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Why do people overpay tax?

Each year over £300,000,000 goes unclaimed in overpaid tax. Why does this happen? There could be a number of reasons why you have overpaid tax, including:

  • Being on the wrong tax code
  • Leaving the UK
  • Not earning enough to be taxed
  • You’ve stopped working

Whatever the reason, we can check to see if you have overpaid tax and help you claim it back.

How can you tell if you are due a Tax Rebate?

Your eligibility for a tax rebate depends on how much you have earned and how much you have paid in tax during each tax year. We can provide you with a free, no obligation assessment to determine how much of a tax refund you are due.

We also have a free tax refund calculator which you can use to calculate how much you may be due back.


Anna's Tax Rebate Story

When Anna started at the University of Leeds, she realised that she would need to find a job to pay her tuition fees. She applied for a job at the student union bar and worked there for a semester. When her exams started she decided that she couldn’t combine both studying and working, so she quit to concentrate on her studies.

Everyone who works in the UK is given a tax free allowance. Anna’s earnings never exceeded her tax free allowance and so she was able to claim back all of the tax that was deducted from her pay cheque.

Anna filled out our forms and sent them to us, and within a month we had contacted The Government, submitted all the necessary claim forms, and transferred more than £1000 directly into her bank account.


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