March, 2010

How to Claim Tax Back From Your Wages

Claim tax back from your wagesEvery year millions of pounds goes unclaimed when people fail to claim tax back from their wages. This article will help you to calculate if you are able to claim a tax rebate from your wages and how to go about doing it.

1. How do I calculate my tax rebate from my wages?

To calculate if you are due a tax rebate, simply look at your wage slips or P60 and see how much you earned and how much you paid in tax during the tax year.

Once you have the totals put them into our tax rebate calculator and press on the ‘calculate’ button. The calculator will tell you if you are due any money back and how much your refund should be. Remember to check for each of the tax years.

2. Why have I been over charged tax?

There are a number of reasons why you could have paid too much tax. Your company could have put you on the wrong tax code or they might not have received your P45 in time and put you on a temporary tax code. People often think that they will automatically get back any over payment of tax, but the Inland Revenue states that the onus is on the tax payer to claim back any refund that they are due.

3. How do I claim the tax back from my wages?

We provide a free assessment and can take the stress out of claiming a tax rebate from the Inland Revenue. You can apply for your free assessment here. Alternatievly you can apply for a tax refund yourself by completing any relevant tax forms, for example:

  • P91 – Employemnt History Form
  • P85 – Entering the UK Form
  • P86 – Leaving the UK Form

Once you have completed these forms, you will need to write a convering letter and send any P45/P60s to your local tax office. If you do not have all of your P45/P60s, we can get replacements for you

4. When will I get my tax back?

calcRefunds usually take between 4-8 weeks and depend on the back log that your tax office is experiencing. Some tax offices will take longer then others, and refunds may take longer during the peak tax seasons.