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Br tax code

Each year millions of pounds gets overpaid when people are mistakenly put on emergency tax codes. Find out if you are on an emergency tax code and how to apply for an emergency tax rebate if you have been overpaying:

What is a BR tax code?
A BR tax code is another name for an emergency tax code. Check your pay slip to see if your tax code is BR.

Are there any other emergency tax codes?
Yes. If your tax code is X, WK1, MTH1 then you also amy be paying emergency tax and be due a tax rebate.

Why am I on an emergency tax code?
There are a number of reasons why you may have been put on an emergency tax code including:

  • You did not give your employer a P45
  • Your employer did not know what tax code to put you on
  • You are working more than one job.

How much tax is paid when you are on an emergency tax code?
If you are on an emergency tax code you will be paying more tax because you will not have received your tax free allowance. If you are on an emergency tax code you will be paying 20% tax on all your income and not getting your allowance which this year is 6475 pounds.

How do I apply to get my emergency tax back?
If you are currently on an emergency tax code, you will get a P60 in April. Once you have this you will be able to claim your emergency tax back. Once you have your P60, send it to your local tax office, together with a P91/P85/P86. Alternatively you can apply online. If you want to apply to claim your emergency tax refund for previous years you can If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact a member of ouremergency tax refund team.


  1. Anil says:

    Hello , I wanted to know how much tax will I pay on emergency taxation if my monthly income is supposed to be at 20 % tax.

  2. Kaloyan says:

    Hi there,

    I am doing evening course and I work 20 hours a week 12.50 per hour

    They`ve put me on “NI” tax code, but I don`t think I qualify for not paying taxes.

    What do you think?

    Shall we just change my tax code to 944L?

  3. mark says:

    i am on a full military pension after 22 years service and have a full time job,and my tax code for both thesse incomes is BR is this right ?

  4. mr e says:

    Hi i have a military pension and ive been told to make sure that the br tax code gets put on my immediate pension instead of my new salary. Ive tried to work this out but it seems to be the same. When i work out the tax man taxing the pension with the allocted tax allowance on it and the br on my salary or when the salary has the tax code allocation and the br tax code is on the pension, it seems to be the same? Does it matter which way round i do it?

  5. John C says:

    Im on a BR/Cumulative as I was working two jobs at the beginning of the tax year. In August I left my second job but was still on the BR Cumulative for the rest of the year.

    Is this correct?

    • TaxFix says:

      John C: Usually only your second job should be on a BR tax code. Now that the tax year is over you can check to see if you have overpaid (there is a good chance as you have been on a BR tax code on your primary job). If you have your P60/P45 you can check to see how much your tax rebate will be, using our calculator here.

  6. philw says:

    missus has just recieved her paye coding notice…sent to a name she hasnt used for 20 years…

    says she is now on br code…

    although she only has one job and no other income…

    why would this be addressed to a name she hasnt used for years…

    although ive told her not to worry…its just a simple mistake…shes getting herself worried about it…

    any advice…

  7. Bob Little says:

    I have just recieved my new tax code and it is BR. I dont understand why as I have no second income. Is it maybe because I am 60 next January and done just in case I decide to draw a pension.

  8. donna says:

    how do i sort out emergancy tax

  9. clem says:

    hi I recently just resigned from one of my two jobs but am still on BR tax code with my current employer, how will I change this???

  10. ricky says:

    Can you be emergency taxed if you only work 24 hours per week but get paid monthly

  11. Waste says:

    Hi there, I am an employer who has a part time member of staff that works 20 hours per week. Can you tell me what Tax code (if any) they should be on and should I be taking NI / pension deductions from their wages? Many thanks

  12. danny says:

    hey ive just got my first job im due to get paid £550 for my first months pay ive give my p45 in to my manager from the job center and filled out a form they gave me so that i wouldnt get emergancy taxed but i got told i still will get emergancy taxed so if ive made £550 how much will i be left with roughly after ive been taxed ?

  13. bryan says:

    im a foreign student . i got two job and the other one is on br tax code. can i redund it?

  14. Sue W says:

    I have been working since Dec 11 afer a break of 11 months. I am on my second job since then, but i am still on a BR tax code. I do receive an occupational pension were i have a tax code.My new employer sent my p45 off to the tax office in February 12.

  15. Hanna :) says:

    Hello. Ermm, just wondering if someone can help me? I have two jobs. My first is at a hotel doing casual work, usually 24hours a week and i do not get taxed. My second job i work at a hospital and i work about 22 hours a week, with this job i am on tax code BR and pay about £94.. I’m just wondering whether this is correct or not? i didnt think i earned enough with both jobs put together to be taxed, i just thought £94 was little high? Anyway, please help mee! Thankyouuu! 🙂

  16. Patrick Twum says:

    Hi, please I have two part time cleaning jobs from two different companies and the total hours from both jobs is only 25 hrs per week.
    Please am I suppose to be on BR for any of these jobs at all since my toal working hrs a week is not even up to standard full time hrs for a person?

  17. Michael says:

    Hi, I have been emergency taxed for the last tax year to around £500, i have sent off my P60 as this was my first job and now have stopped being taxed, how do i claim for my refund?

  18. marie says:

    i have 2 part time jobs and am on br rate and pay high tax on my second job will this change

  19. Patricia Wright says:

    I am on a tax code of 747L and started to receive a small pension (£100 per month) in July 2011 – I have now been informed that my tax code for 2012/13 will be BR. Is this correct or have they put me onto an emergency code as they can not work out my total earnings for this year.

  20. Mrs Jill lewis says:

    A letter from HM revenue & customs says my tax code for 2012 to 2013 is to be k15, please can you tell me what this code means please. Thank you.

  21. doyle says:

    I leftmy previous job in dec 2010 i have recently received a tax rebate for £842 in Nov for year 2008-2009, however i started a new job in feb 2011 and despite issuing my p45 to my current employer i am still on br tax code and only just realised will my tax code go back to normal in april? and i am pretty sure i have been paying well over my correct tax will i get a rebate? and how do i go about this many thany thank Mr Doyle

  22. Arnold says:

    My employer placed on a BR tax code in 2008 when i started working. I did not realise what this meant. i remained on the BR code for 2 years and now have received a letter from the tax man asking for over

  23. Maxos says:

    I recently took early retirement from a local authority.I receive an annual pension of £8800,but have found part time work (i day per week). I am now being taxed on the BR code for the part time job.Will this continue to be the case for the duration of the job.

  24. Griff says:

    I am in receipt of an armed forces pension and a salary which is tax code BR. How much can I earn before paying 40% tax?

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