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National Insurance Rebate

Many people do not know that they can reclaim a portion of their National Insurance Contributions whilst working in the UK. A NI (National Insurance) refund claim can be made at anytime and only needs to be done once. After that it is automatically done for you each year.


What is a NI Rebate?

National Insurance RefundA large portion of your National Insurance goes towards the State Second Pension. This is a voluntary deduction and any person working in the UK can choose to take this money instead.

The money can’t be given to you in cash but is rather put into your own personal pension. For an average person working on a salary of £30,000 the rebate will be around £1,645. For foreigners this makes sense since the rebate will be far more beneficial than expecting to receive a pension from the UK government when you eventually retire and aren’t even living in the country.