is for 6 years in arrears.

When can I claim my tax back?
As soon as you stop working you can claim any tax rebate that you might be due.

If you have any other questions, check out the explainer video that we created below or some of the other related articles. If you still have questions, use the comments below to ask a question:

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  1. Tomas says:

    Hello.I have been working in UK for 4 years.I m planning to back to my country next year.Can I apply for tax return for all money I have been paid for last 4 years?

  2. Tomas says:

    I have been working in UK for 4 years.I m planning to back to my country next year.Can I apply for tax return for all money I have been paid for last 4 years?

  3. Tomas says:

    I have been working in UK for 4 years.I m planning to back to my country next year.Can I apply for tax return for all money I have been paid for last 4 years?

  4. Adam says:

    I have left the UK on a permanent basis and i wont have been in the country for the 183 days in the tax year. Can i claim all income tax paid back as i wont of been in the country for the qualifying time period. I earnt £29704 whilst in the UK and paid £6822 in tax. I left the UK on September 17th so i was in the country for 164 days roughly less than the 183.

  5. TB80 says:

    I am leaving the UK for good after 2 years working. I have been doing locum work so have had 7 different jobs. Do I need all my P45’s to send all just the last one??

  6. Giuseppe Sassi says:

    On query mentioned above “What about tax rebates for previous years?” is mentioned that The longest you can claim is for 6 years in arrears.
    I worked in uk from 1993 to 2000, what happens to tax i payed, can i still claim for it or what it will happens to them?
    Thank you in advance

  7. rachid says:

    Hi i havehave been working in uk since 2002 till 2011 i earn like 18000 pounds a year how i can get if i leave uk permanently

  8. joshua scully says:

    hi im an australian working over here on a teir 2 youth visa do i get all my tax back and how do i do it??

  9. Estelle says:


    I have been working as an intern for a year in UK and I’d like to know if I can claim the income taxes I’ve been paying back?

    Thanks very much for your help.

  10. mub says:


    i ahve been working full time for 2 years now. i am planning to leave uk for at least 10 years. whta exactly can I claim back? the full 20% i contributed every month? and what would happen if I decide to come back after. also what prove do I need to show I will be living elsewhere.

  11. pratap says:

    hi Iam an indian i was worked in uk for 3 months
    i have claimed my income taxes and i got my tax returns through my bank accounts, now i am getting letters from hrms regarding late payment 100 pounds and keep on increasing please advise what can i do , is it effet to come back to uk

  12. Paul says:

    Hi, I’m leaving uk for good in next 3 weeks & I will work till friday of 3rd week, therefore how I can claim back my tax? How long u guys take 2 refund tax & do u charge for the service??

  13. Enrico says:

    If I’ve been living in London for 6 years and I ve always worked how do I claim my all 6 years tax back when I m leaving the country.?

    Thanks a lot

  14. raju says:

    i have planing leave uk so can i refund my tax claim i got my tax back in my country back

  15. James says:

    I am leaving the UK for good in a few days and dont have my P45 yet. I will probably get it sent to my home in Australia as I am leaving on short notice. Can I organize the tax return when I get home and get the refund put into an Australian account?

  16. ibrar tariq says:

    I have resigned from my job and will stop working on 15th of october. My salary per anum is £18000 and i got paid until now = 10300, paid £1190 tax and £750 NI. my questions is how much i will get back? and when will my employer issue me P45. will i get back my NI as well as i am leaving the uk for good. What are your charges to process this thing.

  17. Anna says:

    I am originally from Poland, lived in Ireland for 5 years and worked there.I moved to England in January this year.How can I get my tax back?

  18. janet says:

    Hi!! I’m planning to leave the country for one year, I’ve been working since march 2011. In April of this year I stopped work and started getting job sickers allowance, from the 6 of September I stopped, now I have my p45 Im in a emergency tax code which is 810l and the form doesn’t show the total tax to date. Can I get my tax back? If yes what I have to do??

  19. Foreigner leaving uk says:

    Dear Taxfix,
    I have been working in the UK for some years where my earning and deduction are as below:

    year ending 5 April 2012 earning 19318.36, tax deduction 2367.8 NI deduction 1450.56

    Year ending 5 April 2013 earning 13913.76 tax deduction 1159.2 and NI deduction 754.56
    (every month my salary is deducted @96.6 and @62.88 tax and NI respectively)

    I am leaving this country end of March 2013,
    Now, could you please tell how much tax or NI can I claim back from HMRC as a UK leaver?

  20. Anony says:

    Hi, I lived in Uk since 2008 almost all the time working full time, I moved for good to Spain last July and I claimed the tax refund,I sendt p85 plus p45 and I got only around £900.Honestly I expected more as I have paid lots of taxes during 4 years.I wonder if is there anything else I can do…Thank you very muchny

  21. Lara says:

    Hey guys,
    just left the Uk and wanna claim tax back as i am not going back to live there.
    I have my P85 and P45. Do I need the P60 as well?
    Or anything else?


  22. Ozzy says:

    hello i’ve worked in UK two years ago, and before leaving the country i’ve asked for a tax refound. i can’t remember if it was the p45 or another one, but somebody told me that once you claim the tax back, you can’t work in UK for 3 years, is it true?

  23. Portia says:

    I’m a SA citizen.I’ve worked in the UK 2007-2008.How will I be able to check if I qualify to apply for a tax refund.I do not have a P45 or P60 from my previous employers.Can you assist me please?

  24. Cesar says:


    I´ve worked in UK from 2003 until 2004, can i still ask for a tax refund?


  25. pratik says:

    i am working since 2nd jan 201o and i am going to leave UK in june 2014 so for how many years i get the tax back

  26. philippe says:

    Iam leaving uk for good in 3 wekks. I haven’t got my last p60 but I got the 5 previous one. Can I start to claim or do i have to claim the 6 years together. Thanks ofr your time.

  27. yasir saghir says:

    Dear Sir,
    from 2004 to 2005 i was in london on as student status, because of some of my family problems i was leave the uk immidiatly so i did not claim my tax.
    noe i am in my country as per my home situation i need money, so is that possible can i apply for uk tax claim fr my country and get my money.
    plrase need your help
    thanks and regards

  28. Jay says:

    I sent my P85 and P45 to HMRC for financial yesr 2012-13.
    How much time does it take to complete the whole process and refund to get credited to your bank account.

  29. PATEL S says:

    i have been doing a job 2010 to 2012 so i paid 2 year tax if i claim for tax so i will get 2 years tax baCK ?

  30. SONJA 222 says:

    I worked in the Uk from July until Dec. 2011. But I had a unlimited contract.
    My contract said 23000Pound/year
    I got paid 8196.11Pound and paid tax 642Pound – stated on my P45 doc.
    I also got a P11 Doc. which says ’employee’s contributions due on all earnings above the PT’ 694.56
    I left the UK and would like to know if I can claim tax back and the NIC??

    Many thanks!

  31. DD says:

    Hi i have been working in dubai for 8 months and returned to the uk now what do i have to do with my tax code and will i have to pay any money back

    Many Thanks

  32. Mateu says:

    I´m leaving the country for good in december but there will be not time enough when I finish working as I´m planing to go the right after I´m finished I don´t know if there´s any chance I can mange to get my P45 before I finished working and arrange the claim of my tax back.

  33. Imran Altaf says:

    Hi there,

    I been in UK for almost 5 years doing my job there. I left UK 4 months ago, My last 2 years salary was around 56000 (for 2 years) , HMRC has already sent me some tax back which was 1600 for last year and 1100 for this year. my question is do I still have opportunity to claim by tax back while I left UK permanent.

    Another think that I am outside UK, can I Email you the filled application form after downloading from your website OR do I need to send by post.

    please reply with full details.


  34. prasad says:

    i was worked since 2010 to end of 2012 can i claim all the taxes which i belongings to me.

  35. Bianca says:

    Hi dear,
    I would like to know if you need a P45 for every single year of you want to claim the taxes back or if you need just the last one for all the years you’ve been working in UK?…
    Thanks for your help

  36. Kristy says:

    I have been living and working in the UK for 2 years now on a temporary visa. I will be working up to the date of my visa expiry. Is it possible to start the tax claim process before I leave or do I have to stop completely working and start the claim process from another country?

  37. nathan says:

    If I send to you my original P60 do you send it back to me after use??

  38. David says:

    I am going to leave Uk fo good in next few weeks. I wanted to ask if there is any chance to claim national contribution no. 4? Been in this country for 6 yars and in that time I paid something like 8000 pounds.

  39. Vanessa says:

    From the point of submitting my P45 from when i leave work how long till it take to process and for me to my oney as from the time i leave work i will only be in the country for three weeks

  40. Deborah Lightfoot says:

    I have sent in my application to claim back tax for the years that I worked in the UK from 2006 -2012. I have emigrated back to South Africa. Have you received my application and how long does the process take?

  41. Deborah Lightfoot says:

    I have sent in my application to claim back tax for the years that I worked in the UK from 2006 -2012. I have emigrated back to South Africa. Have you received my application and how long does the process take?

  42. Mokondi says:

    Can I back to work in the UK after claiming a tax refund?

  43. Fausto goncalves says:

    Can I claim back 5 years form tax back

  44. Anne says:

    I worked in UK for more that a year, I stopped because of my VISA wont allow me for any working hours any more, my tax had given back to me but how about the NI contributions I paid. Can I still be able to claim even I’m here in Philippines now? I haven’t sorted out this one before I left there because of emergency situation,thanks!

  45. Andrea M says:

    After living in the UK for almost 6 years I am thinking to leave the country . I would like to know for hor many years I wont be able to come back to work in UK ?

  46. mokondi says:

    Can I back to Uk after claiming a tax refund or I should wait some time before doing it? How log should I wait?

  47. Darius Bautista says:

    i’ve already been out of the UK for the past 2yrs and Tax refund is about to expire, as my former roommates found some old may…

    I have Cousin’s who are Citizens in the UK, could i send letters and proof of my ids so they may claim on my behalf?…

    Or woul dit better for them to send to me and I deposit the cheque in my account now here in the country i am at?…

    need answer soon as it expires in less than a months time from this date…

  48. Romeo says:

    Hi I am Chilean person who live in Germany ( whit residency), but works for an OFFSHORE oil company in UK sector ( UK waters), I am working 2weeks on a 3 weeks off , so I am in year no more than 25 days in UK … I been working from 2004 and I left UK in 2005 . Can I claim all the income taxes .. Many Thanks in advance for your reply.

  49. MW says:

    I am leaving the UK next week and wondered if it is possible to claim NI contributions before I leave? Is it just contributions for the last year or for every year I have been working and paying contributions in the UK?

  50. Anica says:


    I’m working in the UK since December last year but will leave the country end of April.
    I didn’t apply for a nin yet but have a temporary one.
    Can I claim my tax back even if I don’t have a proper nin yet?
    …would be great.

    Thanks for your help!

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